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Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts Form
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Team P W D L GF GA Pts P W D L GF GA Pts P W D L GF GA Pts
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Team Characteristics


+ Fiorentina's Strengths

Counter attacks
Very Strong
Creating chances using through balls
Very Strong
Creating scoring chances
Attacking set pieces
Stealing the ball from the opposition

+ Juventus's Strengths

Finishing scoring chances
Very Strong
Attacking set pieces
Very Strong
Attacking down the wings
Very Strong
Protecting the lead
Stealing the ball from the opposition
Defending set pieces

- Fiorentina's Weaknesses

Finishing scoring chances
Protecting the lead
Defending against attacks down the wings
Very Weak
Defending against long shots
Very Weak
Avoiding fouling in dangerous areas
Very Weak

- Juventus's Weaknesses

(Team has no significant weaknesses)

Fiorentina's Style

  • Attempt crosses often
  • Attempt through balls often
  • Attack through the middle
  • Attacking down the right
  • Take a lot of shots
  • Aggressive

Juventus's Style

  • Control the game in the opposition's half
  • Attacking down the left
  • Short passes
  • Attempt through balls often
  • Possession football
  • Rotate their first eleven
  • Non-aggressive
* Strengths, weaknesses and styles are calculated from statistics of each player's latest two seasons

Match Forecast

Juventus will score from a wingplay situation
Extremely Likely
* Match forecast is generated from clashes in team characteristics.

User Predictions

Comments (136)

  • There are some penaldians who believe Messi has not won the Copa America while playing with Argentina's ''golden generation'' of DiMaria, Higuain, Dybala and Icardi. I don't know which levels of fantasy we're witnessing here, but it's definitely up there with Dungeons & Dragons.

  • @GioMonaldo Their gold generation is not enough strong to win it.

  • This match now has more comments than 2 of the World Cup 1/4 finals thanks to two colossal losers.

  • @dSquib Everyone is a follower of ronaldo. some are haters some are lovers. they fight for this demigod.

  • All Messi fans in Ronaldo article, especially@Pastore10 ..He is even posting the same comments on Real Madrid match. The kind of desperation.

  • @john2james omg I searched this name �������� hes obviously a loser with a sad life to have nothing better to do poor bastard ��������

  • Why so many comments against Ronaldo and Messi?

  • @Mishka All Messi fans are in Ronaldo game, as always.

  • @john2james I am Barcelona fan, but also Real Madrid, Juventus, Manchester United and Liverpool fan. I like different game styles each teams.

  • @PatriotCZ When Ronaldo scores, you call him Penaldo, when Messi scores you call him GOAT..LOL..different game azz

  • @PatriotCZ Just checked ur last posts. All about praising Messi and mocking Ronaldo...When u lie, atleast make sure , it can't be found out.

  • @john2james I liked Ronaldo in MU but not now. For me Messi is better than Ronaldo now. I am not a Ronaldo fan.

  • @PatriotCZ Ronaldo surpassed easily with 3 Cls back to back, winning everything other any teams he played for, and with national teams etc, most CL goals, assist etc etc. But when u mock Ronaldo's penalty as penaldo and Messi's penalty as GOAT, there lies the problem

  • @john2james When did i call Messi GOAT when he shoot goal from penalty?

  • @john2james Because we compare the performace of Messi and Ronaldo and you can only see the difference when you watch both. I liked Ronaldo in MU but now no longer, because he is a traitor.

  • @PatriotCZ Yea. I watch Messi and Ronaldo and Ronaldo can win trophies with any kind of team, be with Turkish league players Portugal or with Real Madrid or Man Utd or now with Juventus. That's more than 4 different teams. Messi did with Barcelona when a time Barcelona players ruled Span national team winning 2 Euros back to back and with world cup.

  • @john2james But i compared individual performance not Teams and yes Real Madrid is better than Barcelona but messi is individual better than Ronaldo.

  • @PatriotCZ If Real Madrid is better than Barcelona now how does Barcelona thrashed 5-1 last game?, Dude u are making no sense here. BTW, in Barcelona's peak , the entire spanish team Xavi,Alba, Iniesta, Busquets, Pique, Pyul, David villa is the stronghold of Spanish team which won 2 Euros back to back and 1 world cup..

  • @john2james Real Madrid is not better than Barcelona now, because they have a new coach, new tactics and too old players.

  • @PatriotCZ with those old players, Ronaldo just won them CL with 15 goals in CL. BTW Ronaldo is older than all other real Madrid players, so old age is also not an excuse. See Messi fans like u will say anything to diminish Ronaldo with lies.

