Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(14) 11 Goals 11 (17)
(9) 7 Assists 10 (16)
(6.7) 6.9 Average Ratings 7 (6.9)
29.8 Average Age 25.9
184.5 Average Height (cm) 184.8
(1.1) 1 Shots pg 1.4 (1.4)
(53%) 56% Aerial Duel Success 49% (51%)
(1.1) 0.9 Dribbles pg 1.2 (1.1)
(1.3) 1.2 Tackles pg 1.4 (1.5)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Final Stage.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Juan Cuadrado Out 7.06
Blaise Matuidi Out 6.48
Paulo Dybala Out 6.86
Andrea Barzagli Out 6.67
Player Reason Status Rating
Toby Alderweireld Out 7

Team News

  • Paulo Dybala, Andrea Barzagli, Blaise Matuidi and Juan Cuadrado have all failed to recover from their respective injuries to make Juventus' squad for Tuesday's clash with Tottenham.
  • Stephan Lichtsteiner was called up into Juventus' Champions League squad in favour of Benedikt Howedes but won't feature in midweek, meaning Mattia De Sciglio will start at right-back.
  • Max Allegri could go for a 4-2-3-1, with Federico Bernardeschi starting behind Gonzalo Higuain.
  • Toby Alderweireld has been left in London to build up his fitness and misses out for Tottenham.
  • Other than that, Mauricio Pochettino has the luxury of a fully fit squad to choose from here.
  • The Spurs boss may bring Serge Aurier in for Kieran Trippier at right-back, while Victor Wanyama could replace Heung-min Son should Pochettino look to keep things tight early on.


  • Juventus extended their fine run of form with a solid 2-0 win at Fiorentina on Friday night and are brimming with confidence as they welcome Tottenham to Turin. The Italian side have conceded just one goal in their last 16 matches, though Tottenham will look to break their defensive resolve.
  • Spurs secured a morale boosting 1-0 win over north London rivals Arsenal in Saturday's early kick off, though their away form leaves little to the imagination. They've failed to win in three on the road and have won only two of their last eight matches away from home.
  • A single goal could decide this one and considering their solid defence, Juventus may edge the first leg.
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User Predictions

Comments (127)

  • Buffon with my respect to you, it's time to Retire, two mistakes from you lead to the two goals , I will not tell you Hard Luck , because its not about luck it's about abilities and potential, you are becoming old and you must respect your history and career and step aside

  • @Cannavaro69 how is the 1st goal his fault?

  • @wde.tac Why he ran towards Hary Kane that fast?!!?! he past him so easily , if he didnt make that run Kane couldnt score

  • @Cannavaro69 I think Kane deserves more credit that Buffon deserves criticism. Many strikers would have responded to Buffon moving forwards by fluffing it. Kane kept his composure brilliantly like only top strikers do. Had Buffon not come out the striker would have been able to place a shot more easily. Kane made Buffon look bad. Few strikers would have done the same.

  • @MEHJones Ok dude i respect your view

  • @Cannavaro69 :)

  • juve coach got alll his tactics wrong

  • Buffon should've got 2 errors.

  • Alderweireld and Trippier should replace Aurier and Sanchez in the 2nd leg

  • @KaneToad I totally agree but Pochettino might go for 5-3-2-1 formation

  • @KaneToad agree

  • Well, well done Spurs!!!!

  • As I said yesterday, BTTS and draw.

  • I think dembélé made his partner dier look good in the midfield area. I hope that belgium won't put dembélé against england because he will eat its overrated dier.

  • @modric97 He is sloppy against big teams because he isn't good enough with the ball. He is good the defensive phase but he lacks some characteristics to play in the midfield against big teams.

  • @CirdomAkul Dier was very good against Arsenal so does that mean Arsenal isn't a big team?

  • @MEHJones Exactly, arsenal is a small fish in a big pond called Big Six

  • Juve really miss Mathuidi. Khedira was anonymous per usual. No wonder our midfield was totally overrun by Tottenham. With Mathuidi and Dybala back for the return leg, I expect us to play better.

