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  • Tottenham win

  • Southampton win

  • @footballover wrong again

  • It feels like we're a new manager's first game at least once a season. I don't think this match will be walkover some are expecting because Southampton are not as bad as their position suggests. They still have some useful players. Nevertheless I am hopeful that Spurs will bounce back... Or at least win. Tottenham 1-2 Southampton.

  • Hat trick 3-0 for spurs

  • X2

  • 3-1 TOT

  • 2-0

  • Spurs will be determined to get a good win after the Arsenal defeat.Soton have just sacked their manager and i can see Spurs winning this 3-0 or 4-0.

  • @nexus747 those are my thoughts exactly on this match

  • 0-0

  • Pocch will show mercy. 2-1

  • @koziol.mutant You're 3 goals short of a correct prediction. It's a 5-1 Spurs win.

  • How come Tottenham has only 5 matches at home out of 14 so far?

  • @tar88s because the new stadium wasn't going to be ready for the start of the season they requested that their fixture list be front loaded with away games. But yes it's interesting how many people seem to be unaware of this pattern.

  • spurs win