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  • The more agressive and fouling team has less yellow cards than the other team which nearly had players sent off

  • @BarcaPlsLetMeDown nvm checked again and has equal.still makes no sense that complaining from getting kicked is more likely to get you a card than kicking people

  • This referee makes me crazy. He has a reputation as a good ref, but I think he's the worst.

  • I hope we don't go through. Copa is a waste of time and elimination would help rest the team so they can be fresh for the latter stages of the Champions League. The dumbest competition ever.

  • @Jnanavatar555 imagine not wanting the treble, lmao neck yourself

  • @Jnanavatar555 Copa del Rey was created to help the Real Madrids of football actually win something. But they didn't even win that, so xD

  • @Jnanavatar555 RM is already out...

  • @Jnanavatar555 stfu

  • Barcelona will be very angry 5-0

  • Barcelona win and over 2.5 goals

  • Go Espanyol! You can do it. Would be nice to see all the top 4 La Liga teams being knocked out.

  • @Fromhell barcalona is too wreckage right now for this to happen

  • @1andonlydude Surely. Can't help but to sympathize with the underdog/smaller team though. Not only in this case, but in most games overall. Especially in these domestic cups where a victory for any smaller team would mean the world, compared to if Barcelona would win the title. This cup is pretty much shit worth to them, next to La Liga and Champions League.

  • @Fromhell hahahaha

  • We should make a statement win here...like 4-0 or above

  • @Lapulga 4 - 0 coutinho to score in debut game