  • @john2james theres no Messi fans, Messi fans are football fans, only Ronaldo fans exist, says all such a player is compared to Messi

  • @Pastore10 why a serial bottler is compared to Ronaldo. What an insult to Ronaldo. BTW you are copy pasting ur comments in Real Madrid articles too. Talking about fearing Ronaldo's talent and success.

  • @john2james Yes CR is a serial bottler, but at least Eder won him an Euro, a little success until he was in Messis shadow in the last 9 years

  • @Pastore10 Under Messi's shadow Ronaldo won 4 Cls in 5 years, with 15 goals in champions league a season. How many times Messi scored more than12 goals in CL?. Yes, ZERO. ZERO times.

  • @john2james Messi is not a poacher waitin for the ball all day long for the best midfield of the world, man they playd only one each other, in 2010 Messi biggest solo run of the UCL history, CR chokin mode as always, when he plays against his biggest fear Messi?

  • @Pastore10 Messi played 3 cl finals, Ronaldo played 6 Cl finals..GOAT.

  • @Pastore10 LOL, Messi cant do nothing in the penalty area, because he doesn't have the height or heading abilities, or have any areal duel skills like Ronaldo. What he does staying in the penalty area? Nothing. Don't talk about Barcelona who won 2 euros back to back and 1 world cup with Messi, say what he did for argentina..? Nothing.

  • @john2james these are only your imaginations, man from 10 neutral football fans 9 will vote for Messi between these two, when will you realize you fight only against your demons?

  • @Pastore10 Messi fans will say Messi is not a poacher, strengthening what he did with his midfield abilities to Aguero, Higuain, Icardi, Tevez and Dybala? These players were top scorers in Spanish, England and in Italy..No trophies...

  • @Pastore10 Thats why Ronaldo won trophies Cls back to back, most CL goals and assists and won trophies with every team he plays that we don't argue useless about it.

  • @john2james a poacher will always score more goals than a deeper player, if that not Messi who is not normal

  • @Pastore10 okay thanks for spending time with me..Will see u around in ronaldo article...

  • @Pastore10 Ronaldo changed his position from right wing to left wing towards his end of career as a striker. BTW, if Messi is not wasting time on penalty area, how does Messi has more shots per match than Aguero, Higuain, Tevez, Dybala and Icardi combined?. Can we agree Messi is ruining the chances of Argentina strikers?. Or can we agree Messi is not helping midfield too

  • did the ronaldo haters not see that he created the most chances here

  • Messi fans talking about Eder. LOL. Just ask which team Eder is playing now, they have to look google right now. The reason why Eder is such a pain for them is Eder scored the final goal,thanks to the confidence he got because of Ronaldo, unlike Higuain who lost all his confidence when playing with Messi.

  • @john2james Yes we talk about him, who won the Euro for Portugal, where your hero always bottle

  • @Pastore10 Don't get upset when Eder plays like Aguero with Ronaldo and Aguero plays like Eder with Messi...Bottle Messi, the one who bottles 4 finals in a row. Even luck is playing like Eder with Messi

  • @john2james I Aguero played like Eder, Messi would've won a Copa America. You're not very bright, but that's not surprising for a penaldian.

  • @Pastore Higuain choked 3 finals, thats the difference, Did any Messi fan see Ronaldo fans blaming other players for Messi's fault?. Higuain scored against Chile and won the game in Copa when Messi was injured. The same Copa, in finals, Messi returned, bottled the penalty and blame goes to whom? Yes Higuain. Higuain scored in knockout stages in world cup where Messi scored ZERO goals and Messi bottled one on one with Neur , but Messi fans blame whom?. Higuain.

  • @john2james i will blame Messi too, if the same will happen in the future than with Ronaldo, 2 missed tournaments 2 wins, 8 tournaments with him 0 wins, i hope Messi will not play in Copa, so we can see, is he the same superstar as CR that its countrys biggest enemy (in Portugal huge FACT? In Argentina dont know

  • @Pastore10 Thanks for the huge 4 finals bottles. They will won world cup again, once messi retire.

  • @Pastore10 Argentina won 2 world cups without Messi. They are fine without Messi. LOL..

  • @john2james just like Portugal, 2 tournaments 2 wins

  • @Pastore10 Portugal won one Euro with Ronaldo. Argentina won 2 world cups and countless Copa without Messi.LOL

  • @john2james yes 2 WC's with cheating

  • @Pastore10 even a fake golden ball by papa blatter didn't help Messi

  • @john2james man i never said Messi is the best player ever, but when he is compared to Ronaldo that simply laughable, Messi is one of the all time greats, and we all know Cr will neevr be in top20, never, and you know it well too, such geniuses played this beautiful game, and then comes this poacher robot, cmon man

  • @Pastore10 You think u are messi, and u are just upset Ronaldo is always taking trophies, goals and awards wherever he goes. Its like some "atheists" keep on saying there is no god all the time, but he keeps on talking about god.

