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  • Juve is just a CR fanboy club in 18/19, it's sad to know, 9 comments before I post mine, no one really gives a shit. RIP.

  • juventus win 1-0

  • wow Juventus have almost their whole club injured, with what's left they'll have a hard time in Ajax

  • 2-1 Cagliari

  • CR hat-trick and MOTM

  • @GioMonaldo whoscored should ban fopdoodles like you lol

  • @GioMonaldo ciders bossss/...

  • I have some feeling about Cagliari double chance. Juve are starting to show their lack of motivation in Serie A with that many points clear on the top, while Cagliari are still not completely safe from the relegation battle (just 8 points from Empoli).

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