Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(12) 8 Goals 4 (14)
(7) 4 Assists 10 (10)
(7) 7.1 Average Ratings 6.9 (6.8)
27.1 Average Age 26.7
183.8 Average Height (cm) 184.5
(1.2) 1.1 Shots pg 1.4 (1.4)
(57%) 56% Aerial Duel Success 48% (46%)
(1.3) 1.2 Dribbles pg 1 (1.3)
(1.6) 1.5 Tackles pg 1.4 (1.8)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Final Stage.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Daley Blind Out 7.45
Ander Herrera Out 7.05
Marcos Rojo Out 6.55
Phil Jones Out N/A
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Doubtful 6.05
Paul Pogba Doubtful 6.83
Anthony Martial Doubtful 6.91
Player Reason Status Rating
Sébastien Corchia Out 6.72
Jesús Navas Out 6.6
Miguel Layún Out N/A

Team News

  • Paul Pogba has been passed fit to play against Sevilla after missing Saturday's win over Liverpool and could replace Scott McTominay in the starting XI, in what should be the only change from the side that won at the weekend.
  • Jose Mourinho has confirmed Anthony Martial is available again after a two-game absence, while Zlatan Ibrahimovic also returned to first-team training on Monday.
  • Marouane Fellaini is an option again after coming on against Liverpool, but Ander Herrera, Phil Jones, Daley Blind and Marcos Rojo are sidelined. Jesse Lingard will serve a one-match European ban with his next booking.
  • Sevilla have confirmed Jesus Navas will miss Tuesday's trip to Old Trafford through injury. Sébastien Corchia is also sidelined, while Miguel Layún is ineligible.
  • Gabriel Mercado is expected to move out to right-back with Navas, Corchia and Layun unavailable. This will pave the way for Simon Kjaer to start at centre-back.
  • Few other changes are expected to the side that held Manchester United to a 0-0 draw in the first leg.
  • Sergio Escudero, Éver Banega and Gabriel Mercado are all a booking away from a one-match ban.


  • Manchester United could only manage a 0-0 draw away to Sevilla in the first leg but will hope to use home advantage to progress to the next stage of the Champions League. Under Jose Mourinho, United have only lost two home matches and both were against Manchester City.
  • Sevilla enter this match off the back of a 2-0 defeat at home to Valencia on Saturday. Away from home, the Spanish side have only lost one of their last six matches and they have scored in every European match this season.
  • United are usually very strong at home and Mourinho's side should do enough, buoyed by Saturday's win over Liverpool, to make the quarter finals of the Champions League.
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User Predictions

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  • @Lulzovich this is so serious like Sanchez is 7.7. :D

  • who predicted Yedder to be MOTM ?

  • who predicted Yedder would earn MOTM yooooooooh

  • Ugly, ugly game for United.... the same and the same.

  • "Mourinho might say I'm the worst manager in Premier League history, but tonight he's a manager who has spent nearly £1bn in his career and his teams play like that." - Frank De Boer. Got a point, although Frank's PL record is laughable.

  • @SteveHyland I don't understand why the hell they spend 105 million euros on Pogba and start with a post-injured Fellaini, needing to win and playing at home.

  • @MrNemobody Because Mourinho like to play Defensivley

  • United team used to play better without Sanchez. Just saying.

  • @MrNemobody True. that cocky sanchez cost too much. Martial > Sanchez for MU. Sanchez was good at Arsenal just because Arsenal doesnt have another player to count on so he have the ball and do some shoot as he want. in here he is no one because even rashford is better than him.

  • @tarvos true

  • Is montella a good coach? i can't tell.

  • @angelo44 The way Sevilla played vs United, then yes Montella is a better coach than Mourinho considering Sevilla is not a match for united spending force. His team played with bravery unlike United who were looking for a counter. So yes, Montella is a very good coach.

  • @angelo44 Nobody can

  • Sanchez 7.7? more like 5.7

  • @PogChampxd Still 5.7 is high for him

  • I predicted 1:2 score and first goal for Sevilla on UEFA official web-site but didn't bet.

  • @abaghiyan who cares?

  • @abaghiyan who cares?