  • @berhin when I saw the lineup I know spurs will dominate the midfield

  • Jesus Christ, sometimes when I see Dembele I think he could just run straight at goal with the boal at his feet and eventually end up in the net

  • @Zootball *with the ball

  • I don't know what Allegri had in his mind but Juventus starting eleven really baffled me. Spurs created many chances through the middle and they have been really good this season in that aspect but Allegri opted to play with only 2 central midfielders. I couldn't recall seeing Khedira on the pitch and they were kinda exposed in the middle. Tottenham conceded two stupid goals down to their inexperience in this kind of matches otherwise maybe the result would have been worse for Juventus. Return leg will be entertaining.

  • Spurs have now gained the respect with this result. Many doubting them but they in truth they outplayed Juve for large periods. The tie is in their hands.

  • @alwatp Many people owe Spurs an apology.

  • @alwatp Juve looked like the away team.

  • No pasta for the dagos tonight

  • The way I view football, Dembele was the best player on the pitch. Tottenham couldn't have the control they had without him. He may be the most underrated player in the world.

  • It's far from over but to the haters: hahahaha

  • Dembele man of the match

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Mandzukic pretty much playing left back

  • First Juventus goal was offside, am I right?

  • @BeautifulLoser yep

  • Those who really know about football, have seen an underrated world class player who is dembélé. He makes Tottenham players look good just by himself.

  • @modric97 I agree. This was a stellar performance. Would deserve MotM.

  • @modric97 he is the balance of the team

  • @Tico He was awesome in bringing the ball forward. Six successfull dribbles.

  • What an amazing match so far..as a neutral this is brilliant..tottenham have been fantastic at times but juve have been great at counter attacks..hopefully the 2nd half would be just as good

  • 28 % possession is ridiculous for Juve at home !

  • tottenham 2 nil down I am picking them to come back and win this

  • Harry Kane is another level.

  • Harry Kane, cheating diver.

  • Ok, 5-2 now

  • wtf is happening!!

  • 2-0 AS I SAID !!!

  • @Patrikovic NO !

  • WYD, Tottenham?

  • 2-1 or 1-1. It's going to be a fascinating match.

  • 2-0

  • 2-0

  • 0:0 Bookies need extra money

  • @Cannavaro69 hahahahahaah

  • Logic certainly says Juve win, but considering the high odds for this (2,35) I don't think it's going to happen. X2 because bookies know better.

  • @lias But they forgot to tell Higuain ...

  • @neumi17 Really? :D

  • @lias You are smart , you got it

  • Juve with no Dybala - 0:0

  • juventus easy peasy

  • It's hard to predict the result. Both teams are solid defensively but Juventus have been weak offensively. They beat Sassuolo 7-0 but the first goals were due to defensive mistakes. Then they beat Fiorentina and that was a purely lucky win, Fiorentina was much better than Juventus. But the Old Lady is a very professional side. They will head into this clash with a clear strategic perspective. Depending on how strategic Tottenham will be they'll try to score here so they have at least an away goal with them for the match in London. The way Kane is playing they will probably feel confident they can get a goal as well. So we might see a rather strange match with Juventus being quite tactical and not overextending their midfield, while Tottenham will play with quite a lot of initiative and try to grab a goal. This match could end in any direction.

  • @Gusjaros Best comment!

  • Let's see what Kane and Alli can do in front of the titanium italian wall. It will be very interesting.

  • Under 2.5 or juventus win to nil

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Btts

  • Tottenham will win midfield is too physical will overpower them

  • @angelo44 lol. you know how physical juve can be, with matuidi now

  • @nceshNcero Matuidi injured lol

  • Tottenham drew with real madrid at the bernabeau they will beat juve in turin

  • @angelo44 No. Firstly, you can't guide only by a result in a single match, secondly Real Madrid have been in bad shape this season (althought now it is improving a bit) and finally, Juventus at home is very strong while Tottenham away from home is just an ok team.

  • @angelo44 lol. you wish. lol

  • 1-1, fair enough

  • It's a very hard match for Juve. i expect a very tight match with a few of goals...Tottenham Double chance

  • Juve win, no score for Tottenham

  • Spurs have to consider that Juventus is a kind of team that can get result despite of getting dominated in the game. They perfectly know how to suffer as a team and swim against the current. Spurs won't be able to create as many chances as in other games with their usual proactive style of play. They are fantastic in counterattacks and for me they would have better chances using another style rather than playing their usual game. If they can score a goal in Turin, it would be massive for them.

