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Liverpool Manchester City
Were poor at finishing
Were poor at finishing
Were caught offside often
Played with width
Played with width
Attacked down the right side
Attacked down the left side

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Manchester City


Manchester City


Manchester City


Manchester City

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Comments (82)

  • Taking into consideration last 3 official games, very good result for City, though they were very close to winning this one at Anfield at last. Pep changed his approach this time and he is looking to find the arguments to Klopp teams. The most popular word "boring" in this thread is not correct to be applied to this match, IMO. Yes, no 5-0, 4-3 or 3-0 this time, but teams almost made no mistakes in defence. Someone told, if teams made no mistakes, then all matches would end 0-0

  • @tar88s If you score after a free kick, long shot and get a penalty through a accidental hand ball, you can win 3-0 even though the other team didn't make any mistakes ...

  • @neumi17 The foul for the free kick and the foul for the penalty are mistakes.

  • @splint3r Not really because fouls belongs to football too and are not mistakes. Otherwise you would just run through and score ...And I wrote accidental hand ball.

  • If these two continue playing like this in the games against the top 6, then Chelsea are winning the league. Sarriball does not care whether the team on the other side of the pitch is Cardiff or Liverpool. It seems that this season the top 6 games might actually decide the title, because all three teams are more or less consistent enough to beat the small teams.

  • I was expecting for a better game. both teams were so careful and they could barely create chances. boring

  • @fcbayern So exactly like Bayern

  • @fcbayern obviously you didn't watch this match bc there were a lot of chances

  • I didn't find it boring at all. Very poor football from Liverpool, but not boring.

  • @Yassine_1 City were poor too.

  • boring. epl league is overrated.

  • Wow, this was tough to watch!

  • Justice, there was no contact between VVD and Sane

  • @Nico1 next time you watch football, put on your glasses

  • Slightly boring. Everything came as expected : ManCity can't win against Liverpool and they can't score against Liverpool ...

  • @neumi17 and liverpool cant win against mcfc and cant score at their own field against mcfc.

  • @stefanm That's the first game they didn't win ...

  • @stefanm - Can't they? Liverpool won he last four matches between these two if you haven't heard!


  • Omg this was so boring! plus Mahrez missed that penalty like it can't be worse -_-

  • Boring Match.. Deserved 0-0

  • Jesus shows more during 10 min. than Aguero during 66.

  • Sane is the most talented footballer in the city squad, yet he is sitting on the bench. I don't know what should Sane do to be in starting 11.

  • @oooozillll more talented than the Silvas, Aguero, Jesus?

  • @Yassine_1 all of these are good players but if given opportunity only sane can compete for Ballon d'Or because he has got magnificent speed, dribbling skill and shooting technique. And when I said good players I mean B. Silva, De Bruyne and Aguero.

  • @oooozillll more dribbling skills than the Silvas? Bernardo Silva is a monster.. He can dribble but also play more central on the midfield. This ManCity has not one single standout and Sane is definitely not him.

  • @oooozillll When it comes to the combination of speed, mobility, dribbling and creating new space, he is the most talented one in the squad.

  • @oooozillll he is not ''the most talented'' but he should have started, may be he can score as a sub like in the summer!

  • Boring he. Not upto the hype

  • When they face a team with 3defenders, Mané should play right side and salah left side because they are not really that good when it comes to cut inside and they don't know how manage to send good balls in the box.

  • this match need a goal immediately to become a show. at the moment looks like Conte's Chelsea vs Mou's Man Utd.

  • extremally boring first half. big disappointment so far.

  • Strange that Sané isn't playing

  • 2-1

  • City without De Bryne is worthless

  • @Cannavaro69 stop complaining

  • @JoeB91 Are you a parrot? :)

  • @JoeB91 LOL

  • In my analysis this match will not end in a BTTS

  • garbage refereeing, how is that a booking for Silva but Mane got away with a slide tackle through the back

  • @JoeB91 Stop complaining , just watch how city will lose

  • @Cannavaro69 criticising not complaining

  • Draw 1-1

  • @verdy An obvious 3-0 Liverpool win.

