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  • Who needs Wenger they said.........

  • What the fudge is NOT wrong with Arsenal these days? Embarrasing once again for the fans, I feel so sorry for you

  • with the exception of leno , arsenals players were very poor today , but will probably turn it on in europe. good luck to all four of our english clubs in midweek.

  • I cannot complain about the result, Leicester were better when both teams had their full compliment. If it weren't for Leno, we'd have lost 6-0. He would get an 8.5 in my subjective ratings, nobody else in the team would get even a 4. We were that bad. We are clearly pinning all of our hopes on winning the Europa League and I think our mindset in the last few games has been influenced by such.

  • This is not how you get 4th Arsenal, comon!

  • Arsenal really want that Europa League spot.

  • @GioMonaldo Well, it's not what they want but they'll get it ...

  • AFTV gonna have a field day again I guess.

  • Leno :O wow!

  • On current form Arsenal are as bad as Man Utd. :)


  • @stefanm- I know you're joking but I've heard the same from fans who were being deadly serious despite Wenger's signings being the problem. Leno, Sokratis, Torreira and Guendouzi have been very good or excellent signings. Our worst players this season have been Cech, Mustafi, Monreal, Lichtsteiner and Oezil. 80% Arsene. Emery has made some tactical errors but he needs to rid this club of the dross before we can even judge him. This season is already better than last and next will be better than this provided Unai is backed- which of course he won't be

  • @SteveHyland The Dross list is much longer, you left out Iwobi , Xaka , Elneny, Jenkinson, Ospina & Chambers. We need to offload at least 10 players, and bring in 5 absolute quality players !! and give 3 or 4 of the youngsters a run for a season in the squad.

  • @SteveHyland Iv been trolling mate :D

  • @stefanm i do agree with you, mate..

  • Banter FC

  • Arsenal with 25% possession ... ;-)))

  • Leicester in the opening half hour: 75% possession 20 dangerous attacks 3 shots on target

  • Arsenal win/bts

  • @fantazyboy no longer supporter of this disgrace club

  • @fantazyboy It's one bad season, never give up on your club. I'd support my Barca even if they were in relegation zone.

  • High scoring draw no way Arsenal is winning this match 2-2

  • @shakes Why highscoring ? Arsenal never scores many goals ...

  • Both teams have scored in 24 of Arsenal's Premier League matches this season.

  • @nexus747 What does that mean ?

  • Arsenal to surprise some people - and get a draw.

  • Another shocker for Arsène Emery team! :DD 3-1 Jamie Vardy to break Arsenal fans hearts ~

  • @stefanm I'll be shocked if Arsenal didn't win 4-1

  • @SeuneMilmas I was right Jamie dominated

  • Probably another bottle job.

  • @SteveHyland You never get disappointed that way ...

  • @neumi17- I expect it now, Gooners border on apathy when it cones to away games.