  • Sanchez 7.7 ??!!! O_o... :D :D :D maybe he is MOM??? :D :D

  • #MourinhOut

  • damn thought I had the bets from last yr on my ig

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Man City Bayern final get a future bet in before the draw good odds on Bay gonna need a 3rd pick to balance in case Bay plays City 1/8 did it last yr had Juve Real before draw then took PSG after draw. Same bet for each just gotta make sure 2 of the picks odds are above 1/3..City clear favs at 5/2 and Bay at 9/2 got lucky af with draw last year with Juve n Real on oppsite sides hoping for 2 yrs in a row I think I had PSG at 15/4 after the draw last year odds were I think identical to what real n bay are now...hope both make the final then all you have to do is hedge bet the match to where you're comfortable if the fav wins but also balanced if match ends Draw.. odds for fin probably going to be around 1/1 fave 2/5 for draw so hedging it won't be too hard. If Juve won I would've made 2.5 I think where as I only made 1.25 with my headge...not 1lb either or $1 .. GL

  • Boring Boring Man United!

  • Anyone else see Sevilla's manager talking to Mata before he came on. And yes there are fools in here trying to convince us otherwise because they're in on it. Blatant fix if I've ever seen one. LMAO

  • @Red_Card It's even worse than that! Did you see the patterns in Pogba's hair? They were clear signs telling the Sevilla players what formations Man U would play. All the Sevilla players had to do was stare at his haircut and BOOM! They KNEW the way to win. There is also the way Mourinho's coat was worn. It told them that Mata would not play until it was too late! Lukaku's shoelaces are a different story altogether! Don't be fooled, Sheeple! The Illuminati control football!

  • @vfx_superstar lol

  • @vfx_superstar wow you're humour. I heartily applaud it., This is a textbook example how to deal with a troll like this red card guy. Good job sir.

  • @Red_Card he was more likely inviting him back to Spain and telling him what a joke it is that Mourinho kept him on bench until the tie was lost.

  • @Quest :Okay. Well I placed a bet straight away after I saw that and won. So I'll use my methods. You use yours. Ignorance is bliss. Your entitled to your ignorance.

  • @Red_Card I'm not ignorant to match fixing. And congratulations on your methods that was an excellent win for you. What odds did you get?

  • Liverpool fans can tell Man U fans how to get over a night like this. Sevilla, man. Cup competition monsters.

  • Man Utd 4 shots on target in 180 minutes plus 9 minutes injury time. Mourinho is no better than van Gaaal was with his weak tactics. Jose belongs in a league like United States or back in Portugal. Even Turkey.

  • Good job Sevilla <3 Spanish teams kicked some big teams, PSG ManU and tomorrow Chelsea, that's La Liga for you! The best with no doubt.

  • LOL. I hope you fools now believe in match fixing.

  • @Red_Card Blatant fix man, they're not even trying to hide it now, they're above the law AKA FIFA,

  • @Red_Card Oh God plz just shut up. It would be foolish of me tell a moron like you how much wrong you're with your stupid thesis.

  • @Red_Card You seem like the only big fool here.

  • @spectre08 lol

  • Lenglet, Banega and Nzonzi were fantastic. Sevilla could have scored more goals but their attacking players weren't at their best. Awful performance by Manchester united. Sevilla deserved the qualification imo.

  • Yedder the yeti strikes again!

  • Well played Sevilla over both legs.

  • Holy crap I'm actually happy that Sevilla pulled up such victory from their hat. But Man Utd win was a given fact. They had proven themselves against top-six opponents in Inklish League.They beat every one of them except citeh. So beating Sevilla at their home ground was anything but a routine thing. Sure they got their asses handed on a platter at Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium. But it was Sevilla home ground. That's how they built their Europa League dynasty there. If anything Man Utd did well there despite boot to their ases. But here in their own home ground holy crap.l Lot of people have lost of lot money today

  • One more thing. Fc Sevilla played much better at Manchester. They deserved to go through. Nuff said.

  • HAHA PL fans used to go 'trash la liga' LOL eat our number 5 and tell us how bitter it tastes

  • @DeanO The bottom half of La Liga is still utter trash, also Sevilla weren't that good over two legs, United were just so, so poor.

