Match Summary

Bayern Munich Borussia M.Gladbach
(Team has no significant strengths)
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities through individual skill
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from long shot situations
Were strong at finishing
Were poor at finishing
Lost possession often
Were caught offside often
Commited a high number of individual errors
Had a large quantity of possession in their opponent's half
Favoured long shots
Dominated possession
Attacked down the left side
Favoured short passing
Favoured long balls

Situational Report

Positional Report

Bayern Munich

Borussia M.Gladbach

Bayern Munich

Borussia M.Gladbach

Bayern Munich

Borussia M.Gladbach

Bayern Munich

Borussia M.Gladbach

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Comments (41)

  • Bye Bye Kovac , he can't continue till the end of the season with this pathetic performance, the problem in Bayern they need fresh players, Ribery & Robben must not play anymore

  • It feels great to see both Bayern Munich and Real Madrid struggling. Their reign has got to stop.

  • @JosipBrozTito Be happy while it lasts because they will be back soon enough.

  • @JosipBrozTito yes so minor teams like barcelona finally can have some success too

  • @Terry - how do you define 'success'?

  • Bayern can't blame Ancelotti now.

  • @berhin it's Hoesness fault to go for an inexp coach like Kovac.

  • Bayern plays exactly like the german national team ...

  • I'm ready to coach Bayern for free. I accomplished 34-0-0 in my first season with 115-9 goal difference on Legendary difficulty in FIFA Career Mode

  • @fervour21 Keep living your fantasy world

  • @fervour21 can I be your assistant?

  • oscar for this fix to kovac

  • 5th place in table. So nice :D

  • @afx hopefully at the end of the season as well :D

  • I feel like Bayern is too big for Kovac.

  • @MathCatsFootball I don't think it's Kovac's fault, it looks like bayern players playing bad on purpose like they did last season to sack Ancelotti, they want Kovac out and unfortunately bayern leaders are idiots so they will sack Kovac instead of punishing languid players.

  • @7ussein Kovac gotta go. If he can't control the players, then he can't be there. Bayern can't just replace the roster but we can replace the coach. This is unacceptable, it was a shambolic performance and everyone associated with the club should be embarrassed.

  • @MathCatsFootball These players didn't respect Ancelotti, who's one of the best coaches ever and the leaders of bayern didn't stop them. I can't imagine coach like Kovac or any Coach(exept some names like Zidane) can end their arrogance and stupid mentality after what they did to Ancelotti and it's all Bayern leaders fault.

  • #MourinhoOut #LopeteguiOut #KovacOut

  • @stefanm what about Valverde?

  • @stefanm add valverde to that list. I ensure you barcelona won't be playing well tommorow

  • @BarcaPlsLetMeDown - Yeah, of course. Valverde only won the league last year, and Barca is only top of the league along with Real Madrid (#LopeteguiOut), but let's fire them. Why even have head coaches? Fire them! Fire directors, fire the players, fire the fans! Out with everybody!

  • @andrew7taylor sure

  • @BarcaPlsLetMeDown - Sure, how dare he win the double and still have the guts to continue? HOW DARE HE?!

  • @BarcaPlsLetMeDown Barca will win tomorrow bro, because they have Messi. This is the big difference....

  • An obvious 3-1 win for Bayern.

  • @SeuneMilmas Obvious not. Obviuos missing.

  • @SeuneMilmas so obvious that people will lose money

  • @BarcaPlsLetMeDown we already lost all bets me and my friend today this is awful whats happening today

  • @stefanm too much trust in favorites buddy.

  • @afx u lost too so dont pretend now. today was awful day for betting my bro ;))

  • 4-0

  • @nexus747 So you think Plea and Stindl will score two more?

  • mgladbach +2.5 for 1.88 is just too good

  • I hope Gladbach will be able to get at least a draw

  • Bayern should win here, or Niko Kovac head will be on the line

  • why are bayern so short

  • 2-1 at best for Bayern

  • gladbach H+2.5