Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(2) 2 Goals 4 (5)
(1) 1 Assists 1 (4)
(6.6) 6.9 Average Ratings 6.8 (6.7)
33.8 Average Age 33.1
188.4 Average Height (cm) 182.1
(1.3) 1.4 Shots pg 1.1 (1.2)
(59%) 60% Aerial Duel Success 43% (42%)
(1.2) 1.1 Dribbles pg 1 (1)
(1.9) 1.8 Tackles pg 1.9 (2.3)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in World Cup Grp. E.

Missing Players

No missing players.
Player Reason Status Rating
Valon Behrami Doubtful 6.63

Team News

  • With no injury issues, Serbia head coach Mladen Krstajic could name the same XI that started the 1-0 win over Costa Rica.
  • Filip Kostic will hope to start, however, after his second half cameo from the bench.
  • Valon Behrami sustained a knock in the 1-1 draw with Brazil, but should be fit to start.
  • Indeed, Vladimir Petkovic could name the same XI that started against Brazil on Sunday.


  • Serbia hold all the cards in group E after their 1-0 win over Costa Rica and sit atop of the pile in their quest for a spot in the next round.
  • Switzerland, too, were impressive in a 1-1 draw with Brazil and with the group favourites out of the way early on, they'll be looking to put their first win on the board at the 2018 World Cup.
  • Neither team will want to lose this one and it could result in a low score draw.

User Predictions

Comments (73)

  • The match needs to be canceled, given 3 points to Serbia and disqualification of the ships for example.

  • hello, I need a good source for check TOTAL GOLE KICK for this match.

  • Good win by Albania

  • It is not without reason that Switzerland is so high in the FIFA ranking. This team is not lose

  • A clear penalty for Serbia was not whistled , two players holding Mitrovic inside 16m box. I dont know why somebody even invested money in VAR when nobody is using it obviously.....

  • Xhaka hopefully shoots like that for Arsenal next season, or rather Emery hopefully lets him.

  • @SteveHyland The shot was curling away from goal as well. Very impressive.

  • @What4- Yep and the power he generated from a side-footed effort....

  • @SteveHyland He also collects red cards like other score goals

  • @neumi17- To be fair to him, that part of the game has improved dramatically from when he first joined. He doesn't needlessly jump into tackles anywhere near the same level as he did at BMG/our 1st season. Emery will have to coach the blind passes and dilly-dallying out of him although the latter will be helped by adopting a 3-man midfield system that has true box-to-box CM either side.

  • The table is interesting reading. The assumption is that with Brazil 4 points (+2), Serbia would have had 4 points (+1) with a draw and Switzerland 2 points (0) with a draw. This means Switzerland winning their last game takes them to 5 points and at least +1 GD. So it seems Serbia have gone under the assumption of a Swiss win against Costa Rice (knocked out and disheartened) most likely by 2 goals or more in that game. As a result Serbia exposed themselves completely at the end with the high press, Tosic also made an individual error on that goal trying to play offside. It's a big worry Whoscored haven't registered that as an error, I question who is doing these stats and what they know about football if Tosic doesn't get an error there. He let Shaqiri clean through one on one uncontested. I'm aware he was left isolated at the back too, but his action was the opposite of optimal in the initial situation. As for the match the referee has a lot to answer for not giving Mitrovic at least

  • @Champion Mitrovic should have at least 2 clear penalties, one the most clear you'll ever see. The referee should be ashamed of himself with VAR at his disposal. I'm sure Serbia exposed themselves more and more at the knowledge that a draw or a loss likely made zero difference to them going into the final game under the assumption the Swiss would win their final match. So now it's Brazil 4 Swiss 4 Serbia 3. Serbia must win their last match against Brazil, which isn't impossible. This game was very high standard, but ruined by horrendous referees. Clearly two very good sides and Brazil need to realise they will have a huge test from Serbia coming up. I thought Tadic was really good for Serbia, as was Mitrovic. A great strike from Xhaka and Shaqiri deserved a goal for his 2nd half effort. A draw 2-2 would have probably been fair result. But like I said Serbia looked like they wanted a win or bust.

  • @Champion there's nothin interesting abt this table. serbia's getting the L for sure.

  • @HoopHoop There was considering a draw wouldn't have been enough for Serbia if they drew 1-1 today, hence them completely leaving themselves exposed at the back at the end of the game. They are capable of drawing Brazil definitely, possibly beating them. Only a child mentality like yourself thinks it's a nailed on Brazil side. Bet your house on a Brazil win then and put your money where your mouth is. And prove the bet.

  • @Champion seems like u dont know basic maths. brazil 4, swiss 4, serb 3. swiss will at least get 1 vs costa rica to take their points to 5. only chance serbs have is to beat brazil which is impossible cuz they're garbage.

  • @HoopHoop You don't understand the comment. With the scoreline at 1-1 brazil 4 serb 4 swiss 2 was the current situation. Serbia put a lot of men forward and pressed trying to win. Presumable under the assumption Switzerland will beat Costa Rica, putting the Swiss on 5 points with superior goal difference to Serbia (if Serbia draw with Brazil making it 5 points each). This meant the draw is useless to Serbia at that moment in time (if Switzerland beat Costa Rica). So they went for broke for the win. Current is Brazil 4 swiss 4 serb 3 yes. But the "as it stands" table was the relevant thing when Serbia pressed high with lots of men forward in the 90th minute. This explains the action of Serbia not taking a draw and putting bodies back. The pundits couldn't understand in on the TV. But mathematically it makes sense. Now of course is no real difference to Serbia compared to 1-1, they must beat Brazil still. The assumption is Switzerland will beat knocked out Costa Rica.