  • am i the only 1 who thinks this is gona be a boring affair

  • @Serial_Scorer No , we become 2 now :D

  • @Cannavaro69 3 now

  • 1-1

  • 1-0 win for Juve. Forza JuVE!! In Max We Trust.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @angelo44 DEMBELE definitely better than PJANIC mate

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @angelo44 lol eriksen v costa lol vertonghen v benatia lol aurier v sciglio? lol alli v mandzukic lol what a joke spurs win 3-0

  • @fafaq I told you...

  • @fafaq eriksen, vertonghen, aurier > costa, benatia, sciglio. No? Draw or Tottenham. Easy money.

  • Juventus -1 is free money. Spurs no chance.

  • @angelo44 LOL

  • 2-0 OR 2-1 JUVE

  • Juventus win... the old lady has experience in champions league...yes Tottenham Hotspur are on a good run with H Kane scoring goals...now facing Italian style in your face defenders His character is going to be tasted,will see if He keeps his cool... I see Higuain stomping his authority in Turin.

  • @donmilz What do you think his character tastes like? I think maybe chicken.

  • @uefalona Maybe Choclate :D

  • @uefalona lol ...you know the correct spelling is tested...am using my mobile phone

  • @donmilz No i prefer Tasted ,, lol

  • I predict marginal loss in 1st leg 1-0/2-1 Juve. Spurs to advance in the 2nd leg.

  • Spurs to score first.

  • BTTS and draw, I think.

  • Juventus fans should stay at home for this one,Spurs will win,a heavy beat down from the Lily whites...Buffon will crumble at the site of Harry Kane...pjanic can't compete with Dembele in midfield,Higuain is slow and old....Spurs>Juventus...Ericson,alli and Kane to score clean sheet for Spurs

  • @Philamntha only thing as hilarious as your prediction is your way of spelling Eriksen last name. I hope Gonzalo will show you tomorrow how old and slow he is :)

  • @bojack +1

  • Juventus fans should stay at home for this one,Spurs will win,a heavy beat down from the Lily whites...Buffon will crumble at the site of Harry Kane...pjanic can't compete with Dembele in midfield,Higuain is slow and old....Spurs>Juventus...Ericson,alli and Kane to score clean sheet for Spurs

  • @Philamntha only Dembele > pjanic is correct, others are very close!

  • 1X&0-3 goals in match

  • Kinda feel like Tottenham are a chance here

  • @angelo44 sorry wrong game ignore

  • Paulo Dybala is likely to be injured for Juve whereas Toby isn't likely to be ready for Spurs.

  • Paulo Dybala looks likely to be injured.

  • Juve for sure, spurs aren't at that level yet

  • @1andonlydude aren't at that level !!!? WTF are you talking about dude? maybe you are not watching tottenham in premier legue

  • @1andonlydude False,higher level than Juventus...the only diver we know is Phelps and he's a swimmer.. no divers in Spurs only the best footballers in the world Spurs>Juventus

  • @Philamntha Thats only thing you see ? divers ?!!!! c'mon dude be realistic

  • @Philamntha nice joke mate

  • @Philamntha That's sarcasm right?!?

  • @MathCatsFootball What is sarcasm

  • @MathCatsFootball Nop,the truth u wish wasn't the case,face ur fears accept and move on

  • @1andonlydude Tottenham consists only a bunch of professional divers

  • @proud93 And bottlers.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @1andonlydude True!

  • @1andonlydude Wrong

  • forza Jj

  • Juventus win.

  • juventus 2 - 1 Tottenham Tottenham 2 - 0 juventus

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • loool what is wrong with those 1X2 predictions with only wins for Tottenham, is it someone with multiple fake accounts? Juventus surely won't lose at home and most likely will win.

  • La Juve, vinciamo sempre noi! Forza Vecchia Signora mia. Te Amo Per Sempre, Bianconeri! Juve per sempre sarà!!!

  • @uefalona We will not win today bro

  • A tough match for the spurs