Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(15) 12 Goals 10 (12)
(12) 9 Assists 2 (6)
(7) 7.2 Average Ratings 6.8 (6.8)
33.1 Average Age 30.4
188.5 Average Height (cm) 181.5
(1.5) 1.3 Shots pg 1.2 (1.1)
(53%) 55% Aerial Duel Success 63% (61%)
(1.5) 1.5 Dribbles pg 1 (0.8)
(1.2) 1.2 Tackles pg 1 (0.9)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in World Cup Bronze Match.

Missing Players

No missing players.
Player Reason Status Rating
Kyle Walker Doubtful 7.01
Kieran Trippier Doubtful 8.02
Jordan Henderson Doubtful 6.63

Team News

  • Belgium did not go to extra-time in their semi-final and Roberto Martinez may not feel the need to bring in fresh legs.
  • Thomas Meunier will start on Saturday after missing out against France due to suspension.
  • Gareth Southgate may look to ring some changes ahead of England's bronze match against Belgium.
  • Jordan Henderson, Kieran Trippier and Kyle Walker are all doubts for the Three Lions and only the latter may start.
  • Some of England's fringe players will look for a run out after England went to extra-time against Croatia on Wednesday.


  • Belgium and England play each other for the second time at the 2018 World Cup and both games are relatively meaningless. The winner can claim third place at the 2018 World Cup but neither team want to be here.
  • Belgium are the favourites after beating England earlier in the competition and will also benefit from an extra day's rest and the fact they didn't go to extra-time. England may also make changes as a result of their tiring match against Croatia, whereas Belgium can really play their best team.

User Predictions

Comments (87)

  • england-belgium....england 5 shots on 6

  • england 5 shots no 6

  • Hazard to Real Madrid?

  • belgium ���� deserved to win the game Hazard was doing everything in the field without any try from england players to stop him !!!

  • england only won games where they scored on set pieces, when they had to play w the ball on their feet, nothing. i dont get why so many expert claim kane and alli are worth so much, all they do is finish but they dont create anything.

  • there was no shot on target in 70 minute , could you change your statistics - England had only 5 shots on target

  • moral of the story : in the end england always lose.

  • @HoopHoop- I often find the most vociferous anti-Engl(and/ish) trolls online are those who secretly wish they were from this great nation. The parallels with the closet-gay gay-bashers too obvious to ignore....

  • @SteveHyland lol good joke mate. i'm indian. do u STILL think i'd want to swap my country with england's?

  • very dissapointed in belgium. should've smashed six past the farmers. 23 players (farmers) and 0 medals is coming home.

  • The 4th place is too much for this England team. Only Pickford and Trippier played well during the whole tournament. Sterling is the worst number 10 in the World Cup. Plus, another bad game for Harry Kane, but when I said he didn't deserve to win the Golden Boot based on his performances some people here almost cut my head off (he was lucky to take 2 penalties and score an unintentional goal against Panama).

  • De Bruyne = Maestro Hazard = Leader

  • surprise, england played so well and nearly overturn the match with their b team! If both team play the strongest 11 it will be much more interesting

  • @wdetac ?? England played well, when ? They had a good phase in the second half for about 15-20 minutes. But because of their technical limitations they can't play well per definition ...

  • England can be lucky that this game was a friendly.

  • If Kane was truly world class England despite all their shortcomings could have made it to the finals.Guy missed two exceptional chances against us(Croatia) and again today he failed to convert prior to Hazard's second goal.I think nobody in the media is even slightly objective about it as he is labeled a "goal machine and captain fantastic" when in all honesty his decision to prolong his contract with Spurs looks from this position his best on/off pitch move in recent months. Why? Because he has no quality for European top teams.

  • @IlFenomeno- The Times, a reasonably respected newspaper in the UK, are reporting that Real Madrid are weighing up a Bale plus Cash offer for Harry Kane. Lopetegui is reported to be a fan and wants to replace aging Benzema and sold Ronaldo with Kane and Hazard. You can never treat reports as gospel, whoever the source is, but the idea that NO top European clubs are after him is off the mark and a bit naïve given how rare true #9s are in world football and the flexibility having one in your team offers you formation-wise.