  • @Champion maybe but this group is clear as daylight now. both brazil n swiss gonna win. now its about goal difference to see who finish 1st.

  • @HoopHoop We will see. Serbia is an annoying team to play. Brazil may have too much quality regardless like you say, time will tell.

  • Shaqiri is a beast!!!

  • @MrNemobody Pretty much. Laughed at his celebration.

  • @Champion Its not funny though , it is called political propaganda.. Honestly Im praying for Uefa to punish him after reviewing television videos again

  • @stefanm @stefanm Nothing political there, he just made an eagle sign which points his origins being an albanian...

  • @stefanm Political propaganda? What are you talking about

  • @Champion about thing he created with his hands before taking shirt off bro.

  • @stefanm what was it? I didn't see it

  • @Champion- The double-headed eagle gesture that Xhaka and Shaqiri (two ethnic Albanians) made with their hands after scoring has been seen as an "F U" to the Serbians. It's on the Albania flag. It probably was since both done it and both will probably be in trouble as political symbols & gestures are not permitted (hence our poppy fiasco).

  • @SteveHyland I laughed at the shirt off part and him acting like he was the hulk, didn't see that part or know about it. They should be banned then for political and inflammatory behaviour.

  • @Champion I hope they both get banned because of politic symbolism is not allowed in world of football. and funny thing though is when he took off shirt i laughed also because he is like a 1,55 meter tall, and he imagines himself like he is cristinao ronaldo... when actually shaqiri is one of ugliest players seen

  • @stefanm height is irrelevant tho in football (not basketball), Shaqiri ironically proved it

  • VAR criticism will come in full force here. How was that not given? Great game from a neutral perspective but that was ridiculous

  • @Lechiffre10 It's not the fault of VAR, it's the fault of the officials. VAR is perfect if the officials use it. This referee is so self-obsessed, self-orientated and big headed. The ref had a chip on his shoulder all game and refereed everything against Mitrovic. At least 2 blatant penalties not given and the most obvious one I've ever seen in football with 2 players blatantly fouling Mitrovic. This ref and all the officials should be arguably be dropped from the competition, simply not good enough.

  • thats why arsenal signed lichtsteiner, he is a leader

  • swiss were smooth as roger federer on grass. they dumped out overrated serbia for good. brazil will punish them as well. rubbish team.

  • Now Serbia definitely has to beat Brazil to make it to the next round.

  • @neumi17 Don't think the can defend well enough. And their 3 central midfielders are on yellows, so they might be a bit cautious.

  • I don't think the referee likes Mitrovic too much.

  • @neumi17 The ref should possibly be investigated. At least two clear penalties not given, one the most clear penalty shout you'll ever see.

  • Wow, now Serbia is really lucky to hold the draw ...

  • I'm wondering how the ref thought Mitrovic can wrestle two Swiss players to the ground. I guess Germans gotta stick together. Or something.

  • @What4 Very bad referee. Disgraceful he didn't use VAR

  • @What4 I agree with you, referee Felix Brych was absolutely awful tonight

  • embolo has entered the field. means swiss are not gonna score anytime soon.

  • How could that not have been a penalty for Serbia ? ? Two men drag the serbian striker down and no whistle ?

  • @neumi17 Referee is from Germany , everything is cristal clear now

  • Switzerland 2-1

  • @HollandFan1 Thanks for that Jonn_Jonzz

  • Serbia will beat Brasil

  • @neumi17, lol I don't think so.

  • @Davisson Oh, I just noticed you are Brazilian, so your answer is excused, ha,ha ;-)

  • @Davisson Brazil showed a dismal performance today and was mediocre against Switzerland. Serbia good in both games so far.

  • @neumi17, Brazil played very well in the second half today, Costa Rica parked the bus very well and Brazil still won 2-0. Neymar holding the ball a lot is the only bad thing.

  • @Davisson Brazil not playing like Brazil but more like Scotland is another bad thing. They are not creative and had scored only one goal in two games after 90 min. They certainly don't play like a favourite of the title. Serbia is very tall, talented and play with great stamina. If Brazil plays against them like they did against Costa Rica or even Switzerland, they certainly will have a hard time to get a result.

  • Come on Serbia beat these Albanian pricks

  • swiss are the better side but there's no guarantee about the result.

  • @HoopHoop I feel like you're underestimating Serbia.

  • Got a 1-1 draw for this one

  • Switzerland rarely loses.I think that it will not change now. Draw or win for Switzerland

  • two solid squads, a bit more talent on the serbian side, but switzerland tactically better and more competitive; tight match, edge to the swiss. 1-0 switzerland

  • the most unpredictable match today. i went for draw @ 3.1

  • Serbia to win

  • 1-1 draw

  • 1-1

  • Both they're good teams. I'll go for a Draw

  • 1-2

  • 1-1.

  • 0-1

  • 1-1

  • Tough game to predict, but for me most likely - Switzerland double chance. They are no worse team than Serbia and their major advantage in this game is the experience they've gained over the years. Besides there are no major changes in the team, it's been the same for years and we've seen against Brazil that they're no pushovers.

  • 1-0 for Serbia here against the Albania2 team.

  • @stefanm- That would only apply if Albania were better than Switzerland. You would be more accurate if you wrote "...the Swiss 2nd team" on an Albanian game given 6 of their starters were born in Switzerland.

  • @SteveHyland though they have albanian genetics

  • @stefanm- I realise that, actually moreso- only Xhaka was actually born in Switzerland, but we call the Republic of Ireland team the "England B-Team" due to some players who are English by birth or by two generations, who are not good enough to get into our team claiming 'heritage' in order to play for a lesser team, that being the RoI.

  • Serbia will win!