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  • Nobody from Arsenal did a thing the whole game apart from Eddie who was a breath of fresh air when he came on. It was his attitude more than anything which was impressive. Not too dissimar to Ousmane Dembele in that regard, htough far off in terms of performance of course. We should have lost this by a couple of goals in all honesty. Terrible performance in particular from the first XI fringe players who played today, I expected Wilshere & Giroud to play well to push for a place against Swansea. I hope the English media don't buff Nketiah up to be the next big thing only to slate him when he has a poor game. I know they will, but I live in hope. Well done Norwich, you deserved to go through but you don't always get what you deserve.

  • I expect a similar XI as the one who played RS Belgrade but with a goalkeeping change and sans-Wilshere: MACEY, DEBUCHY, ELNENY, HOLDING, NELSON, COQUELIN, WILLOCK, NILES, WALCOTT, IWOBI, GIROUD. Hopefully da Silva, Nketiah and Sheaf will make an appearance from the bench with long enough time that they can get into the swing of things. I wouldn't mind extra time in all honesty because of the potential benefits in this regard. Norwich are taking a shed load of fans to the Emirates tonight (rumours are 9,000- the same number as Monaco get in a home game!) so the atmosphere should be good and I expect a tough game but with Arsenal to ultimately go through. 3-1 Gunners with the 3rd coming very late on. Another Puskas award-winning goal from The Gorgeous One would go down nicely.

  • Arsenal shouldn't take norwick lightly they have won their last 5 away matches and are very well organised their best away victories was against former premier league side middlesborough and free scoring side sheffield united. Maddison and nelson oliviera are their danger men and can change a tight game into a win for norwich. If arsenal play a strong team they can win this but if they experiment with norwich it could cost them best to wait for arsenal lineup before deciding on this match.I expect a tight game with a low scoreline.

  • @RemyLebeu I think Wenger will use the reserves and the young players in this match, he is not very focused on this cup.

  • @VictorGM I don't know in wich cup Venger is focused on.

  • @enxit- He is focused on the league. It is fairly obvious judging by his selections....

  • @VictorGM- Yep, the team will resemble something similar to the one which played Red Star Belgrade recently, although we may (and hopefully do) see more youngsters.