Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(3) 2 Goals 5 (6)
(2) 1 Assists 1 (3)
(6.6) 6.6 Average Ratings 7.2 (7)
35.1 Average Age 34.6
176 Average Height (cm) 184.4
(1.2) 1.2 Shots pg 1.4 (1.3)
(48%) 49% Aerial Duel Success 60% (55%)
(1.4) 1.3 Dribbles pg 1.2 (1.1)
(1.9) 1.7 Tackles pg 1.2 (1.1)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in World Cup Grp. D.

Team News

  • Jorge Sampaoli will supposedly ring the changes for Argentina's meeting with Croatia, which could see them switch to a three-man defence.
  • Angel Di Maria, Maximiliano Meza, Lucas Biglia and Marcos Rojo will supposedly drop out of the rumoured XI, with Marcos Acuna, Enzo Perez, Cristian Pavon and Gabriel Mercado supposedly coming into the side.
  • Marcelo Brozovic may come in for Andrej Kramaric it what may be Croatia's only change to the XI that started the 2-0 win over Nigeria.


  • Argentina looked ponderous and lacked attacking impetus in their 1-1 draw with Iceland and that could prompt a change in system from head coach Jorge Sampaoli.
  • Croatia were efficient in their 2-0 win over Nigeria on Saturday and have the means to secure another key three points here.
  • Croatia may have lost their last competitive meeting with Argentina, losing 1-0 at the 1998 World Cup, but are well-drilled and could capitalise on an out of sorts Argentina here.

User Predictions

Comments (211)

  • Meza is absolute garbage. I hope we never have to see him in the squad again.

  • M. Meza is overrated , i think his score should below 6.2 i hope to lo celso next match pls

  • Hi, Im Inter fan.

  • @jiggow Me too and Icardi likes it.

  • Gerónimo Rulli, a 26 years old goalkeeper, has played 34 games for Real Sociedad in the whole season, and instead of him, the number one at the WC is a 36 years old goalkeeper who played only 3 games for Chelsea in the whole season...good job Sampaoli.

  • Lol...Messi 7.1 rating...really? Did you watch the same game? He was virtually and literally INVISIBLE the whole game...

  • @moo13 this system rates players by stats.

  • The best thing about Sampaoli's Chile side were the tactics, they performed well above what you would expect given the players he had at his disposal (2 top players, a couple of good to very good then a whole lot of average) and there was always a plan, a set ethos which you could discernibly identify as being HIS, so it is ironic that his Argentina team look tactically devoid. I do think a few of the players simply don't give a damn about playing for the national team because under multiple managers, they have been the same, but this tournament has been a sackable offence purely based on game-plan or lack of. To get to the tournament without knowing what your best XI is (or even what the best formation to use) borders on amateur. Compare his shower of an outfit to Osorio, Southgate and Tite's and it is embarrassing. Not sure what has happened to him, but this does not look like the same coach who was in charge of Chile.

  • @SteveHyland I agree 100%. I'm chilean and when Sampaoli directed here he was seen as a tactical genius, and made Chile a powerful nation. I just don't understand how he has worsened his level and the bad decisions he has made. Probably Argentina's players are unmanageable.

  • Sampaoli has lost the plot. Perez and Meza are just not good enough, and Mascherano is well past his prime, Sampaoli only plays him because of his former reputation. For a manager with a reputation for innovation, this is a really timid and pathetic line-up. Drop those three and replace them with Banega, Lo Celso and Dybala or Di Maria. What's the point of having the best group of attacking players in international football if your midfield can't even string passes together, shield the defence and occasionally find its way out of a press?

  • Messi is the most protected player by the media in the history of the sport

  • @Sinaj you have no shame!

  • What is wrong with the Goalkeepers at WC2018? I can only imagine with whom Cabalero will be compared. If De Gea is Carius then Cabalero is ....????

  • @enxit He played only 3 games in the whole season, what did you expect?

  • @enxit Liverpool fans say they all suffered concussion

  • @Sinaj hahahahaha one of best comments on this website hahahhahahahha u r king

  • Dybala being fresh should have chased the opponent just before the 3rd goal was scored. What a lasy player. I became angry with that attitude. Even 33 years old Ronald was helping his teammates in defence.

  • Nigeria still have the hope to qualify only if they will win tomorrow

  • But FIFA gave man of the match to Modric? Does do their own MotM?

