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  • Imagine Xhaka having the highest rating for the Arsenal players.

  • Bravo was good, but looks like he can not perform without acting up anyway:) Kompany - top top class, goal and a very confident defending, but you never know when he s gonna be injured again...Wilshere - the best man for Arsenal

  • @tar88s it was City vs Wilshere to be honest. He is really underrated in this game he tried every thing especially in the 1st half but lacks his teammate support. Gundogan is becoming very vital for city back midfield and he helped to free de bruyne .

  • @sampo yep, absolutely agree, Jack was the only one fighting. As for Gundogan - he showed himself vs. Chelsea too. So far Ferna absence is unnnoticed

  • bravo had an assist great

  • ozil should have waited bit longer before signing his 3 year contract now he is stuck with arsenal for 3 years he must be shouting in his german language FICKENNNNNNNN !!!!!!!

  • @RemyLebeu haha

  • arsenal will struggle now in the league this will effect their confidence big time all now lies on the europa league and first getting past ac milan no easy task seeing gattuso has transformed ac milan.

  • Ha,ha, typical Aubameyang again with 17 touches ...Glad I don`t have to see him in Dortmund anymore. Most one dimensional player I know, he can`t dribble, can`t participate in combination play or control high balls with his back turned to the goal. He can do tap ins with head or foot, thats it ...

  • Xhaka rubbish, totally rubbish! Mustafi low quality perfomance

  • Aubameyang is overrated.

  • @splint3r How can someone be overrated, if he was never any good in the first place? Maybe Arsenal fans had certain ideas about him but he has never been anything more than a guy who needs to be fed with a lot of passes to do his tap ins...

  • @neumi17 Exactly.

  • @splint3r why now?it is too early for that

  • @olayinka Not really, he has always had in between 15 -25 touches in a game and is mostly invisible unless somebody passes the ball in front of the goal to him. His biggest strength is to be at the right spot at the right moment. But he can't contribute anything for the team or hold balls.

  • @olayinka He has always been overrated.

  • The best team in Europe versus a mediocre outfit. The outcome was never in question.

  • @excalibur City is yet to prove themselves in a European match imo. They haven't faced many competitive sides. But based on their performance in the league they may be.

  • @GeorgeNill I agree with you they are yet to prove it against the likes of Barca, Bayern and Madrid but I honestly feel like they're the best team in Europe right now. They play unbelievable football and destroy sides and have arguably the strongest squad in Europe. They're superior to the overrated PSG and have a great manager.

  • Good to see Kompany grab a goal

  • Low quality match so far...

  • @spectre08 All matches where a world-class team plays against a mediocre one are.

  • @splint3r lol

  • A team coached by Guardiola scored a route 1 goal. Now I've seen everything.

  • Bravo assist lol. Arsenal are so bad.

  • City definate win with a 2 goal margin...arsenal is trash..just being real....and pep's tactical approach is superior to wenger's

  • Come on City! Get a trophy for the love of Messi.

  • As much as the bookies make man city favourites this match is still very hard to predict since arsenal have a good record at wembley and usually turn up in cup finals I think it will depend on if aubemeyang and ozil have a really great game if they play rubbish on the day arsenal lose if they turn up arsenal can win or draw, wenger took a gamble on europa league to keep players fresh for this match though they still qualified. I will go for a 1-1 or 2-2 draw and arsenal to win in extra time or penalties.

  • @RemyLebeu They will obviously turn up. Who else would play a a striker if they didn't turn up to play the match??

  • *as a

  • Arsenal host Manchester City on Wembley with all do respect whoscored

  • Arsenal win the cup

  • I don’t know but seeing City being knocked out by Wigan in FA Cup and seeing Arsenal losing at home to Ostersund is mind boggling to pick a winner of this final. City go into it heavy favourites but Arsenal have always performed well at these finals. I hope it will be a cracking game!

  • @albgunn not so mind boggling if you know football the reason wigan knocked out manc city was because man city had their minds on the final here and wigan are good in fa cup and have been a bogey side for man city in the past and this wigan side knocked out west ham and bournemouth out the fa cup so how can you underestimate them. Same with arsenal they had their minds on this match and played young inexperinced players against oosterund so oosterund fancied their chances of causing a upset knowing this was a weak arsenal side with their minds on the league cup.

  • @albgunn Draw after 90 minutes then?

  • 1st cup of the season for manCity Pending........

  • If Arsenal manage to pull this one off, it will be the perfect excuse for Wenger to stay for at least one more season.