  • @IlFenomeno If Kane is truly world class its down to what he does with the games he has in domestic and international football, compared with his peers in similar position. If you make that comparison you can see why he's world class, not because he fails your personal, peculiar idea of what 'world class' should be. I'm sure any top European team would want Kane's goals, but to you perhaps they are not 'world class' goals.

  • @IlFenomeno lol hater, even ronaldo and messi cannot bring their team to final

  • @wdetac But they show " something " ... Kane was no factor at all. Of course he can't score as many goals as for Tottenham because he doesn't get any good opportunities from his limited teammates. But the ones he got, he failed to convert in a poor fashion. And he is not the type who can create a chance on his own by going 1vs1 or so. It leaves a bitter taste that the winner of the golden boot has scored only 2 "regular" goals in the entire tournament. And all came against Tunisia and Panama. Kane only showed class when he concerted penalties, in anything else he was invisible ...

  • @neumi17- Part of the problem is that he knows chances will be few and far between so he isn't composed at time of striking. He is calm in front of goal for Spurs because he knows chances will be aplenty. I have seen this with a number of strikers through the years. I would also argue against Ronaldo showing "something" despite not scoring. I can't think of a player considered an all-time great who's positive affect on the game can be entirely measured by goals/assists stats. Messi? He affects the game even if he doesn't score but there aren't many games where Ronaldo has failed to register a goal or assist but the consensus is that he still played well.

  • @wdetac No hate just facts. He let his team big time.Good move with the contract extension. That's some Nostradmus shit right there.

  • @wdetac Ronaldo and Messi didn't miss 3 easy chances, and scored some amazing goals.

  • Everybody in the house, thinking England did not deserve a medal; press thumbs up =p

  • @Fromhell; easy reps repwhore.

  • Man of the match: De Bruyne. Clearly the best player on the pitch.

  • @Davisson Hazard 1 goal 6 dribbles 3 key passes De Bruyne 1 assist 0 dribbles 6 key passes It's debatable

  • @excalibur 7* dribbles actually

  • @excalibur Thing with Hazard is, every game he squanders a couple of chances by missing the right moment for the right pass. That being said, he is still an outstanding player. Nice, coldblooded finish today!

  • Belgium often look like pöaying around and then strike instantly when they get away from their markers. If only Lukaku's first touch wouldn't be so horrible. Rose defended Meunier's goal badly, but it doesn't look like England have a chance anywway.

  • @Castle In fairness, England's game have improved. Or then Belgium are becoming sloppy.

  • @Castle Only because Belgium let them. The combination that led to Dier's chance, was their only good one in the entire tournament

  • @neumi17 My thoughts exactly, Belgium were in a whole other level. England had a positive tournament, though. Their system looked promising and they should consider sticking with back three. Now they need to gain experience and replace some playrs of their squad by more quality players. Walker should not start unless his weaknesses improve under Guardiola. Lingard was good at times but shouldn't be one of key players, Sterling should be replaced with more skilfull player (England have no one like Hazard but Rashford or Zaha should get a chance). Also Henderson should be replaced sooner rather than later, despite he had quite good tournament.

  • @Castle agree

  • hazard not in the mood today .

  • @stefanm you might have spoke to soon :D

  • @excalibur Nah Hazard scored in-spite of having an average game by his standards. Probably his worst game of the tournament.

  • @excalibur I did it only to ANGER him more hahah

  • @excalibur I agree hahaha

  • Kane was useless against every single opponent better than Panama or Tunisia ...

  • The real pathetic quality of english football team will be exposed. Belgium is going to destroy whole so called pride of english shirt

  • In come, Danny Rose, Eric Dier, Phil Jones, Fabian Delph and Ruben Loftus-Cheek. Kyle Walker, Ashley Young, Jordan Henderson, Jesse Lingard and Dele Alli drop out. ENGLAND Pickford, Jones, Stones, Maguire, Trippier, Rose, Dier, Delph, Loftus-Cheek, Sterling, Kane.

