Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(7) 6 Goals 2 (3)
(3) 1 Assists 3 (3)
(6.9) 7.1 Average Ratings 6.9 (6.6)
34.5 Average Age 32.1
184.4 Average Height (cm) 184.9
(1.3) 1.6 Shots pg 1.3 (1.1)
(53%) 56% Aerial Duel Success 49% (48%)
(1) 1.1 Dribbles pg 1 (1.1)
(1.2) 1.1 Tackles pg 1.3 (1.5)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in World Cup 1/8 Finals.

Missing Players

No missing players.
Player Reason Status Rating
William Kvist Out 6.47

Team News

  • Zlatko Dalic rung the changes for the 2-1 win over Iceland, though should name his strongest XI here.
  • That would see the likes of Ivan Rakitic, Marcelo Brozovic and Mario Mandzukic return to the side.
  • No fewer than eight Croatia players, including Rakitic, Brozovic and Mandzukic, are one booking away from a one-match ban.
  • William Kvist is sidelined through injury, with Lasse Schone expected to deputise in the middle once more, though Andreas Christensen is an option having played in midfield against France.
  • Yussuf Poulsen is back from suspension and expected to start on the right in place of Martin Braithwaite.
  • Zanka, Pione Sisto and Thomas Delaney are all one booking away from suspension.


  • Despite naming a changed XI, Croatia still secured a 2-1 win over Iceland last time out to ensure three wins from three group stage matches. A well-rested core of key players will hope to play a crucial role in their pursuit of a quarter-final spot now.
  • Denmark played out the first 0-0 draw of the tournament with France earlier in the week and will look to improve sufficiently to earn their spot in the quarter-final at Croatia's expense. The Danes, though, are yet to really hit top gear, and need to up the ante to overcome a Croatia side that is in full flight.
  • Indeed, Croatia should land their quarter-final spot here.

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Comments (69)

  • Subasic MOTM for me

  • I am happy I was somehow able to wake up for the penalties. Another football snoozefest. Both of Modric's penalties were poor and he was lucky that the second one went in. But I guess he deserved it for having the balls to take it. Did you hear him scream after the shootout? He has some funny voice. Overall I am glad Croatia went through. Especially considering how they played in the group stage. Croatia vs Russia however sounds like another snoozefest but I guess with Denmark instead it would be even more boring.

  • I'm sorry for Kasper Schmeichel - the best keeper of this tournament so far. Saved 3 penalties but beaten anyway. He will go to a bigger club I think. Russia will win it all. With a little help from it's friends. VAR and CGI.

  • @jesper Yeah he was good, but Suba saved also 3 penalties in shootout. I'm sorry also for both father and son Schmeichel because they don't have luck against us. Modric shown strength today, missed penalty and he took responsibility again. Denmark has 18 unbeaten games streak, this one they also played drawn statistically. Russia? Yeah it will be simillar game, if refs will be fair, hope we can get trough

  • After quarterfinals against Turkey and their goal in 121mins and lost on penalties, after 1/16 Euro against Portugal - 118min generation of Luka Modric, Rakitic and rest of our guys finally passed mental barrier. Danmark played better, with using long balls our mid was cutt off, but we learned beauty in knockout is not important only win. Now next Russia we'll see :) Step by step

  • Danmark were better but we got through. This game is not a real measure of Croatia, the players had psychic burdain because of unlucky events in previous turnaments at this first stage of knockout phase of tournament. Now they broke the ice. Game vs Russia will be REAL picture. Remember this.

  • Nonetheless, Rebic has been impressive this WC, some bigger clubs must be looking at him.

  • I said the other day that Modric is the only one elite player in Croatia, and I was dismissed. After seeing this match, I'm more sure than ever about it. Maybe the match was wearing up, but Croatia played to Iceland with most of bench players, so why they looked exhausted, especially in the 2nd half? Modric missed that penalty in extratime because he was running out of legs.

  • @dib and Rakitic is not top playmaker? Right right... Last 6 Champions League won at least 1 Croat

  • @dib did you seen from 110 mins to 120? Condition is not problem, except Modric nobody were tired. Only mental block.

  • @dib kovacic need to start instead of brozovic if they want to advance in this world cup

  • The Denmark goalkeaper saved 3 penalties, almost saved Modric's again and the penalty takers missed a lot...

  • @hellreaper You have to give credit to Subasic as well !

  • @hellreaper Yeah! So sad for him :(

  • Some pathetic penalties. Like watching England v Holland at their classic worst.

  • Schmeichel must feel terribly. He stopped 3 penalties and is still out.

