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  • I was going to rant about how appalling we were and pick out certain individuals who are always rubbish yet seem to have Wenger's trust for some reason but instead, I will just ask the question when did people start writing Oe instead of Ö? :-p

  • @SteveHyland The two dots above the 'ö' represents an 'e'. This means that 'ö' is the same thing as 'oe', just as 'ä' is 'ae' and 'å' is 'ao'. This type of character replacement is correct and also suggested when the actual characters is not available.

  • @SimonTheMark- I actually know about umlauts and speak/write a bit of butchered German. I used to get comments when writing Oezil, Schuerrle etc to the tone of "that is wrong and 'Ozil', 'Schurrle' is correct, like der!" but now it seems the correct usage has filtered through to the members on here and even WhoScored themselves. Thanks for explaining though. However, be prepared to have to explain to a number of people over and over again why an umlauted letter is written with an e after the vowel in lieu of the character above the vowel itself. Been doing that for almost 6 years now. :-(

  • This was almost pretty hilarious.

  • Arsenal 1 - 0 Oesterfund Fk

  • @shakes Nice prediction

  • Arsene Wenger will field a weakened team ahead of Sunday’s Carabao Cup Final on Sunday so be careful with such things like handicap bets.

  • mertesacker or maitland niles to score good odds for either of them to score too.

  • Arsenal with 2nd line and win :)

  • @papaitucano Arsenal with 2nd line and embarrassing loss :)