  • @Pastore10 when you spend more time on every Ronaldo article, talking about how ronaldo NOT a great player, that itself shows Ronaldo is the all-time best player. Its that you don't like Ronaldo is the issue here. Is basic psychology 101.

  • @john2james Messi was the best player on whoscored and on squawka too, LOL, unlike Ronaldo in Euro16, was an avarage player as always

  • @Pastore10 do u actually say best player on whoscored?. the level of football knowledge of these messi fans are very embarrassing.

  • @john2james btw are you a Christina fangirl, or a Juventuss fanboy? man Juve will remain looser (in Europe)

  • @Pastore10 BTW Cristiano and Messi means the same meaning That's why I criticize his footballing skills, not his name. Just educating kids

  • @Pastore10 Atleast I am a Ronaldo fan spending time on Ronaldo article. Who are you? Are you Fiorentina fan?. You are simply Ronaldo hater, who is coming here to waste your life with hate comments. Get a life dude.

  • @john2james What LOL you are always in every Barca threads idiot, dont lie again

  • @Pastore10 I don't even care about Barcelona, sorry. I was in Barcelona thread when Barcelona thrash Real Madrid 5-1 without Messi...I think they played freely without Messi.

  • @john2james just like Portugal play freely without CR and win?

  • @Pastore10 Portugal won Euro with Ronaldo. Argentina won world cup without Messi..2 times. LOL. Nothing is for Messi, everywhere Ronaldo beats Messi by a mile. Simeoni in his whatup video said that clearly.

  • @john2james man Di Maria and Banega scored, dont lie Ronaldo dickrider

  • @Pastore10 Atleast admit Argentina thrashed Chile without Messi playing in Copa 2016. Messi came, and he bottled missing penalties.

  • @john2james Messi is lucky to be with a Spanish teammates who won 1 world cup and 2 back to back Euros without him. Messi fans spend time in Ronaldo articles and liking post which are against Ronaldo.

  • Szczesny is the most underrated goalkeeper.

  • @xavistu i am not agree he is the most overrated goalkeeper ever, he is a joke of a goalkeeper!

  • @mor7al "joke of a goalkeeper" and that's why he saved over 80% shots towards goal this season, the best in Serie A and in top 10 GK's in the world at the moment.

  • @Pastore10 Finally Real will be eliminated in the last 16 like usually happened every time before 9 years. Can't be sure, since Real needs to finish top 4 to play in Champions league.

  • Greatest penalty taker of the last 20 years.

  • @GioMonaldo is Robert Lewandowski. Ronaldo has 84% penalties made, RL has 94%.

  • @xavistu I was being facetious. CR is not much better than average at penalties, which is ironic bc that's his specialty :D

  • @xavistu Messis conversion rate is like 70%.

  • anyone seen john2james?

  • @mystic34x I am here dude. Hows bale, Benzema and Real Madrid doing? 6th place?. Good for Europa next time.

  • @john2james in the last year the gap between Real and Barca was 17 points, now only 6 (3) with a horrible starting coach, finally Real is competitve again after 9 dark years in the Primera

  • @Pastore10 Finally Real will be eliminated in the last 16 like usually happened every time before 9 years.

  • @john2james its happened with CR too, Mourinho raised Real level higher, then Zidane saved his unsuccesful Real career

  • @Pastore10 Ronaldo played 2 CL finals at the age of 23, before he came to Real Madrid.

  • @Pastore10 Zidane and Mourinho saved Ronaldo by scoring 15 goals in champions league each season for him.The level of desperation and inferiority complex is beyond unimaginable.

  • @Pastore10 Last year Real Madrid lost 5 games in 38 games. This year Real Madrid lost 5 games in 13 games. Last year Barcelona lost 1 game. This game Barcelona already lost 2 games.

  • Ronaldo has 7.6 thanks penalty. OMG he is GOAT!

  • @PatriotCZ 4 key passes too. BTW some dwarf bottled 2 penalties which cost 2 trophies.

  • @john2james CR bottled penalty vs iIan cost Portugal the WC, CR bottled penalty vs Bayern in 2012 costed Real the CL trophy so on so on so on, he even missed vs barca in 2008 semi final, lucky fraud

  • @Pastore10 Ronaldo won Portugal's only trophy for Portugal, unlike certain dwarf, who bottled 4 finals in a row for a country which won 2 world cups.

