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  • We didn't loose to Argentina we lost to the refree d game is never fair even though they expect us to believe it is

  • @GETFWL Now say that without crying.

  • @splint3r I guess when it happens against a bigger team the whole world will get talking till then I will just have to watch the remaining matches

  • @GETFWL Argentina won and they deserved to win. Get over it.

  • First score prediction I have got correct in a while. Hopefully everybody else is doing as terribly as I am! I have no bias towards either of these teams, though I would've liked to see more of Iwobi, but I'm glad Messi scored. The ridiculous tactic of 'when a team fails pin it all on the best individual' seems to be very popular, even among those who are supposed to be experts, and although this wont alleviate all of the pressure he is under, it helps that he was the biggest all-round contributor today. I thought Banega was also very good: 3 key passes including an assist, 88% pass completion, 4 tackles. I think he has guaranteed himself a starting position for the rest of the tournament. Messi's strike partner and both wing positions need sorting (Pavon RW makes the most sense to me) but Sampaoli now knows 8 of his first choice 11, which shows progress at least.

  • The wrong penalty to begin of the second half started the whole dilemma of the second half. Otherwise Argentina would have played better.

  • @neumi17 It was a clear penalty for holding and shirt pulling. You used to be a reasonable poster, but turned into a clown recently.

  • @Champion Just because his oppinion differs from yours? I also think it was not a penalty. The Nigerian player fell too easily. He didn't even got pulled, just got the hands on his boddy. This WC is full of mistakes, and with VAR you can always find 50 penalties per match. So in my oppinion the referees should be ex professional players who where good divers, because they would know how to interpret the situations.

  • 2 my favourites for winning WC are playing with each other in knockout stage, France and Argentina. My Croatia vs Danmark and then possiby vs Spain in QF.

  • Don't think Lio deserved to be MOTM, rating 9 sounds to me exxagerate. I like the society between Lio and Banega in the 1st half, in the 2nd Banega change the placement and just became not determinant. The same happened in the qualification last year. I think Argentina will win over France, for the minimum difference like today, again.-

  • @dib 9 is excessive I agree, the dribbles are boosting his rating quite a bit. He did ok though and did a very good finish for his goal

  • mascherano 6.9 how? should be 5,9 at best

  • @ik32 should be -2

  • Iceland screwed their chance of getting the 2nd spot by losing to Nigeria, since it would be impossible for them to beat a relaxed Croatia and everyboddy knew Argentina would win against Nigeria, althought it was harder than expected.

  • Good game and I have to say the ref did very well. He got the decisions right for me and kept control of the players. All game he did well. Both keepers make some good saves. Rojo made the difference in the end and Ighalo will be rueing his missed chances. Decent game from Messi and great finish, still think he’s lacking a spark and not quite in form for him however

  • The referee gave to Messi a yellow card for nothing, what a loser.

  • time wasting. Could you be any more of a fan boy ? It was obvious time wasting. Were you born yesterday ?


  • @OHMMYZ Meza was bad all 3 games that he played so far so nothing new there @libehv ofc rulebooks go to scrap,clear as day red card not given to nigeria and imaginery penalty given ,you know what im sayin??And nigeria player chooset to play after that hand ball not argentina falt he cat score whit voley from penalty spot ?

  • @svetoslav red card for what? It was a clear yellow. It wasn’t a deliberate foul, it was clumsy and accidental contact. He tried to get the other side of di Maria, there’s also a covering defender. There’s nothing red card about it , it’s a yellow



  • @OHMMYZ spot on

  • the hand which was dismissed, well the rulebooks go to scrap again

  • @libehv if you've ever jumped into the air you'd appreciate that his hand was in a natural position

  • @libehv it wasn’t a deliberate handball, the ref followed the rules ..

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSS Argentina!!!! Messi GOAT! Good job Rojo!

  • Argentina is losing because of macherano

  • Argentina are lucky the ball didn't come to Higuain :D

  • Is it just me or Masherano should have been sent off

  • Argentina plays the worst football I have ever seen, looks like 4th division football.

  • @neumi17 another pathetic exaggeration, are you a child ? Most posters here seem to be incapable of analysing maturely

  • @Champion No exaggeration...4 times a player from Argentina ran with the ball off the line, 7 times the ball bounced of the food so far, that the possession changed towards Nigeria. That is 4 th division level, not World Cup.

  • @neumi17 Most of the players they have have performed well in top leagues. Grow up

  • @neumi17, I think they played very well in the first half.

  • @neumi17 i thought you said it was uruguay, which team next?

  • @BarcaPlsLetMeDown It was Uruguay until the second half of Argentina's game tonight. Things change in football ...

  • @neumi17 Considering their internal conflicts, and the suggestion that there might be "player rule" in the changing room, it's not a big suprise. I bet on them to score 2+ but I actually don't mind losing the bet, seeing Nigeria dominating against them worth the money :D

  • Seeing Higuain "running" up for counter attack has to be the funniest thing I saw today

  • @DanInter sai naija

  • cannot go any calmer than Moses! lol that was a brilliant penalty!