  • @nexus747 Why post again?

  • Is Fabian Delph a good player?

  • @Excelsior In general or for English comparison ?

  • Two changes for Belgium: Meunier and Tielemans in the XI Five changes for England: Jones, Rose, Delph, Dier & Loftus-Cheek start.

  • Another horrible team picked by Southgate. 5 defenders and a holding midfielder , with two up front. England are going to struggle to get the ball back and get overrun in midfield unless they play a wide open 3-1-4-2 whilst keeping the wing backs up, but I can’t see them playing like that. They will get pinned back into a 5-3-2 shape with a holding player like the last game. And with Belgium’s ability with the ball and England having two centre forwards the 3 midfielders are going to be outnumbered and overrun again. I hope that isn’t that case but it appears that Southgate has done the players no favours again with this system.

  • Belgium : Courtois - Alderweireld , Kompany , Vertonghen - Meunier , Tielemans , Witsel , Chadli - De Bruyne , E. Hazard - R. Lukaku ---- England : Pickford - P. Jones , Stones , Maguire - Trippier , Dier , D. Rose - Loftus-Cheek , Delph - Sterling , H. Kane

  • 3:2 Lukaku makes hat trick

  • Belgium 3-2 England

  • 2:1 Hazard MOTM

  • Goals, goals, goals and some nice dribbles by Hazard please :- )

  • Both sides will be resting players.

  • @nexus747 Don't think so, why? Belgium has never become third in World Cup, they are out for a fight.

  • @neumi17 Martinez and Southgate have both said they will be giving a game to players that have not played so far.

  • @nexus747 Belgium is playing with their best possible line up : Courtois - Alderweireld , Kompany , Vertonghen - Meunier , Tielemans , Witsel , Chadli - De Bruyne , E. Hazard - R. Lukaku ...... 3-1 Belgium

  • Eng 2-0, 2-1 winning

  • Belgium wins 3-0

  • should be easy for england win

  • Go Belgium!

  • Hope it won't be a too much tactical match rather both managers will let their players play unconfined & soar their talent up to it's potential.

  • 2 - 1

  • both to score and many goals, 3-2

  • Lukaku can still win the scoring trophy...

  • @neumi17 2 goals tomorrow and he wins the golden boot.

  • @neumi17 he needs three, otherwise it’s still only a tie

  • @Champion No, the one who scored less penalties wins the trophy

  • Very Few comments on this match. No body cares about this match.

  • @Book Probably because the outcome is clear

  • @neumi17 England are suffering from injuries,the result is indeed clear

  • Maybe both teams will actually play properly this time, as opposed to the disgrace we saw in the group stages.

  • @Maniac Was a good game in the group stages

  • Belgium win.

  • @Champion I think both teams should take it serious in the spirit of the competition. Will be a good taster before the final.

  • Belgium to win and Hazard to show masterclass once again

  • Bobby better play Tielemans and Dendoncker from the start. Future of the midfield, esp with the rest being thirty or more.

  • @dSquib - There's no one "more". Dembélé and Fellaini are the oldest in Belgium's midfield, and even they are just 30.

  • England will show to them this time. i think they still feel the pain of losing to the Croats and that will push them to victory.Belgium is well rested, well fed.. they are in for a big surprise. Go England!

  • @deakyb You always find a way why England should win, even when it makes no sense ... ;-)

  • @neumi17 Look at the history of England. We always found a way, even if it didn't make sense.

  • @deakyb just no

  • @flephmang Sorry mate, I was supposed to reply to the original comment, not yours.

  • @flephmang if Belgium are well rested and well fed, why would they be in for a big surprise? they're fully fit and ready to go! England looked tired against Croatia, they were found out and looked very average after the first half. I don't know if this group of English players have the mentality to bounce back from that defeat. Belgium will be too strong. 2-0 or 3-1

  • Bỉ 2-0 Anh

  • Let's go Red Devils, they are more capable to win this game for the third place in Wolrd Cup.

  • Belgium 3-1 England.