  • @john2james and CR played with Golden ball winer Figo, Golden ball second Deco etc etc etc, how many Golden Ball winner or second did Messi play with Argentina? Zero, Portugal was a marginal country till 1996, after then 2 golden generation came out

  • @Pastore10 When Ronaldo become the age of 20, Figo and Deco were retired. Messi is playing with Aguero, Tevez, Icardi, Pastore, Lavezzi, Dimaria, Mascherano, Higuain Dybala. That is called golden generation of all time.Aguro, Tevez, Icardi, Dimaria, Higuain, Dyala ruled Premere league, Spanish league and Italian league. Yet, yet Messi bottled it with Argentinian's golden generation.

  • @john2james why are you lying again? Icardi, Dybala when, where? Higuian LOl yes he cost 3 back to back international trophy for Argentina, what a legend, Di Maria? injured in 14, 15 and 16 finalk stages, Aguero simply never played as startig forward with Messi (or injured) Tevez? the guy who scored 8 goals in 52 matches, OK..

  • @john2james Portugal won without CR, what did Portugal win with CR on the pitch in 2004, in 2006, 2008, 2010 , 2012,. 2014, 2017, 2018 nothing, Portugal wasted 20 years with this marketing superstar, btw he did nothing in the Euro, luck luck luck and defense stability won it for Portugal, and his injury was the key vs the WC-winner, can you imagine how strong is Portugal that beat the WC champion on their home soil without CR? Fckin strong, and agan Cr is not there and Portugal won the Euro Nations Cup, again, random? My ass, Messi lead Argetina into 4 finals, that not luck, like in 2016, then Higuain choked 3 finals, thats the difference, Eder>CR, Higuain (chokers)

  • @Pastore10 The fact is Ronaldo won Euro, by scoring goals in semis for the first time in history. Messi bottled 4 finals. This is not about any luck or unlucky. that is pure bottling by Messi. Don't be jealous because Eder plays like Aguero with Ronaldo and Aguero and Higuain, plays like eder with Messi. Messi is lucky to be with a spanish teamates who won 1 world cup and 2 back to back Euros without him.

  • @john2james Messi bottled in that finals? he played much better, than CR in euro final 2004, euro final 2016, UCL final in 2009, 2014, 2016, 2018 always the teammates save his ass, lucky fraud? Luckynaldo, this will be the year when we will see Cr made the Real Madrid, or Real midfielders made CR? If Cr wont will the CL (unlike in last 3 years) Real Madrid made this lucky troll

  • @Pastore10 losing finals by pathetic display and zero goals or assist and Messi played better?. which drugs you are a taking pastore?

  • @john2james yes CR in these finals scored 0 goals (1 penalty after his celebration was the funniest thing ever), gave 0 assists, were a ghost on the pitch, what the difference? Luck?

  • @john2james these are only the finals when CR was the worst player on the pitch, Messi was good in every final, dominant display, the difference CR teammates save your lover ass

  • @Pastore10 Higuain won against Chile when Messi was injured in Copa. Messi came, Higuain was silenced and Argentina lost against Chile in the final. Inorder to divert blame from Messi, Messi fans blame higuain. This is the same tactic Messi fans uses against Ronaldo when he won Euro 2016. Try to diminish Ronaldo's presence. Perez thought the same like Messi fans and look where is Real Madrid right now. In 2004, at the age of 19, Ronaldo was elected as the best right winger by UEFA, in 2012 Ronaldo was elected as the best left winger by UEFA, in 2016, Ronaldo was elected as the best striker by UEFA

  • @john2james and? he failed three 100% golden chance in 3 finals, on the other hand Eder scored out of nowhere, dont you see how lucky is your homosexual raper?

  • @Pastore10 Messi missed one on one with Neur too. Can't blame higuian when he was forced to play with a bottler. Ronaldo haters are funny. homosexual raper?. Desperate much ?. Messi should send u some pizz for passionately defending him like this

  • @Pastore10 Ronaldo has CL tophies equal to entire Barcelona history. I guess he is allowed to miss some penalties , otherwise he wil be treated as god.

  • @john2james Barca won only 1 before Messi era in 50? years, then 4 in 12 years, thats something, Real always was a CL specialist (98.2000,2002) nothing is happening nowadays, but Real was the biggest championship specialist too, where CR failed with them

  • @Pastore10 you must be watching Real Madrid game now if u love Real Madrid and laliga so much, but hey enjoy staying in Ronaldo windows..

  • @Pastore10 98, 2000,2002 with 3 ballondor winners, Ronaldo, Zidane, Figo with all superstars Real bought with spanish tax money. BTW Barcelona have the highest wage bill though now.