  • @HollandFan1 ya they give it to barcelona players

  • @HollandFan1 Yes

  • @HollandFan1 Yes

  • Dribbles, heat-maps, carries the team, does it all himself, deep midfielder & an attacker, so pleasing on the eyes, match-winner, the GOAT... You call him all that then use the teammates excuse. Ronaldo can win with Guedes Mario Silva Moutinho etc while messi cant even win with this squad??? Lol

  • @ProudUefaLona don't you ever get tired of comparing ronaldo to messi? there is so much more the sport has to offer than that ancient debate

  • If you watch an Argentina performance that dysfunctional and all you can think about is Messi, you seriously have a child's understanding of the game.

  • @dSquib when argentina 2014 won knock out matches due to their solid defence and every one praised messi for it, was it ok with you?

  • @Sinaj That "every one praised messi" for Argentina's 2014 run is simply made up. He was nevertheless instrumental along with Mascherano, and Higuain and Aguero missed chance after chance in that run with Messi, as ever, playing a deeper role. Truth is nobody got all that much praise other than Mascherano because it was an uninspired team that squeezed into the final.

  • If only agentina had a superstar like Ronaldo in the team :-((((((

  • @ProudUefaLona yeah overrated midgets aren't as effective =)

  • With this game I see Croatia in the semi-final :)

  • Supervised whoscored didn’t give MOTM to messi as usual!!

  • @Pspv10 why on earth would messi have deserved MotM

  • Jorge Sampaoli and the Argentinian football federation are so stupid and stubborn not to include Icardi in the national team squad although having Icardi in Russia wouldn't have solved all Argentina's problems. they've got no top keeper, willy's sh*t. their wingers did little in the game, Messi was almost invisible in the game especially in the second half. Salvio and Acuna were preferred to Dybala and DiMaria which is a bad bad decision by coach who should take the blame for Argentina's terrible match.

  • @Mahdi everyone knows why icardi is at home. Sampaoli: this is messi's argentina, not me.

  • Maradona and his fellas in the Federation should leave Argentina's football alone for itself, Argentina is a country of talents, but the management sucks, Sampaoli ??? =))) Do you remember what they did to Argentina in 2010? Maradona dropped Zanetti and Cambiasso, they were best in their position at that time. and he chose Otamendi and Mascherano instead of them. and that awful nightmare result happened against Germany! why they don't get the lesson!?

  • @BahmanCordoba2 Worst manager I've ever seen tactically, team selections and subs I'm afraid. And he's a nervous wreck on the sideline

  • @Champion Yeah he couldn't handle the game, they were unable to create any chance. Worst Argentine in world cup history. Hope they can qualify, Argentine is always lovely even at the flop.

  • Brilliant performance by the the midfield trinity, Brozovic-Modric-Rakitic, the latter two dominated the game and controlled the rhythm of the midfield, while Brozovic was the armor shield as he kept dropping back when Modric & Rakitic get deep in forward.

  • Only one deserve to wear #10 at the back here, and its not called Messi , his name is Luka Modric obviously! ^_^ ;)

  • How did messi miss that chance that perez kicked wide on an open goal? He should've used voodoo to make the ball go in, what a horrible player. And then the first goal, oh my God. Why did messi let caballero do that?? This can't be the best player in the world, he is useless. They should not have called him up for this tournament. Shameful from him.

  • @osmak Wasn't it Meza that missed the big chance I'm thinking about? Meza had to score and then tried to score the rebound. Then Messi didn't really have time or space to convert from so close to the goal with the keeper on top of him. It was too crowded. Messi was anonymous today and played awful though.

  • @Champion I'm talking about the first half.

  • @osmak Messi apologist spotted.

  • @spectre08 How am i apologizing? He should not have been called up, he's horrible.

  • @osmak Your sarcasm was very obvious.

  • @spectre08 Lol if you say so

  • @osmak I know so.

  • Zabaleta excellent punditry. Sums up Argentina perfectly. Argentina must play Aguero and Higuain in front of Messi in this system. I think it's a disgrace by the way that Otamendi didn't get sent off and I also think Mercado's challenge was more than cynical to stop the counter attack..he used excessive force and it should be a red card too for me. If Iceland don't beat Nigeria then Argentina are very lucky that they haven't received red cards they could have been given.

  • Croatia is truly an amazing team. Their midflield is just spectacular. I hope they achieve something at this WC - totally deserve it with the way they play and the quality of their players. About Argentina - Messi is a total disaster, really. And that's not how a captain should behave in these moments - walk with his head down. The others - not even one player made some impression on me.