  • @khonda sevilla completely dominated united in the first leg and also played better than them in the second , if sevilla had scored their chances this tie would have ended in the first leg

  • @khonda It's opposite. The reason why La Liga is dominating Europa League besides CL is becoz their lower half of team are very very strong. A very ignorant statement from you to say the least.

  • @khonda LOL tell that to CL and Europa wins since you were born,,sore loser football fan

  • They started attacking once they conceded 2 goals lol

  • @Nanami That's usually how fixed matches work. Glad I steered clear of this one. LMAO

  • @Nanami just mourinho thing

  • MU are wide open with Pogba on. Awful player for this level. Too difficult to carry a player at this stage of the competition , you are left wide open

  • @Champion Should have taken off Sanchez. That way Pogba doesnt have to defend. Bad sub from Jose.

  • @khonda I think Pogba should be staying on the bench in a game like this. Awful player that needs to be carried by the other 9 outfielders when MU don’t have the ball

  • Game would be 5-0 if yedder started

  • Come on whoscored De Gea error 2nd goal. He goes right handed when he has an easy save left handed

  • all I can do is laugh... but I feel truly sorry for ManU and their fans, but this is the era of Spanish football, welcome back in a generation or so

  • This week sums up the extremes of Jose's tactics. Completely nullify Liverpool saturday, Cock up against Sevilla tonight. Even as a United fan, Sevilla deserve to go through. Shouldn't have parked the bus in the away leg

  • for a team that beat atletico, they should be able to beat this utd

  • @BarcaPlsLetMeDown :What are you talking about? They got thrashed by Atletico 2-5 last month. Yes on their own patch. Battered by Eibar 5- 1 also last month. Slaughtered by Real Madrid 5-0. Thrashed by Valencia 4-0...... Sevilla are rubbish!

  • @Red_Card Don't wake him up buddy, let him inside the cave

  • @Red_Card they trashed atletico out of the copa del rey.sry but i dont see man utd doing much btr than sevilla against the teams they faced.4 shots on target in 180 mins?get outta here

  • Pogba error on the goal. He had zero interest in trying to defend paaaing lane

  • well played Sevilla backers

  • LOL Bailly what did he do, dance?

  • 0-0 'til FT, and then extra times still 0-0, and finally United won by shoot out.

  • @3dshanty7 0-0 in shootout. Eliminate both teams

  • @MullerMovingPick i've told you before 2-1 for away side. just kid :D

  • @3dshanty7 Or Sevilla

  • @neumi17 absolutely for Sevilla. thanks

  • Dear Fellani while your well known for that curl-fro please braid it gameday for now on. There's been only 1 great player who pulled off the fro and Valderamma was 2ft shorter than you. Get a head on the ball not a curl..

  • The only genuine premiership team that seems to be a contender is Manchester City in the CL. How Man UTD can't bury this game against a Sevilla team that's been struggling this season is beyond me. How can anyone say the premiership is better than la liga lol

  • @Lechiffre10 it's the terrible weather over there that keeps English people so pessimistic isn't it because on holiday in florida they are the happiest people I love drinking with the English over here. Still got 40 min and the best GK in the world between the sticks. Fellani should've finished late either shot. Gonna be a late United winner. 1-0

  • @Lechiffre10 liverpool can be surprising too, especially at anfield

  • @pasopati yeah, they can be surprising. surprisingly bad.

  • @uefalona Your turn is coming dude Chelsea will qualify to the next round

  • @uefalona yeah and sometimes very good too therefore surprising term

  • muriel single handedly keeping united in the tie

  • What a boring match and Moo Rhino didn't even park the bus.

  • @tshibuabua ManU is offensivly limited, that's nothing new...

  • why is pogba on the bench, is the injury for real... Mourinho can't be serious about advancing if Fellaini starts.

  • @offside He had sex yesterday and when he finished he went to the bathroom to take a shower then he hurt his ankle with the vibrator of his girlfriend she was using to reach her orgasm

  • Only thing that would scare me is the 2-1 prediction. Can't find my notebook but imo anytime whoscored writers predicts 2-1 it's a half guess half stat prediction .. had all the leagues predicted scores separate but totals I had from late 2016 to late 2017 was close to 80% inc

  • Ahh bruhh Fellani you GQ'd up balling like a boss. Been killing it since stone cold van Gaal left players love Moutinho confidence breeds excellence

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Man Utd win

  • @Muchazeev It's a game at home...If they can't win there, they don't deserve to be in CL at all. Of course win !