  • @Pastore10 4 CLs in 5 years, 3 Cls consecutive. 10 goals or more in 10 years for Champions league. That is something. BTW Messi played 1 game in 2006 CL, not even on the bench for CL finals and semis..Nice try to make Messi won 2006 CL for Barcelona..LOL

  • @john2james - So Messi didn't win Barca the CL in 2006, but according to you, Ronaldo did win the Euro for Portugal in 2016? Nice leap of logic.

  • @andrew7taylor Ronaldo played in Euro semis, scored and assisted, played in Euro finals too. Messi was not even on the bench in CL 2006 semis and finals. Infact he played a useless game thats it. BTW Messi played all 4 finals for argentina and bottled all 4 finals. Hard to blame it on Higuain(unless we agree Higuain>Messi), who scored in world cup 2014 knockout games, where Messi scored ZERO goals in knockout games in 2014.

  • @andrew7taylor Ronaldo scored 3 goals and 3 assists in Euro, scored 1 goal and 1 assist in semis. Can you tell how many times Messi scored goals in CL? yes 2 times. But Messi fans says Messi won 4 CLs

  • @john2james - First of all, in Euro 2016 Ronaldo had 3 goals and 2 assists, not 3. Second, well done for scoring against Hungary and Wales, but you are saying that he won the Euros for Portugal, while in reality he was very ineffective/invisible in the other 4 matches and of course he got injured after 10 minutes in the final. That's not winning the Euros for Portugal, that's helping them to reach the final.

  • @andrew7taylor According to UEFA website it's 3. Check again. Are you saying are you greater than UEFA?.Hungary and Wales won against big teams, that's why they are there. No need to mock them because Wales beat big teams. Oh wait, you are mocking Wales to diminish Ronaldo's efforts. Look at Messi, Messi scored ZERO goals in knockout stages for Argentina. That is a shame for someone who scored 500 goals for Barcelona. That is utterly shame. Portugal doesn't have many great teammates either unlike Spain, Italy, England or Germany. So have some respect because they won with Ronaldo.

  • @john2james 3 goals in knockout stages (as CR) plus 11 assists, why are you lying again? 11 assists in 16 matches cca the best playmaker ever category, CR? 0 WC knockout goal, zero assist

  • @Pastore10 ZERO goals in knockout stages 2014 world cup with Higuain, Aguero, Tevez, Dybala, Lavezzi, Banega, Dimaria, Icardi. Ronaldo won Euro with Eder, Do you know which club he is playing?

  • @john2james please dont lie again again and again, Ronaldo make every player better? LOL then why Real Madrid spent his weakest era ever in PD? 2/9, i bet with all my money, if Real would have been played every match with only 10 man(without CR) they won more championships than 2 LOL, 3-4 are still bad, but 2? laughable dominance

  • @Pastore10 They concentrate on CLs not on PDs thats why. BTW, Messi bottled golden generation of all time of argentina. Ronaldo won every trophy with every club, not living under the safe house of Spanish team who won 1 world cup and 2 Euros without Messi..Ronaldo won 3 premier leagues, how many Messi?. Don't even go there.

  • @john2james in 2014 Dybala,mIcardi, Banega, Di Maria (injured), Aguero (injured), Tevez? Yes the choker Higuain was there

  • @Pastore10 Lavezzi, Mascherano, god, that is all time golden generation of argentina..and Messi bottled it.Higuain scored in argentina's world cup 2014 knock out game, Messi? Oh yea Zero goals and blames it on higuain. Messi fans and messi are the same, lack of leadership skills, blaming everyone for their faults, but want every praise for free.

  • who say penaldo is a kid :)

  • @marinoJuve Welcome back Penaldo and I am kid. :-D

  • @PatriotCZ Bottler Messi fan always keeps an eye on Ronaldo..Can't complain

  • @john2james also ronaldo's fan they are both kids

  • @marinoJuve ronaldo fans don't care. Ronaldo won euro, have CLs and Ballondor for different clubs..

  • The poisson for this match is showing that a 1-1 draw or 2-1 win for Juve are most likely outcomes. The 1-0 at half time lends itself to these outcomes! Bet on it!

  • Is Pjanic simply resting or is he out for an injury?

  • pls Juve win

  • Its time for Juve to lose some points here..Its all about the bookies

  • Yeah, this one is tricky. Bet under 2,5\3 or Fiorentina +1.

  • 0-1

  • Juve for a 3-1 win. Forza JuVE!!

  • @berhin I think same. 2 from Dybala and 1 from CR7