  • @specter Messi has always been incredibly overrated in the national team. Not surprising at all to seem him fail. Although I confess very enjoyable to see the midget soon out of the WC. :)

  • @specter Agree about Lio looked like depressed, head down that is not a right attitude someone expects about a capitan team. But it's not Messi's fault such GK huge mistake - a "Karius-wise" one.- Disagree a little about Croatian as an amazing team, can't see them going beyong R16 , the only elite player they have is Modric, the rest of player just play alongside. Modric is the different, the chosen one. I gotta check their probably rival in R16 tough.-

  • @dib Perisic, Rakitic, Mandzukic, Brozovic, Kovacic, Lovren, Vrsaljko, Subasic... You can't say that these are not elite players, come on... The others are also on a big level. When your substitutions are players like Kovacic and Corluka that really tells something about the quality of the team. And they're about to play vs. Denmark at R16, so...

  • @specter Agree about Lio looked like depressed, head down that ins not a right attitude some one expects about a capitan team. But it's not Messi's fault such GK huge mistake - in "Karius-wise".- Disagree a little about Croatian as an amazing team, can't see them going beyong R16 , the only elite player they have is Modric, the rest of player just play alongside. I gotta check their probably rival in R16 tough.-

  • @dib which team is better than Croatia right now?

  • @mysterious I think Belgium

  • @specter The team and manager are a bigger disaster than Messi. Messi was dreadful first match and completely anonymous this game. However, the team in terms of tactics and team selection was atrocious this game. Substitutions also dreadful.

  • I loved kovacic too. What a selfless act. And what a freekick by Rakitic

  • @Sinaj Football is a team sport. If he shot there it would have been a disgrace. He did the right thing for a team. An assist is just as valuable as a goal also.

  • @Champion still very few would do what he did. 9 out of 10 would take the shot there.

  • @Sinaj Many don't have the calmness to even see the pass though, in which case it's lack of calmness and taking time (and having vision) to see the surrounding to even play the pass. Others would/could shoot in selfishness however

  • Sampaoli to blame. I don't understand why he had to change the system for this game. They played well in the first game and there was no need to make radical changes for this game.

  • @CirdomAkul They played well in the first game ?? : - O

  • When did these 5 Messi dribbles occured? xD

  • @Zootball The second half mostly, when he was trying to start attacks

  • @Zootball I was asking myself the same thing. I personally saw one !

  • Forget Messi and Ronaldo, modric is the real GOAT

  • There is one real LM10 Luca Modric

  • Croatia to win the World Cup ! That would be nice...

  • Calm down guys, the real LM10 still messi. Messi completed more dribbles than Modric. Messi >>>>>>>> Modric. GOATTTT

  • Fact that any Argentine player has more than a 6.4 is amazing

  • two goals in counter attack.Argentina forgot to defend.Croatia were attacking and defending as a team.Midfield of croatia was rigid.

  • hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahah Messi 7.1 rating hahahaha whoscored please wake up! No more than 5.5 he was one of the worst players on the pitch

  • @Marchisio8 3.5/10 maybe 4/10. no more. No Argentina player did enough to deserve more than 4. It's the algorithm that's broken however. Too many points for pointless dribbles and the base score is too high (6)

  • Disgrace of the tournament so far: Otamendi. How did Argentina finish the game with 11? Croatian team awesome. They have a chance to win the tournament with this football.

  • WTF Messi 7.1was he even playing ????

  • @svetoslav Yeah i know what you mean. I thought he was at the hospital getting growth hormones???

  • Messi proved he is Pessi

  • Well done, good prediction ...

  • RAKITICCCCCCC GOALLLLLLL ABSOLUTELY DESERVED, WHAT A PERFOMANCE. FIFA need to do something about Croatia it has to be considered cheating Rakitic and Modric on the same team lol

  • @Riah I think anyone with "ic" at the end of their name shouldn't be allowed to play for Croatia.

  • @uefalona lmaoooooo

  • hot trash burning to the ground

  • Argentina's midfield and defense are awful

  • @JoeSWFC And offence

  • Messi invisible

  • No surprise here. Croatia are a much better team.

  • Hahaha Messi Fan-Boys are getting angry :D Goodbye Messi

  • @Book nothing to do with Messi, stop being embarrassing

  • @JoeSWFC True

  • wow i had no hopes for argentina at all but somehow i still feel dissapointed heh

  • This ref is terrible that's a red card for Otamendi, how is he still on the field


  • Messi hasn't touched the ball in 5 min

  • Oooh imagine Ronaldo reacting the way Messi just did YIKES

  • messi should also have motivated the caoch to put in dyabala and dimaria at the same match.

