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  • Jose Mourinho to Arsenal! I will be his assistant! It will be new, british Real Madrid! New colors will be white and red, because red is ManU and Liverpool. We must be different and better. This will be the new capital of the world. Polish singer Margaret thinks that the two most important countries in Europe are Norway and Sweden. But this is only about Europe. Football is about whole world. Let's create a new Real Madrid in London. Real Madrid is white, Arsenal FC will be white and red as Poland. I'm from Poland of course. New outfits will have very different patterns (design), but they will be always white and red! Everything is very simple and clear.

  • bts and 2 like i supose to happen

  • DRAW 1-1

  • @zardonic Where you kidding?

  • @zardonic Absolutely no draw possible with Müller, Lewandowski and Ribéry on the pitch.

  • This game is from that exact type of games I hate to bet on. When one top European team won the first leg with a big result and are playing away, especially. It could literally go in each direction. 1, x, 2, under 2.5, over 2.5... It rarely goes in the direction the logic tells... It sucks lol

  • @specter well you'd better need to know information about teams style of play or situation in team, if you are a real fan then it is easy to know who will win

  • @TheFanboy17 Well, I'm not a Bayern, neither a Besiktas fan. I am speaking from a neutral point of view. And in 90% of the cases, there's no such thing in football as "easy to know who will win".

  • @specter I am not saying that you need to be Bayern or Besiktas fan, just if you don't want to lose your money it is better to know teams to who you are betting, and yeah if you are not a Bayern or Besiktas fan then it won't be easy for you to know who will win, same thing with other teams

  • @TheFanboy17 True, mate :)

  • @specter - Don't bet on it, then.

  • 2-1

  • @dynek Ha,ha, very funny. It's a turkish team after all...

  • Bayern won't disappoint.

  • bayern win Besiktas - Bayern München Bayern München (Hendikep 1:0) 2,05 ODDS! big cash! :D

  • @TheFanboy17 Look what is written - Robert Lewandowski, Joshua Kimmich, Sebastian Rudy and Corentin Tolisso and are a booking away from a ban, which may influence Heynckes' selection!!!!!!

  • @magician7777 Rudy is second choise after Martinez, Tolisso is injured he is not in Turkey now, Kimmich is main RB but they still have Rafinha who is often a starter for them so he will replace Kimmich, and Lewy this time is not main choise for Jupp. Bayern style of play just usualy uses best ones at the start of game for making a quick lead and then sub off. This may be the situation

  • Do not forget who will not play - Lewandowski. Lewa is in very good form and he will not play. This are very bad news for Bayern. BTTS

  • @magician7777 he will play , he is already in Turkey, mhe surely won't play all game, he will be subbed off after 1st half and replaced by Wagner. It won't make very big difference knowing that Muller, Ribery, Vidal, Thiago will still be there, Bayern is known for it's great team work

  • Besiktas 1-2 Bayern. I'm not sure Bayern will go full-throttle here. Energy conservation/injury prevention mode but should still have too much quality.

  • Bayern to win again in Turkey.

  • It is very possible that Besiktas will score atleast one, and I would say that end score will be 4:1 for Bayern, Bayern are Bundesliga champions but Besiktas ar not even on top of Turkish league...

  • easy level pre: bejiktas 1-5 bayern

  • @matchcoholic Do you really think Bayern will win by those numbers in Turkey? It will most likely be a draw or a very close win

  • @hellreaper Bayern are their best form even without Neuer, they are one of best teams this season, it is true that playing away is always harder, but this time the home team isn't just as good to do that. There won't be any Barselona-PSG situations, that time there were 2 similar teams but now....I am sure that Besiktas will score one but Bayern's attack is way better.