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  • look at that alternative strike force from France. too much depth am jealous of this nation. if only they had a good coach they will stroll to that world Cup title

  • France have lots of top quality players but they lack the required balance in the midfield. From what I have seen from them, they have problems controlling games and they have only Nzonzi who is good at controlling the tempo. I'm still baffled by the fact that Mbappe is only 18.

  • @CirdomAkul They have the opposite problem of Germany. They have 10 players who know how to control a game but very, very few good, skilled and fast offensive midfielders. Germany is all about control and very little about fast and creative attacks...

  • Friendly Germany. Friendly Germany. No worries.

  • Boring crap that Germany ist displaying. Only possession, no creativity, no speed, no penetration power, just slow ball movement. Only Sane could help, the rest can only make save passes but can't dribble...

  • @neumi17 Sane didn't get off bench. Seems ridiculous to me. He should be a starter on current form.

  • @Champion I guess Löw wanted to test the other options.

  • 2-2

  • Löw will use this match for an experimental lineup, I guess. It's difficult to predict the outcome...

  • Let's just hope for a lot of goals. 3-3

  • Gotze? That fat little runt was actually picked?

  • @ilovefooty picked, subbed on and made an assist.

  • @Fromhell With his only good move in 30 minutes, yes. Normally he is no option anymore. He peaked as a teenager, now he is to slow and immobile.

  • @neumi17 I won't argue with the fact that he has passed his prime. I don't think anyone will.

  • Germany 3 - 2 France

  • Germany 3 - 2 France

  • Germany 3 - 2 France

  • Kroos and Khedira will dominate the midfield. Germany to win.

  • @Fromhell Kroos has dominated anyone since 2014

  • @ilovefooty - Right, that's why he's won 3 Champions since then ;->