  • Where's the usual 3-4 guys toting a coachs record vs a team...Moutinho's what 7-1-1 vs Sevilla in all comps or what about the 15 or so clean sheets de Gea has had or United has only 2 losses in Old Trafford since Moutinho took over both to Man City...sounds like people trying to cover for Juve's win vs Totts betting on an upset. Isn't Moutinho one of the best coaches in the world who plays park the bus. GL I'll take my shot on the Man U -1 Roma win double.

  • Man U has got all it takes to beat Sevilla hands down. When I look at Man U defense, I am full of confidence. Good midfield and the attack is blazing and in addition to the fans in the stadium, there is nothing you should expect than a win. Most importantly the Manager behind the Red Devils is Mourinho. The fact that he has played them quite recently also convince me that he will know how to shut them down tactically. There is no question about beating Sevilla, it is a question of goals margin. Man U can score more but I will go for 2-0 in favour of Man U.

  • Practycally I can’t see how Sevilla will win. I’m 100% sure that Man United will win!!! It’s possible to be undet 2.5

  • @magician7777 There is no 100% in football , your prediction was piece of shit, find another sport to predict , try Volley Ball

  • @magician7777 me too! 101%

  • It will be a draw 1-1. Sevilla will go through on away goals.

  • @tru61ue away goals dosen't counts when the score is 1:1

  • @Renatas How old are you?

  • @Renatas bruh why you spreading fake news it's Champs League if Sevilla scores and it ends 1-1 tie breaker is away goals...c'mon bruh

  • @Renatas when does it count then?

  • @keyan when the score is higher than 1:1 (like 2:2 , 3:3) but guys you will see that then the score is 1:1 away goal doesn't count .

  • @Renatas not sure you are trolling or a genuine dumb

  • @pasopati look in to previous matches, do you know a match witch ended 1:1? And the team witch scored an away goal goes further?

  • @Renatas Your mom is calling you

  • @Renatas Go back to sleep little kid

  • 2:0

  • Sevilla will park the bus in front of their goal.

  • With my respect to Sevilla , NO WAY they can qualify at Old Traford

  • @Cannavaro69 I told you before dude, stop embaressing yourself lol

  • @TetouanMorocco lol

  • @Cannavaro69 great point mate, totally agree

  • @Cannavaro69 say what?

  • I honestly don't see how Sevilla can win this game and qualify, I really can't. Neither a goal draw like 1-1 or 2-2, etc... It's not that I underestimate Sevilla, it's just that United are starting to play strong again as we saw against the top clubs they recently played. And another reason I can't give Sevilla anything is Vincenzo Montella. 2-0 home win

  • @specter You are right :D find another sport to predict , Try HandBall its good for you lol

  • @specter agree with you bro

  • @specter maybe you will learned one thing or two today, nothing is certain in football

  • @pasopati I didn’t say anything about certainty in my comment. Just shared my opinion on the game.

  • @specter : Life really is like the Matrix. You've got people on the Blue pill living in blissful ignorance.Then there's Pro-gamblers who have taken the red pill & see things like Mata talking to Sevilla's manager before coming on to the pitch covering his mouth. Those that see United not even attempting to score. Can here the pundits saying something's not right with this match. Then you've got the machines/bots like Ffaris, Spectre08, vfs_Superstar. Here to help you lose money & bizarrely convince you that there's no such thing as match fixing despite evidence to the contrary. Choice is yours. I won money. Did you? Red pill or blue pill? Choice is yours.

  • @Red_Card Daaaamn bro , i really like you )) and stop watching thriller movies for god sake

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Sevilla to go through on Away goals.1-1 or 2-2.

  • 2-1 in favour for Sevilla hahahahahah :)

  • 1X&0-3 goals in match

  • sevilla is crap team, if not man utd, they properly lose with a big margin now they have a small chance to look for 1:1 or 2:2

  • @wde.tac You and your family are crap, Sevilla win ,,, VAMOOOS SEVILAA !!!