  • Curious how Mascherano's rating is over 6 at this point, had like 5 touches on the ball, gave away 4 of them.

  • Had to be him ...

  • @neumi17 GOAT always there to score against Nigeria :|

  • Great ball, brilliant run, control, shot by magnificent Messi.

  • @Geolardo Not a huge Messi fan, but that was world class play from him

  • Messi ! As predicted

  • Finally Armani in Goal. Argentinas chances have increased. Caballero was absolutely awful.

  • smell Argentina 2-1, hopefully Croats will do the job against Iceland to make Argentinians go home

  • @koziol.mutant really? Croatia win and Argentina go home. LOL

  • @cry32wolf @uefalona he means if croats won,argentina will face france in next round,which in turn will send them home. simple logic doesn't exist in your place?

  • @koziol.mutant why would you want Croatia to beat Iceland if you want Argentina to go out?

  • @uefalona @cry32wolf sarcasm isn't strong with you two, is it? point being was that the Croatia will do just enough to exercise Iceland and lose the game!

  • It's going to be one of the most corrupted World Cup ever. Most of the officials are biased.

  • Messi : 5 goals, 3 assists in 17 World Cup games.

  • @Champion top chap, don't underestimate him!

  • @libehv ?

  • If Argentina do indeed play in a 4-3-3, then they will win this game.

  • I have a strange feeling that the referee will give a present to Argentina

  • @Worldean Well, it was more a present for Nigeria

  • @Worldean Anything is possible in this world cup. I was praying for my star man CR7 not to get a red card for his red card offense and of course he was not sent off. Spain scored an off side goal against Morocco and even VAR supported it. The red line was draw long before the kick was effected. I don't see Argentina beating Nigeria with their own ability but may be a help from officials.

  • @Eben, Spain scored an offside goal against Morocco? Come on, stop being biased, it's clearly onside.

  • @Davisson Man please, indeed it was onside, but it was never a corner kick because the ball was out, and even the corner kick was played in the wrong side of the pitch, which is clearly a violation of the rules.

  • @mams2000 on top of that - the wind was too strong, so that was never legitimate goal

  • Nigeria to beat Argentina hands down. More goals and the winner is Nigeria. The 3-5-2 formation Nigeria is playing will work for them.

  • @Eben U wot m8?

  • lo celso and dybala need to play

  • @osmak is lo celso vvv bad. we need quick players. afgentina plays slow though. i hope we can cope against france.

  • X-2...Argentina may win 0:1

  • Argentina to win this game 2-0 but Iceland will win Croatia in the dying mins.. Argentina to go home .. hopefully I can't take another scandal ...

  • Nigeria's real challenge here. Argentina probably will goes rampage if Nigeria not ready.

  • Argentina will win beacuse this time players(seniors- messi, di maria, mascherano) choosed formation and who will play not manager.

  • Argentina doesn't deserve to qualify. Anyway, I guess a draw here

  • Argentina is a mess. Nigeria is a team.

  • @HillaryClinton let's see if these statements will still stand after the game.

  • @pyt55 I'm willing to take the risk.

  • Lol Argentina are going through Messi hattrick 6-2

  • Argentina will not want to be eliminated by an African team, so they will bring down the mountain to beat Nigeria.

  • Very ridiculous. If that is the notion of the Argentine then I will tell them to charter a plane to come to Ghana for some cocoa sacks to come and carry their goals and shame to Argentina. Don't waste your money on Argentina.

  • Argentina to go through 3-1 Messi hattrick.

  • Haven’t been overly impressed by Nigeria at all. Argentina have gears to go up and a formation change might just do that, I see them winning here even though I want Nigeria to go through. Argentina win

  • 2-1 Argentina.

  • Every superstar has had a goal so far. So I think Messi will score tomorrow as well, question remains how many times and will it be enough ?

  • Argentina will be eliminated by Nigeria 2-0 in this World Cup if Messi is not kicked out of the team.

  • @cvu999 why don't you scroll up and see who's the highest rated player in the Argentina squad :) Oh yeah oops it's Messi.

  • @cvu999 It's Sampaoli they need to kick out.

  • messi OUT !

  • @zardonic care to elaborate?

  • The AFA is officially a full blown dumpster fire.

  • 100% Argentina!

  • Messiah ll rescue Argentina.. Johny Sins is not playing as goalkeeper in this match for Argentina...

  • If Argentina used a 4-2-3-1 against Iceland and a 3-4-2-1 against Croatia, then it chose formations top Spanish clubs are not using. Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Valencia and Villareal relied on a 4-4-2 in most matches. Real Madrid used a 4-3-1-2 or a 4-4-2 in many matches. Sevilla and Athletic Bibao stuck with a 4-2-3-1 and finished lower in the standings than last season. Real Betis appears to have relied on a 4-3-3 and did better than last season. Use of a 4-2-3-1 against Iceland looks easy to question from this viewpoint.

  • @ergtyr what do u think final result?

  • @Amirnim2006 I do not plan to watch the match as their formation choices make no sense to me.

  • this ends stalemate