  • CITY Ederson, Walker, Stones, Laporte, Mendy, Fernandinho, Silva (C), Bernardo, Mahrez, Sterling, Aguero SUBS | Muric, Danilo, Kompany, Sané, Otamendi, Jesus, Foden

  • Liverpool 1:0 Manchester City, goal in 70+ minutes

  • Liverpool 1- 2 Manchester city

  • Liverpool 1-2 Manchester city

  • 1|0

  • 2:1

  • Salah to score

  • Tips for today: Fulham vs Arsenal BTTS @1.50 / Liverpool vs Man City BTTS @1.55 / Lazio win @1.75 / Milan win @1.30 / Atletico Madrid win @1.70 / Sevilla win @1.50 / Barcelona win @1.70 / Monaco 1X @1.30....Total odds @36.00 , Good Luck Guys

  • @Cannavaro69 Valladolid-Huesca over2.5 @2.10 / Sevilla-Celta BTTS @1.55 / Southampton-Chelsea over2.5 @1.80 / Milan-Chievo over2.5 @1.57 / San Luis - Antofagasta over2.5@1.85 / Xamax-Sion BTTS @1.47 / Odds - Ranheim over2.5 @1.67 / Slavia Praga - Pribram over2.5 @1.42..... Total Odds 59.32 :)

  • Bookies are a JOKE!!! Over 3 EA$Y!!

  • @FutbolEZ Hahaha! Funny how often people on this site question the bookies or the WhoScored prediction only to find they were the one that was wrong :)

  • Liverpool can't win simply because Salah isn't as good anymore. So a draw should be good for them

  • @Nanami What a silly comment, so Liverpool only play with one player who is Salah !?!?! and what about the rest of the players? Salah is not Messi or Ronaldo to count on him he is just like any other player

  • Btts

  • 1) Liverpool are undefeated in their last 18 home matches against Man City in all competitions. -- 2) Liverpool have scored at least 2 goals in their last 4 matches against Man City in all competitions. -- 3) Liverpool are undefeated in their last 24 home matches (Premier League) -- 4) Liverpool have kept a clean sheet in their last 8 home matches (Premier League).

  • Obviously Pep can't beat Klopp so there's gonna be a new leader of the league on Sunday.

  • @neumi17 that's Chelsea

  • ht or ft X

  • If De brune was playing, I would see some chances for city but without him, it's difficult to see this city team beating Liverpool at Anfield. Liverpool win or draw

  • Liverpool will win this game, because they are home and City missing Kevin DeBrune. Even though I like the Silva's I don't think they have split LFC as they like ball on their feet. There might be a surprise with Cline playing over Alexander-Arnold. Fraudiola will be exposed and will cry on his way back to the oil billionaires for more players.

  • Man city please do me the favour of smashing these overhyped Liverpool lot,they must not,shall not, will not ,and will never win the league...Klopp go back to your germany

  • @Valak hard for Liverpool to "never" win the league, in the count that they have won't it 18 times already,

  • 3-2 Liverpool Mane, Alexander-Arnold, Aguero x2, Salah in stoppage time Quote me,

  • @CaptinSprinklez ur sniffing ur sprinklez arent u, this is a city win for sure, Pep's team is the one firing at the moment with or withour DeBruyne, i'm a Liverpool fan and we have a shot here but i think a point is good job.

  • @offside City without Debruyne is nothing

  • It should be noted that Klopp's record against Guardiola is much more impressive than the stats suggest. Juergen has NEVER had the better team, or even (excluding, possibly, this season) one considered "as good as".

  • "Liverpool suffered their first defeat of the season in midweek" - didn't they lose to Chelsea in Carabao Cup a week prior?

  • @hindy whoscored: When Liverpool didn't fielding their best XI, it's not Liverpool. :P

  • After Liverpools shocking weak performance against Napoli, this match can go both ways. This can be Liverpools revenge, or be as bad as Napoli. Salahs form is actually sensational bad, and that can also be decisive for the result. Instead for Liverpool revenge, I actually think Sterling will have his revenge on the Liverpoolsupporters. 1-3 with Aguero and Sterling show.

  • @Xlikely- I personally think that performance had a lot to do with having one eye on this game. It shouldn't happen of course- they are pros, one game at a time etc etc...... but we all know it does. Usually there is a big response in the game after a terrible performance like we saw in Naples. We shall see. Whoever wins this game will be the favourite to finish 2nd behind Watford.

  • x2

  • Liverpool win 3-2

  • @YairProMoreno 2-2

  • Very excited for this one. Can't see either side dropping too many points this throughout this season so this is probably one of few chances that either will have to make a decent gap on each other.

  • points throughout*