  • messi should also have motivated the caoch to put in dyabala and dimaria at the same match.

  • @nceshNcero Messi must be part of the issue. It's like he and Sampoali have banned Aguero and Higuain both being on the pitch together. Starting with 3 at the back was the perfect opportunity. And then to leave Di Maria completely on the bench after 3 subs is shockingly bad management.

  • How does Mascherano not get booked for that foul on Modric?????

  • @Riah The ref is awful. No basic understanding of clear yellow card offences like cynical fouls, diving

  • Di Maria must come on surely..

  • @Champion Dybala is also an option. Sampoali is a joke...Meza and Pavon on pitch still with options like Di Maria and Dybala on the bench still.

  • Meza has to score that. Aguero is putting that away. I really have no idea why Meza and Pavon are on with Aguero off.

  • sampoli's squad selection is a joke

  • Aguero off? Lmao

  • @Champion Nur Higuain ist good so far

  • higua is coming in. mmm.

  • higua is coming in. mmm.



  • Cry MEssi Cry

  • Some of these Croatia players are being REALLLYYYYYYY loose with the ball

  • Di Maria has to come in now and revert to a different shape. Argentina aren't able to get the ball to Messi and Aguero in this defensive rigid system with players lacking ability on the ball and flair. Banega is another player who can possibly come in.

  • @Champion or dybala.....him and messi have too much quality to not be able to play with each other

  • @waltershoback69 or Di Maria..Sampoali has so many good players are is utterly clueless.

  • i think witchcraf is definatly on argentina

  • Argentina's behaviour has been embarrassing including by their managers. So much complaining, dissent and rolling around. The referee isn't strict enough, he should have handed out multiple bookings for diving and dissent so far. Rebic was slightly lucky, but I think it was extremely reckless. It could be argued he planted his foot like that trying to shield the ball in a really reckless what and I don't think there's enough force in it either for a red card.

  • @Champion reckless way* reckless obviously isn't enough for a red, needs to have excessive force in it too and definite deliberate action.

  • Didn't Acuña hit the cross bar, I know it was a cross turned shot. Side note Modric is seriously a little magician, still so underrated, what a pass!!!!

  • @Riah He did I thought, it should be on the stats. Whoscored seem to just make it up as they go along sometimes

  • @Champion We don't calculate the stats -- Our data providers send across the feeds, so this isn't an issue for WhoScored

  • boooooooring

  • @MoshEne Imagine Argentina vs Uruguay :-)))

  • yoh. crotia is holding argentina and containing messi well. but i dnt understand. isnt celso pavon and dyabala and di maria good enough to play with messi and win this game. yoh. a defender not a score. its like they are making sure that its messi fault that argentina will be kicked out. its strange how sampaoli is doing things. seriously.

  • @nceshNcero Argetina have a weird manager. Just look at the way he behaves like a nervous wreck and breathing with his mouth in a state of panic and anxiety. He seems very confused and panicky in general, also too angry and overly reactive. so I'm not surprised his team selections are so muddled

  • What a pass by modric Damn

  • Ok they can just take Rebic off now honestly ��

  • Messi with 15 touches so far and the least amount of meters run of all players after 40 minutes.

  • @neumi17 He's been anonymous. He needs to drop deeper and Argentina need to change from this useless system.

  • @neumi17 well he can say good bye to the world cup.argentina cant do without him

  • @neumi17 how can you see meters run?

  • @groovy They showed the stats on TV in the 40 th min

  • Wow some really big missed chances from both teams

  • @Riah One on each side to be precise

  • its up to Messi and Aguero to do everything

  • No team has had fewer scoring chances in this world cup than Argentina, not even Saudi Arabia ...

  • @neumi17 really surprising stat when you say the names on this Argentine team

  • At least one red card incoming

  • Man Luka Modric is CLASSSSSS

  • Man Messi looking stressed already during the National Anthem. So much pressure

  • Argentina 1 - 3 Croatia

  • Argentina will be win. In_Shah_Allah

  • @Avi143 There is no god

  • so sad dybala isnt one of messi`s friends so he cannot play from the start...

  • @haemorrhage dybala dont nedd to be frend to messi messi time is up after this wc it is dybala icardi time for argentine aguero was goo onece upone a time now he i goner too.

  • 1-1

  • At least 2 player for defence for Messi is needed, means one side defender must be set for defence only. If Messi played in the area encircled by Croatian DMCL DCL DL and Dybala was playing AMC, it's truely difficult for Croatia. No mentioning Lovren , he isn't good compared to the forwards of Arg. Set 1 BMW and high position compression, to interupt the counter attack of Croatia. Argentina need to goal asap in order to win. And they have the ability for that.

