Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(75) 63 Goals 26 (66)
(59) 47 Assists 24 (44)
(6.7) 7 Average Ratings 7 (6.7)
31.2 Average Age 32.1
185.6 Average Height (cm) 183.6
(1.1) 1.5 Shots pg 0.9 (1.1)
(53%) 52% Aerial Duel Success 51% (53%)
(1) 0.8 Dribbles pg 0.8 (0.7)
(1.2) 1.2 Tackles pg 1.2 (1.2)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Serie A.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Marten de Roon Out 7
José Luis Palomino Out 6.84
Rafael Tolói Out 6.81
Player Reason Status Rating
Juan Cuadrado Out 6.85
Andrea Barzagli Out 6.3
João Cancelo Out 7.2

Team News

  • Both Rafael Tolói and José Luis Palomino are suspended, which means Berat Djimsiti and Andrea Masiello should be safe to play.
  • Marten de Roon is also unavailable due to injury, so that Mario Pasalic is expected to start in midfield.
  • Massimiliano Allegri has previously said Cristiano Ronaldo will not play Juventus' final three games of 2018, which suggests he will be given Boxing Day off.
  • Douglas Costa or Federico Bernardeschi will benefit with a start as a result.


  • Atalanta are struggling for consistency after losing 3-1 to Genoa last weekend.
  • Juventus have won 16 times in 17 league games this season and should continue to win even if Cristiano Ronaldo misses out.

User Predictions

Comments (31)

  • Dybala numbers are so bad this season.

  • @MrNemobody Dybala is doin well. We cant expect him to have the same numbres as he had last season,he have a bit diferent role now.Juve have a lot gr8 players not like some teams that have only 1 presont able to score,he will have his time to shine season is long

  • @MrNemobody i agree he dissapeared when ronaldo joined juve

  • The performance of the team has increased at least 70% just after ronaldo substitution, they were not just losing in the score but also they were outperformance till ronaldo the team is attacking with all the players if the game was five minuites longer they were going to win and the crazy thing that they were only 10 players. Shows to you the huge impact that ronaldo would give to any team.

  • @Mahmoud645 glad you saw the work Pjanic did when joined from the bench (maybe 0.467% for you) and also crucial aerial win and pass by Mandzukic who has been the stand out guy during the most important league matches. Some of the guys are so underrated and then there is THE one who is always "single-handedly" pulling teams to wins. First Real, now Juve, omg.

  • @Mahmoud645 too bad reality is in 1 month he will be 34 years old , he is old soon he will be finished probably

  • @stefanm Finished???Like Real are now ???Are you that "who need ronaldo kid "???

  • @svetoslav Juventus vs Young Boys 3:0 without Ronaldo Juventus vs Young Boys 1:2 with Ronaldo Ronaldo is too old now and worse than in Real Madrid.

  • @JimmyHopkins young boys,huventus 1 2 sold game.

  • @JimmyHopkinsYou are kiding me right ???

  • @svetoslav Do you want to tell me that Ronaldo is better in Juventus than in Real Madrid?

  • Bad performance from Juventus today.

  • How is that not an error leading to goal for Bonucci... ?

  • @xavistu easy because It was not only Leo mistake

  • @mor7al It was both Bonucci and De Sciglio fault, but it was Leonardo letting Zapata get passed him.

  • De Sciglio just let Zapata shoot right in front of him instead of trying to block his shot. I've seen better defending from Lukaku.

  • @GioMonaldo Lukaku would have missed the goal with his shot

  • @uefalona what shot? are u retarded?

  • @GioMonaldo Lukaku is a striker, not a defender

  • @uefalona - That was his point, can't you read? He said that Lukaku, a striker, has shown better defending than De Sciglio, a fullback did.

  • @andrew7taylor I bet you 5 euros he still didn't get it.

  • draw

  • BTTS

  • Tonight Cristiano EGOISTANALDO is not playing. I expect best Juve game this season 0-3 , 0-4 mark my words.

  • @stefanm yup you're wrong its halftime and you have half a brain from what i see

  • @BSN they were leading 0-1 my son , now they are in trouble because bentacur red card . you should move on to next sport my son, football is not for tunisians.

  • @stefanm because Serbia is better when it comes to football? lol and if that's the only thing you have to say than i am wasting my time with you oh and right they were leading 0-1 "my son" but it was an own goal which doesn't determine the level of their performance at all, and you mentioned the bentacur red card but why didn't you mention that it was 1-1 at that time!! and then ronadlo went in, scored and saved their asses from their first loss in the league this season, now how hard was that to swollow? you're lying to yourself, and how ungrateful can you be for what he did to real in 9 years

  • @stefanm Propagando will be on the bench tho and he'll play if they need him.

  • Bernardeschi is also injured.

  • Draw nd BTTS yes

  • Tough game, but I expect Juve to win it 2-1 with one goal coming from Douglas Costa. Forza JuVE.