Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(86) 71 Goals 20 (44)
(55) 45 Assists 13 (27)
(6.8) 7.1 Average Ratings 6.7 (6.6)
30.5 Average Age 31.5
180.2 Average Height (cm) 183.5
(1) 1.4 Shots pg 1.1 (1)
(51%) 47% Aerial Duel Success 48% (47%)
(0.8) 0.7 Dribbles pg 0.5 (0.6)
(1.2) 1.1 Tackles pg 1.3 (1.6)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Premier League.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Alex Oxlade Chamberlain Out 6.35
Adam Lallana Out 6.53
Dejan Lovren Out 7.08
Player Reason Status Rating
Danny Ings Out 6.83

Team News

  • Dejan Lovren has returned to training, but he is unlikely to start for Liverpool with Jurgen Klopp unlikely to make wholesale changes, despite their Carabao Cup meeting with Chelsea next week.
  • Alex Oxlade Chamberlain and Adam Lallana are ruled out with knee and groin problems, respectively.
  • Roberto Firmino came off the bench to net the winner in midweek and he could return to the starting XI after an eye problem sustained in the win over Tottenham.
  • Naby Keita are Jordan Henderson are competing for a spot in the midfield, though the former could get the nod after being relegated to the bench for the Champions League in midweek.
  • Mark Hughes has no injury issues coming into the meeting with Liverpool.
  • However, he is without striker Danny Ings, who is unable to play his parent club due to loan stipulations.
  • Charlie Austin could start in his stead in what may be Hughes' only change to the XI that started the 2-2 draw with Brighton.


  • Liverpool secured a 3-2 win over PSG in midweek to get their Champions League campaign up and running. Jurgen Klopp will have been unhappy in the manner with which they threw away a two-goal lead, but they are unbeaten in their last four home league meetings with Southampton.
  • Saints, too, threw away a two-goal lead earlier this week as they were held 2-2 by Brighton. They won their last away league game, coming away 2-0 victors at Crystal Palace, yet will be up against it against a rampant Liverpool side.
  • Liverpool have looked a little shaky at the back of late, but should extend their unbeaten home run and maintain their 100% start to the season here.

User Predictions

Comments (50)

  • Who the hell is doing this rating ???? If Matip was better than VVD in this match, then I am the Sultan of Brunei. Scoring goal should not be such important as it is included here, you score one goal, then do 3-4 mistakes and you are still the best on the pitch. Only somebody who knows nothing about soccer can make this rating. VVD was ten times better than Matip in this match.

  • @robredo001 matip won six times as many aerial battles, that's why the rating is higher (rating based 100% on statistics iirc)

  • @robredo001 that game is called football

  • @tar88s Football or soccer or waterpolo, thats not I was pointed out.

  • @robredo001 whoscored rank system is not perfect, you get the same +1 to the basic score of 6.0 for some mind boggling goal or for simple tap in, same for assists. You do not get bonus score for correct positioning, running, or intercepting the ball. Also in this specific case - Matip has 6 aerials won, so I suppose that this number together with the scored goal makes his rating higher than van Dijk`s. I hope that answers your question.

  • @tar88s Thanks, Matip won more aerial duels, because he played the whole match, VVD went off after injuring in 2nd half. VVD also save two great chances of Shampton, which were caused by Matip mistakes. That made me angry about players rating. But of course I know, it is impossible to make the perfect ratings system.

  • Injury to vvd worrying

  • @Liverpoolbest apparently it's just a bruised rib, so nothing more than a bit of discomfort

  • Can we all appreciate how well Gini played today

  • @Lukicks According to whoscored, it was Matip, who was the best :) :) :)

  • @Lukicks I don't get it. One shot, 3 tackles, good possession, 94% pass success. It's good, but not great. The problem I have is that he slows the game down for us offensively. I'd prefer Keita, Henderson and Milner.

  • @sgshaw lol stats, are you a cr7 fanboy as well?

  • @sgshaw stats dont ever tell the whole story. Did you watch the game? He was everywhere.

  • @sgshaw He is played by Klopp for a reason; I agree with him. A very underestimated player.

  • Why change Shaq for Millie at ht? I can't understand this. Millie need rest, and Shaq played well....

  • @Victor83 muscle injury

  • @Victor83 That surprised me too. But Klopp changed tactic from 4-2-3-1 to ordinary 4-3-3 at HT. That could be a reason, but I would have chosen Keita instead of Milner. As you say, Milner need rest.

  • @Victor83 to improve defensive shape I guess, because Saints had their halfchances too easily. Or might be some injury reasons. tbh, I'd start Shaq a few matches in a row, at some of them even instead of Salah

  • Seems like the deciding matches would be Chelsea vs Liverpool, a single team winning both the matches will give them 6 points edge on the top. Other important matches are Chelsea vs MC and Liverpool vs MU. I'm counting city out of the league until both of CFC,LFC choke hard.

  • @yash8117 might be waiting a while for Liverpool to choke :)

  • @yash8117 City are only two points off the pace...with that squad, I wouldn't write them off if they were 10 points behind at this moment.

  • @TheManInRedThe problem is that they don't do much good against pool. And not to forget how well Sarri did with Napoli against Pep is now coaching a better team. Plus City are without Kdb, lost their first CL match. All pointing that they won't finish second.

  • @yash8117 boom, right after your comment, chelsea choked on west ham, nice jinx there mate.

