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  • how in Zanka 7.9 and Schindler 7.1 and Schindler has the better stats??? this makes no sense...

  • Huddersfield 4-2 Fulham

  • Big game for both teams, Huddersfield haven't scored a goal at home since April last season (apart from pre-season friendly where they scored 3 against Lyon). But they did only lose 0-1 to Liverpool and 0-2 to Spurs in their last 2 home matches, Fulham conceding a lot away from home, but can Huddersfield find a way to score? At least Fulham have scored on average a goal a game away from home in the league, and they have Mitrovic and Schurrle who can get goals. Tricky to predict.

  • Battle of the damned and lost. A draw would be fitting

  • Wow fullham +0.5 @ 1.61 Absolute overs. Chucking 5u on that.

  • Who knows.

  • 1-0 Mooy

  • huddersfield win 2-0