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  • Boring game to watch but a draw as the fair result based on the full 90 minutes.

  • ok... Arsenal plays home and doesn't score against Skrevna prevna or whatever its called. Isn't it time Arsene Wanker leaves? I know he had a good spell, but that was more because of Bergkamp and the likes than because of Wanker. It is time now... the Brie has turned into gorgonzola

  • @JohnBenjamin So much disrespect in one sentence,first of all Crvena Zvezda is bigger team than Arsenal according to european titles,so next time before writing a comment about " Unknown team " do a little research.

  • @JohnBenjamin You are a disgrace for every true football fan with those words. Name of the club you can't remember was World and European champion not that long ago, and Arsenal already lost in London against us (Crvena Zvezda) back in 1978. But I bet you are just some disrespectful kid with limited football perception...

  • what is up with these draw in the champions league and europa league first in the champions league atletico madrid 1 -1 quarabag, olympiacos 0 - 0 barcelona, sporting lisbon 1 - 1 juventus, besiktas 1 - 1 monaco, boruusia dortmund 1 - 1 apoel so thats 5 draws in champions league plus europa league today istanbul 1 - 1 hoffenheim,athens 0 - 0 ac milan, appalon 1 - 1 atlanta, steu bucharest 1 - 1 hapoel beer sheva,red bull 0 - 0 konyaspor,rosenborg 1 - 1 zenit, lazio and nice nearly was a draw if not for last minute goal from lazio and finally arsenal 0 - 0 crvena. so thats 12 draws in champions league and europa league combined are all these teams follow each other like a trend, is it purposely done by teams to bugger up people's accumulators or is it just coincidence that there's so many draws at the same time I leave you to be the judge of that. But thumbs up for people who hate goalles draws to bugger up your over 2.5 goals.

  • This is one of those games that makes you think, "Yeah, I can stop watching football for a bit. Take up a more exciting hobby like knitting instead."

  • easy win for Arsenal

  • 3-0 Arsenal. Hopefully we don't defend like we did against Norwich.

  • Arsenal will play their reserve side as they are resting players for the Away game at Man City on sunday.

  • Arsenal might drop points

  • walcott to score another europa league goal.