  • @yash8117 you said city had kdb out, what if chelsea lose hazard for rest of season? u never know.

  • Alisson, Robertson, Van Dijk, Matip, TAA, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Shaqiri, Mane, Firmino, Salah. Milner and Gomez both on the bench, interested to see how we get on without them.

  • @TheManInRed I think we do well :-) 3-0 at ht

  • @Victor83 yeah, Matip looking to give Klopp a bit of a selection headache!

  • I see a Liverpool win bt I don't think it would be a walk in the park

  • 3-0 for Liverpool

  • Liverpool win.

  • his presence makes a lot of difference even though he may not be playing particularly well at the moment @Champion

  • Salah this season is struggling but I'd prefer if he gets dropped out of this game. It's better for his mentality so he can come back stronger

  • @Nanami You are dumb to say that if he was dropped he wouldve been destroyed mentally

  • I can smell a surprise here, X2

  • @Cannavaro69 It's not 'a surprise' anymore when every Liverpool game your tip is always against them.

  • 2-0 LFC

  • I agree with the others in here. This year we actually have a great bench, and they need to bli included and warm in the team. We can rest TAA, Gomez, Milner and Salah. Let Clyne, Matip, Keita and Shaqiri start. Team as: Alisson - Clyne, Matip, van Dijk, Robertson - Wijnaldum, Henderson, Keita - Shaqiri, Firmino, Manè. And Fabinho and Sturridge as subs around 70th min... Pretty strong team! But whatever the boss decide, in Klopp we trust!

  • @Xlikely Why Salah form is not like the last season, 5 games in the primier legue and still he didnt do nothing , what he wait for?!?!?! iam asking you as a Liverpool fan , so you must know something

  • @Cannavaro69 Salah has 2 goals and 1 assists in 5 game, it actually similar to his first season. He has so far had 9 shots on target, the 2th highest this season and has been directly and indirectly involved in many goals so far. He has also been more defensive oriented. But he lives under extremly pressure after last season, from the media, supporters and most of all him self. And he also have had some personally issues this summer, hereof with his national team and football assosiation. We can not expect 32 goals this season from him. But I am sure he will score between 18-22 goals. Is that a good season for a winger? It sure is! It will loosen for him, do not be afraid of that ;)

  • @Xlikely Daaaamn dude, you are awsome, you are expert in Football

  • @Cannavaro69 Haha. Thanks, but I'm just above average excited about Liverpool ;)

  • @Xlikely- Van Dijk is your most important outfield player so if anyone should be rested/protected, it is him. Playing Keita for Milner, who has run 24.9km combined in the last two matches (only just above average for him unbelievably), makes sense as does starting Shaqiri but I would be wary of making too many changes. Liverpool have been excellent this year, but that is with the first XI. If you make enough changes that this starts to resemble a 1st XI/2nd XI mix then that rhythm could stutter and the momentum disappear. 3 changes max with only one per formation 'line' imo.

  • @SteveHyland Yes, you are right that van Dijk is our most important outfield player. We are in big trouble if he gets injured. As I said, this year we actually have a great bench. We have to be brave enough to make changes in a match like this, home against Southampton, in a period with two games a week with opponents from the highest levels. Coming up is Chelsea, Chelsea, Napoli and Man City. It is a perfect game for Shaqiri and Fabinho. But I am sure that Klopp will pick the best starting lineup.

  • @Xlikely- Luckily it was just a bruised rib. I think today would have been the perfect time to rest VvD & Salah with the fixtures Liverpool have coming up, personally. I don't expect many regulars to play midweek though so they can at least mentally prepare for Chelsea. Mignolet, Matip, Clyne, Moreno, Fabinho, Keita and Sturridge should get a run out. A couple of youngsters too.

  • @Xlikely yeah that's the team I think will start as well, I just would given Fabinho the start if I was in charge, but I still belive and trust in Klopp

  • I would also love to see some changes here. I think this is the best match to give Fabinho his debut from start. Also maybe Matip for Dijk/gomez and shaqiri for salah. The fullbacks need a rest too, but not both at the same time. So Clyne for TAA, or Moreno for Robertson. Firmino should play (if his eye is ok), but instead rest him for Sturridge in the liga-cup. I'm not sure Henderson can play the box-to-box role anymore, so maybe play Wijnaldum instead of Henderson, but Wijnaldum will need the rest the most of them. So I think we should go with: Alisson - TAA, Gomez, Matip, Moreno - Henderson, Fabinho, Keita - Shaqiri, Firmino, Mane.

  • Liverpool haven't conceded in their last 7 home league games..what makes you think a southampton without Ings changes that?

  • @Mute- Because Klopp's teams have historically been good/very good/great against fellow top opposition and average/below average/poor against teams who are considerably worse in quality. This stretching back to his Dortmund days. That doesn't seem to be the case this season, but it is always part of the thinking.

  • @SteveHyland I hear you, i just found it weird all data went against southampton scoring. I watched the game had their first shot on target in the 91st minute. Liverpool solid at the back again.

  • Now that blood pressure if back to normal after last night game! I am ready for the weekend (loving games fast and thick). Would love to see Kloop make few changes, bring Shaqiri instead of Salah (needs a little rest, he seems either tired or his shoulder is still affecting him) and bring Kieta for Milner. I also think we need to give our full backs a rest too for the Chelsea-Napoli-City stretch. With that said, I see us winning this game 3-1 easily (for my blood pressure to stay normal :))