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Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts Form
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  • Very poor selection for Deschamps. He clearly fluked his world cup win by luck. To pick this side without Pogba is schoolboy. You lose Pogba, a creative force good with possession then you replace him as close to like for like as possible. To use Nzonzi here plus Kante and Matuidi is ridiculous. I don't know what the deal with Kante playing wide CM in a 4-3-3 for club and now country. He's only able to play as the middle anchor midfielder in 4-3-3. He's not good enough going forward to play anywhere else in that system.

  • Deschamps should be ashamed of himself for not calling Lacazette!

  • Lloris almost MOTM ... lol

  • Well played Holland. There has been a discernible improvement under Koeman, though France were poor and seem to be suffering from a severe World Cup hangover. Now that Germany have been relegated, Loew needs to fall on his sword. Fresh ideas needed and a number of players forcibly retired.

  • Netherlands were better side as expected but surprisingly they also won as France have lately managed to win or grab a draw from these games. They're very difficult to beat but today they would have lost even more without Lloris. Koemans methods seem to start working as Netherlands played very active and entertaining game with lot of confidence. Now they have an excellent chance to win the group, a draw against Germany is enough and that's hardly an impossible task right now.

  • And this, boys and girls, is why I want Cillessen to start for Barcelona instead of MATS. Just a few games, to motivate Ter Stegen.

  • @GioMonaldo What do you mean, France had basically no shots on goal ...

  • @neumi17 France had 2 shots on target but I guess it's hard to see 'em when you're watching porn :D

  • Because of the great offensive display of France that really demanded him to make these amazing clutch saves?

  • @leZickzack Now wipe your tears and tell me when has Cillessen last conceded a goal?

  • @GioMonaldo For Netherlands he conceded one last game, as for Barca I don't remember his last game but I am certain he has conceded more than Adrián Ortolá. Maybe Barca could bring him back and start him over both of them.

  • Both keepers touched the ball more often than Mbappé.

  • Easily could have been 4-0 or 5-0 for Netherlands.

  • Is Holland gonna score a goal ?

  • @neumi17 it will e either 2-0 or 2-1 like i earlier predicted!

  • @winnerchickendinner Why " it will" ? The game has been over for 15 minutes ...

  • @neumi17 u can see i actually posted when the match just started

  • Nzonzi is almost 2,00 meters tall and weighs only 75 kg ... ;- O

  • @neumi17- Must be the Stoke City food. Crouch is 5cm taller and weighs the same. 18.56 BMI.

  • @neumi17 slenderman

  • beaucoup de personnes pensent que la france va perdre mais je serais pas surpris de voir un match nul ou les 2 equipes marquent

  • @ekasci goodbye France

  • Wijnaldum depay to score. high chance babel to score. france lose 2-1 or 2-0

  • @winnerchickendinner Except for Babel a pretty good prediction however ...

  • yea baby!!!! get my money here bookie!!! lol

  • @winnerchickendinner Can you explain exactly, why there is a high chnace that Babel will score ?

  • France will lose

  • @Nanami High 5!!!! we got it right!

  • @Nanami Why ?

  • expect more goals than 1

  • 2-2

  • @nexus747 2-0

  • Sometimes i tend to think this netherlands is not the very one we always loved in many changes, depending on few individuals to bring a miracle home. Due to special individual talents, i think france will edge this one. France doesnt actually depend on giroud to win...anyone scores...the best thing with france...netherlands defence is not so bad so i expect this to be a low scoring game. France win n under 2.5 a way to go

  • @Michaelbrown Sayonara France.

  • btts , depay and mbappe to score

  • win for france

  • @Ayiae bye bye France