  • @neumi17 I reckon Schmeichel what have saved all of Denmark's penalties apart from Kjaer's. Anyway, he did well. He shouldn't be too upset from a personal perspective. To even get it to the shootout was a fine effort from him and it's a shame Denmark's players took their penalties as if they had something to lose, rather than to gain. They looked nervous and scared, when in reality getting to the shootout was a bonus given to them by Schmichel.

  • Kasper*

  • Damn I knew he will miss it, by his look on his face modric wasn't confident unlike peter, also that should be a red card not yellow.

  • @TetouanMorocco It will never be a red card.

  • @TetouanMorocco From what I heard on ITV if there is a genuine attempt to play the ball it isn´t a red, the rules changed. Jorgensen definitely tried to play the ball but he failed.

  • @Francisco18 The goal was empty and he knocked him down the last moment. "He tried"? Of course he tried, but he had no chance of doing so fairly. That should've been red

  • @TetouanMorocco definite red

  • @libehv It's not a red, he got within millimetres of the ball. He tried to get the ball.

  • Anyone know where I can get stats for number of goalkicks taken in a game?

  • @teeksy

  • @teeksy Why is that important ? As far as I know you can only look at the touches and passes of goalies.

  • Badelj for Mandzukic is a very strange substitution, I must say.

  • Croatia doesn't impress me in this game.

  • @neumi17- I agree. In the latter stages, Croatia turn into a Sunday league team. Eternal bottlers like the South African cricket team. They will not scare anybody in their half of the draw.

  • @SteveHyland yeah right. remember us? it will be soon wally with a brolly again in semi finals. Croatia had 3rd place in 1998.and we got like 3M population. You don't know how mentally difficult this game was for our team, just remember quarterfinals against Turkey we took goal in 121mins and lost on penalties. 1/16 Euro against Portugal also 118min we've been better team. So for this generation this was a game to be or not to be. Last 6 Champions league won at least one Croat. Modric 4 Kovacic 3 Mandzukic and Rakitic 1. So after this mental barrier is down

  • @mitsu7- But what you're describing post-1998 can be seen precisely as bottling it....

  • Thomas Delaney is pretty good. I like his tenaciousness and work rate.

  • @Champion He's gonna tear shit up for Dortmund next season

  • Denmark will be disappointed they haven't got more out of Ronaldinho in this tournament. It is interesting he came out of retirement and came into the Denmark side. He has also upped his work rate quite a lot, just lost ability on the ball somewhat.

  • @Champion to say nothing of Krohnaldo

  • @Champion Yussuf?

  • @Champion Aha.

  • Anybody livebetting?

  • @Tech 2-1 for croatia maybe

  • @hatefio72 i was in the market for 1 more shot on target from Mandzukic.. but he's totally out of the game. Looks more like Denmark ATM.Maybe in Extra time.

  • so far so interesting

  • Best start of the tournament so far!

  • Wait what???

  • Croatia 1:0 / 2:0 Denmark

  • The Croatian midfield will be too strong for Denmark to handle.

  • @nexus747 Denmark is going to park the bus probably. They aren't going to try to take Croatia toe to toe. Denmark loves clean sheets if possible to them.

  • @Champion I hope we do not have a game same as the Spain one where every pass seems to be sidewards or backwards to try and move the parked bus of the opponent.

  • @nexus747 Well I was wrong, both teams want to high press and commit men forward

  • CROATIA 23Subasic 2Vrsaljko 6Lovren 21Vida 3Strinic 11Brozovic 7Rakitic 18Rebic 10Modric 4Perisic 17Mandzukic

  • Croatia 1-0. Denmark are very poor in offence.

  • Croatia 3-1

  • Croatia BTS/No

  • Croatia should do this. Croatia win straight up

  • 100% draw on halftime - trust me - bet 100, win 183 - cheers!

  • @martinkamenarski Whats the odd?

  • @Cannavaro69 odds are about tree fiddy

  • @uefalona Loch Ness moster, daaamn kid i was right you are a little kiddoo

  • @uefalona what is that?

  • Croatia wins & scores a Penalty.

  • Croatia scores a Penalty.

  • 2-0 Croatia.

  • This match is 100% first half draw, then 55% Croatia and 45% draw, if Draw FT - Denmark can go through because Croatia has an extremely bad history in additional time and penalties.So, the conclusion is that Croatia need to escape in the 90th minutes with a win or I go with Denmark. Bet 1 - First half draw 95% Bet 2 - Under 2.5 - 100%

  • Penalties Denmark win coz of a good keeper

  • @Rown25 Penalty career statistics. Subasic 50 penalties, 17 saves. Schmeichel 69 penalties, 19 saves. Source,

  • Draw

  • Draw

  • all in Croatia win