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  • Was a very boring game. First half Bayern was really bad , second half they picked up in speed and focus but it was still not super convincingly.

  • Ziyaretiniz için teşekkür ederiz :-D

  • Well, we must admit, we're not surprised at all...

  • Muller my boyyy, always shows up in big games

  • Is James injured?

  • @MathCatsFootball one of the bayern players kicked the ball into his face :P

  • @uefalona Probably ruptured ear drum :/

  • unfair redcard

  • @NuchalLine Why is that , because its Bayern ? It is a textbook red card situation

  • @neumi17 watch the replay. Lewa made most of it and ref killed the game.

  • @NuchalLine It is not important what Lewandowski made out of it. It was a clear foul and Vida was last man = red card

  • @NuchalLine I really hate people who think football is an entertainment show and not a competition. Do you know who "killed the game"? The player who committed an unnecessary foul after he was outplayed. Not a ref. Not a player who was fouled. If ref didn't show a red card in that situation it would be another robbery of Bayern by UEFA refs. Year by year.

  • @fervour21- Our (Sky/BT/ITV/BBC) commentators say that type of rubbish all the time as if the illegality of a challenge is dependant on how much of the game has expired before occurrence. I would like to see that thinking applied to amateur football. Ultimate Football Championship here we come!

  • ref is a stupid nut

  • ok you can underestimate besiktas now a red card against bayern munich they will eventually get tired and bayern will score.

  • do not underestimate besiktas

  • 4:1 Lewandowski 2x Rodriguez 1x Vidal 1x - Quaresma 1x

  • Besiktas 8 - 6 Bayern, Rafa Martinez to score 5 goals and Ulreich to score a 97 minute header

  • @Anonymous_T - Who's Rafa Martínez? Or are we posting random Spanish names now?

  • @Anonymous_T I had the same idea but thought it would be too obvious to post ...

  • Bayern win + both teams to score is my bet. No matter how strong FC Hollywood are, they always gift a goal to their opponents, even home. And Fener aren't bad at all, they haven't lucked their way here!

  • @andrew7taylor No team to score, both teams to win. And Fener's goalkeeper is in for a hattrick :-D

  • 4-4

  • @koziol.mutant I will give you 100 Euros if that happens. You only have to give me 10 euros if Bayern wins

  • BAyern

  • 4-0

  • 5-1

  • Bayern have won 14 of their 15 Munich matches this term, while Besiktas have kept only three clean sheets in their 18 away games in all competitions this season.

  • *#FOOTBALL ONLINE BETTING TIPS* 1) Team Corners Besiktas Over 2.5 yes play unlimited 2)Asian Handicap Corners Besikas +5.51.825 3)Chelsea vs Barcelona Corners 2-Way Over 9.5 1.80 *#England Championship* 4)Aston Villa v Preston Corners 2-Way Over 9.5 1.72 yes 5)Brentford v Birmingham Corners 2-Way Over 10.5 1.83 6)Middlesbrough v Hull Asian Total Corners Over 10.00 yes 7)Nottm Forest v Reading Corners 2-Way Under 9.5 2.00 8)Sheff Utd v QPR Corners 2-Way Over 10.5 1.90

  • 11:0 Bayern

  • @Cannavaro69 12-0)

  • @Dauren10 lol No actually my real prediction for this match is 3:1 mark my word

  • Fingers crossed Pepe doesn't seriously injure someone.

  • BTTS; no

  • 4-0

  • another miracle of Istanbul ?

  • @shakes NO WAY !!

  • 2-4

  • am going with 5-0

  • @jefferee And you did well

  • BTTS - NO!

  • Besiktas has won last 3 away games in groups stage.

  • @eagletheblack And today they will taste the first defeat :D

  • Bayern 9-0 bejiktaş

  • @matchcoholic have you ever tasted?

  • Bayern 3 - 1 Bestikas jk

  • 4-1 Bayern. Even with a front 3 consisting of top-league rejects, I expect Besiktas to score. This via an Ulreich or Boateng cock-up. WhoScored's 3-1 is a good shout but I fancy a 3-goal Bayern win having 10 of their first choice 11 on the pitch.

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • @Cannavaro69 Bring video material for that...

  • @zardonic lol

  • Bayern to qualify and reach finals,( Bayern vs uefalona )