  • @daizheng33 In this game not even one defender was necessary to mark Messi,at least in the first half.

  • Argentina 1st half win / 2nd half win @ 3.25 Dybala is really needed.

  • Argentina win

  • @watfordAlbert Doubt it

  • Thank god you mentioned their last competitive meeting from two decades ago, I'm sure it'll have a huge impact on the game. Croatia is way more balanced as a team and they should secure at least 1 point from this, but you can never underestimate the likes of Messi and Aguero. Interesting fixture, would not bet on it though.

  • @truestory themoreyouknow.gif

  • argentina 1-2 croatia

  • Open play = Messi Shines. Argentina win is pretty risky though, I'd go with BBTS

  • Croatia is a trash. Argentina will win 2-0

  • @mcshadows77 hahahahahahahaha

  • @mcshadows77 just the opposite Argentina have only good attack and nothing more and of course they have moron coach they will lost probably

  • Argentina are having so much pressure to win games here..but croatia....argentina defence is not so good, here i back both teams to score and a correct score of 2-1 on either side.

  • argentina vs CROATIA 1:2 GO CROATZ !

  • this game is hard to predict, i believe its time from some of the top teams to show up. I'll go for 2-1 with a controversial call like red card or penalty. Interesting game nonetheless

  • Croatia to win I think

  • @Champion Higuain ought to be starting next to Aguero in this system

  • Draw

  • Both teams shouldnt be foolish and they shoud play very cafeful game and take a point here, and than win the last game and go through. Island suits Croatia and Nigeria have always lost a world cup game vs Argentina.

  • Croatia to win and put Argentina on brink of group stage exit. 1-0 for Croatia , Mandzukic to win 3 points

  • Croatia can't afford to play a high defensive line in this game for many reasons. Croatia could play in many different ways and that could really make things complicated for Argentina. Kovacic has to start this game since he's Croatia's best player in one on ones in the defensive phase. In my opinion, Kovacic is excellent defensively and he has this acceleration with and without the ball that make him stand out as a player. The key for Argentina is not to lose this game rather than winning this game. They could comfortably win against Nigeria and go through but if they lose this game, they'll likely go out.

  • @CirdomAkul "Croatia can't afford to play a high defensive line in this game for many reasons" This is the key which the coach may not understand. I feel optimistic with a win if Croatia plays set piece instead of 10 men defensive

  • I don't understand the criticisms towards Argentina. Argentina doesn't have quality players in all positions and yet, somehow, many think that they have the best squad among all nations. They don't have reliable and quality full backs and they lack top quality players in midfield. I really liked Salvio's performance against Iceland but he plays as a winger in Benfica. Di maria is useless in left wing and I've never seen him playing a good game in Argentina in that position.

  • 2-2.

  • Croatia to prove themselves they're ready to go deep into the tournament. Lack of time to find the right balance under Sampaoli will show here. 2-1 Croatia.

  • If Sampaoli wants Argentina to tin Dybala and Aguero infront with Messi behind.Higuain to be ready anytime for a substitude.Never start with Di Maria.Anything else is a BTTS and Croatia win ot draw.Cheers!

  • @martinkamenarski for him dybala ia not compatible Witney messi. Maybe is a messi decision i Really really dont know

  • what does it mean Sampoli will ring the changes?? he is ringing them on phone?? someone please tell me!!!

  • @uefalona It's another word to use instead of make I think, as an Englishman of a certain age, I've always known of this saying, but never used it or questioned why it is ring, just knew what the person meant. This explanation makes sense - This phrase derives from the practice of bell ringing. Each pattern of the order of striking the bells is called a change. In order to 'ring the changes' all the variations of striking pattern are rung, bringing the ring back to its starting point.

  • If this is Argentina starting 11 they are out of world cup

  • Croatia look the stronger unit... ...but I have a feeling Pavon will create the space for Messi and Aguero to rip them apart.

  • I really wish dyabala and messi become a great combo. I hope They play together in this match and they score

  • Wow. Two coastal countries at it on Thurs. Look for a windy affair.

  • 2-1 for argentina . and messi to score

  • @abderrahmen27 A brace. ;)

  • No comments on this important game? Best attack in the world vs best midfield in the world. The other 2 parts of both teams are just average. How is it possible that the best shot in the world Dybala doesn't play. Best benched player in the WC.

  • Croatia to win or a draw.