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  • I'm happy that As Roma qualified. Is it the same team that had beaten Atletico Madrid and Chelski for the top spot. In a real group of death in Cl? They struggled against Shaktar. Maybe Shaktar is really a good team. Given that they qualified at the expense of Napoli. But come on. I expected more from As Roma. Hopefully, they rise to the occasion and improve in later stages of CL.

  • @Ffaris True. Roma weren't good. Shakhtar look solid but toothless tonight. Biggest reason Roma went through, Allison wasn't even tested tonight.

  • @dSquib Even if Allison wasn't properly tested, Even after Ordets red card in 79 minutes As Roma didn't exert any sort o of dominance on their home turf. You can still park the bus and still look dominant. Case in point Mourinho InterMilaan against Van Gaal Munich in CL final. But Roma team is incapable looking anything like a CL contender team,

  • Shacktar just needed one goal... And couldn't even shoot once on goal :/

  • Would Roma be eliminated by Zorro?

  • @3dshanty7 Not freakin likely.

  • @3dshanty7 Looks like Shakhtar got eliminated by Zero.

  • 0-0

  • Shakhtar is a good team, we saw it when they won playing at home. Roma surely has got better players etc. I would predict that Roma wins at home but they may have problems with goal difference.

  • Roma win

  • You have got many options for this match! 1. Roma to win 2.BTTS 3.Over 2.5 Roma will take this game very seriously!!!

  • Death Bander

  • Shakhtar will win 3-0 today!

  • Roma wins 3-1. Daje Roma!

  • Roma really should qualify it would be embarasing to italian football if they dont

  • @angelo44 Roma are the better team and they should qualify, but don't underestimate Shaktar. They are a very solid team. Roma will need to be at their best.

  • Roma really should qualify it would be embarasing to italian football if they dont

  • Shakhtar have 7 brasilian players including Fred , Bernardo and Taison they are very high quality players and many big teams are interested on them so they can do upset for Roma, i don't dismiss roma to qualify but it will be a difficult match for them

  • @Cannavaro69 In Italy the only team that matters is Juventus. The other teams are useless and they can't compete in european cups.

  • @Gambino78 Yeah you are right dude, but you must not forget the Grinta that Italian team have , technically Shakhtar is better , but Roma can qualify playing with Grinta and with the support of the fans in thier home they can qualify

  • @Cannavaro69 Yes you are 100% right

  • This comment has been deleted.

  • Roma will win this match.

  • I can't see past a Roma victory. Their home record in the CL (in a tough group) this season is excellent (W2 - D1 - L0 - F4 - A0) with the draw coming against Atletico Madrid whereas Donetsk's away record is terrible (W1 - D0 - L2 - F2 - A6) with the win coming against Feyenoord. There is a massive disparity in 'Donetsk at home' and 'Donetsk away' and 'twas ever thus. The away goal for Roma has made them big favourites. With a full-strength team including a rested Dzeko, I predict 2-0 to I Giallorossi.

  • @SteveHyland that is bias or have u forgotten who shahktar met themselves? city and Napoli two sides who play similar football to Roma and still they didn't lose by a large margin. trust me shahktar will have gained enough experience from group stage on how to play against teams that hold possession for long periods. it's either a Roma 1-0 win here or shahktar double chance

  • Dzeoko 2-0

  • over 2.5 is your bet

  • BTTS , shakhtar to win i hope for fred.

  • @FCSFU Nah, I know the coach, Paulo Fonseca, and what he did was already amazing, qualifying in the group of Manchester City and Napoli...He even disguised as Zorro in order to celebrate it. Roma will qualify.

  • @hellreaper disguised as Zorro in order to celebrate it. WTF do you mean?

  • @Cannavaro69 If you don't know the story, or who "Zorro" is I will explain in a very simple way: Zorro is an hero who wears a black mask and cape and fights with a sword. After Paulo Fonseca, the coach of Shakhtar Donetsk, said that if he ended up qualifying from the group of Manchester City, Napoli and Feyenoord, he would dress as Zorro to celebrate the great achievement. This shows how amazing it is already for Shakhtar to reach this stage of the competition and even the team knows the most likely thing to happen is for them to be eleminated. (Also don't forget that Ucranian and Russian teams usually return to UEFA CL in bad shape because of the winter break)

  • @hellreaper Shaktar to win !!!!!! dont jinx it bro when i was a kid i also disguised as zorro so this is a sign they will win it.

  • Shakhtar will score 10000000% My bet on draw 2:2

  • @Just_dance Shakhtar scored in you ass Idiot :D

  • Roma 2 - 0 shaktar

  • @shakes Shakhtar will score 100%

  • @Just_dance 100% wrong, just like the usual comments from noobs making previews with the "100%" in it.

  • @Just_dance Stop using 100% IDIOT

  • just_dance