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Comments (16)

  • the site's prediction is 1-1? Lol, it's a joke, right?

  • @Gambino78 Why is a joke? what is your prediction for the match?

  • @Cannavaro69 Since it's the second half, it wouldnt be fair to say my prediction but i choose Moscow to qualify.l

  • @Gambino78 Ok you got it right bro

  • Iam a fan of all the russian ladies, God bless mother Russia. Moscow double chance

  • go for X-1 for good value

  • @zardonic @1.14 good value?!

  • CSKA Win.

  • Red card should be an option too..

  • Home win

  • 2-0

  • Last game could have easily went to CZ but their lack of experience was visible, now they need to play better against the cold-resistant Russians in -20°C? And again without Boakye?? I dont think so. 1:0.

  • @Pedagog They have a cold weather in Belgrade too. They played conservative at home, that was the plan They did that during the group stage too. It's no news, they will try to score there to advance.

  • @Nef21 Having sex in a cold weather is good, a bottle of wine near you sitting near the fire place and the outside temperature is -30

  • @Cannavaro69 Oh you find it funny?

  • @Nef21 Yeah is that disturb you?