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  • this match shows how important de bruyne is in that starting lineup without him they don't look like the same team.

  • @RemyLebeu Nah. It's just because Man. City was already qualified.

  • @hellreaper true , tell that to that stupid perk

  • @RemyLebeu Add Agüero and David Silva and you are closer to the truth .

  • Whoever predicted 1-3 above��, i need your link.. U must be on another frequency, no one saw this loss coming������

  • @Aei I saw it coming the clues are there no 1 basel have beaten a english team in group stages manchester united and have a record for beating english teams in the past. no2 man city played b team. no 3 basel had lot of rest for this match no 4 man city didn't care for this match as they looked like they were playing for a draw. it has happened so many times before arsenal losing to oosterund because arsenal didn't care they were qualified man city losing to shaktar in group stages because they were already qualified.

  • @Aei It was predictable. City won first leg, they wouldn't have played hard in this one. Not a big surprise at all.

  • I knew it this match will depend if city b team take the match seriously and they didn't basel already beaten a english team in manchester united and fancied a upset and had a lot of rest before this match.

  • Jesus and Mohamed scored? This is turning into a religious war isn't it

  • @mrCham Lol! Jesus and Mohamed are all the mighty messengers of God. They are allies not enemies. So, no war ;-)

  • @proud93 And I always thought Mohamed is the guy around the corner, who sells tomatos and apples on Wednesday and Saturday ...

  • @mrCham And God (Messi) will score tomorrow.

  • @uefalona Barca playing in the UEL now? damn..

  • @dynek oh wait, i meant next week :p

  • De Bruyne on the bench ? What happened, did he tie himself there with handcuffs ?

  • @neumi17 lol

  • @neumi17 And he's not in the best form lately, maybe some rest is welcome

  • @neumi17 they won 5-0 at the away match why would he put debruyne in a meaningless match

  • @ik32 Because he has done it all the games before ...every game ...

  • City needs David Silva to open the dead-lock

  • Sane is just insane ! One of the top 3 wingers in world football right now ...

  • 17-0

  • Another training match for Man City

  • @Cannavaro69 finalllly de bruyne gets a rest you keep saying when pep will rest him well now he has.

  • @RemyLebeu yeah lol

  • The 'B team' players will have a point to prove as they play for a place in the first team.After this Man city do not have a game until next Monday night at relegation strugglers stoke.

  • Laporte will start.

  • One sided game, no competition here.

  • 1&3-5goals in match

  • Over 25.

  • Over 25.

  • when your B team is just as strong as your A team in this case man city for everything else there's mastercard.

  • All depends if man city will take this match seriously if they play like they did against shaktar donetsk where the b team didn't care because they were already qualified then basel might fancy their chance of a upset. And basel already beaten a english team in manchester united plus they have had a lot of rest because of basil's postponed match. so it will depend on the lineup and if man city B team want to win.

  • would play Ederson; Zinchenko, Laporte, Stones, Danilo; Yaya, Gundogan, Foden; Brahim, Jesus, Bernardo...But Pep will probably put out a stronger team. Anyways, City 2-0 Basel

  • Pointless game, but still City to win to nil.

  • 2-0 is enough with B team

  • city win with b team

  • Manchester City wins again.