  • Tomorrow to change the work schedule, to see the no showy but effective UNITED game. MUFC 2-0...

  • 1-1 Sevilla go through on aggregate

  • Sevilla have a chance here

  • @angelo44 King

  • @angelo44 big chance

  • 3-0

  • @jan30 HA HA HA ha ha ha ha perk

  • @jan30 great prediction pal

  • Without Jesus thy strugled at home against Valencia I don't see sevilla getting a goal not only win ,,,,BTTSNO

  • score draw, Sevilla to qualify

  • @mIKe9441 bruh you created 6 users to get top spot didn't you... cmon bruhhh

  • @stackzilla wtf r u on about

  • @stackzilla And how did you know he got 6 users? are you working with the C.I.A ?

  • @stackzilla What is top spot?

  • Manchester winning 2-0

  • @etuah dumbass

  • @etuah nailed it

  • Manchester 4-1

  • @tonysaintmarc spot on mate

  • @tonysaintmarc Lots of people underrating Sevilla here. Don't be surprised if United lose this game.

  • @elucidate True

  • I think Mourinho will slip on this match. He want to score only one goal and he will satisfied with that result, and he want to show the world he can do it, but the Sevilla is very strong in losing position and they will fight for the last chance, I guess an equalizer goal from them in the additional time, and the final score will 1-1.

  • @lauhouse yea he's satisfied with 1 goal but United always manages to get a late (Rashford) goal.

  • @Rekmark... No honestly, but you won't expect Mourinho to start defending off from start after drawing 0-0 away. and sevilla also defending but team needs to score

  • @Adedaniel94 yeah I actually think he will start very conservative game with intension to counterattack. somethink like against liverpool. Mouhrino always start with solid defense work and then attack.

  • @Rekmark... No honestly, but you won't expect Mourinho to start defending off from start after drawing 0-0 away. and sevilla also defending but team needs to score

  • am i wrong or people predicts sevilla qualifying ? :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • This is a sure win for Manchester United,

  • @RobbinsBismarck feel sorry for you

  • "Manchester United could *ONLY* manage a 0-0 draw away to Sevilla" - have we watched the same game? They were outclassed and outthought and the only reason they managed a draw was called David de Gea.

  • @hindy well when Herrera went down Moutinho lost an extra defender since his role was defensive mid Moutinho had limited options either put in 5'9 128lb Lingard, Bailly who only played 1' since returning from inj or Pogba 6'3 plays limited defensive but he's a big guy. Now safely at Old Trafford while he's not going to play front foot wouldn't surprise me if it's 1-0 United at HT

  • @stackzilla HAHAHAHAHAHAH no.

  • Its a clear United win, have you ever watched sevilla this season, they screwed up thousands of games and showed some good football in few ones, Sevilla used to be one of the weakest Spanish teams in UCL, United to win 2-0

  • i hope united don't play defensive football against sevilla, sevilla is irregular, they win 3 and lose 5.

  • Mkhitaryan is no more with united k

  • I see a open game contest here, lot of goals too. Sevilla went all out against Man Utd in the first leg ,and all Man Utd could do is soak up the pressure and get a goalless draw. definitely Man Utd will want to attack and get the win here and Sevilla also need to a goal atleast hoping to advance... 2-2 I guess. Sanchez to score

  • @Adedaniel94 nice write up. I just get cracked when tips start with "I see" makes me picture big ol crystal ball and them funny head scarves.. I see beers that will be drank just there it's a corner header from Feliani..ohohooho lol

  • @Adedaniel94 Have you seen MU to wanted to attack in important matches? :D

  • sorry for bad sentence :D Have you seen MU attack in important matches?*

  • I see a open game contest here, lot of goals too. Sevilla went all out against Man Utd in the first leg ,and all Man Utd could do is soak up the pressure and get a goalless draw. definitely Man Utd will want to attack and get the win here and Sevilla also need to a goal atleast hoping to advance... 2-2 I guess. Sanchez to score

  • Manchester united 1 - 0 sevilla

  • @shakes this guy gets it. ..whats your strike rate I've see you plenty of times on the right side.

  • @shakes the game is 2-2 score draw