Probable Lineups

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Probable Lineups Statistical Comparision

(66) 38 Goals 39 (45)
(44) 29 Assists 18 (24)
(6.7) 7 Average Ratings 6.8 (6.6)
28.4 Average Age 24.5
184.8 Average Height (cm) 183.2
(1.1) 1.4 Shots pg 1.5 (1)
(53%) 49% Aerial Duel Success 49% (50%)
(0.9) 0.8 Dribbles pg 0.6 (0.7)
(1.1) 1.2 Tackles pg 1.1 (1.3)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Serie A.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Mattia Perin Out 6.55
Martín Cáceres Out 6.3
Giorgio Chiellini Doubtful 6.98
Paulo Dybala Doubtful 7.08
Mario Mandzukic Doubtful 7.34
Player Reason Status Rating
Marko Pjaca Out 6.43

Team News

  • Juventus were eliminated from the Champions League in midweek and will field their strongest available XI here to wrap up the league title.
  • Moise Kean will have to settle for a place on the bench as there is no need to rest Cristiano Ronaldo anymore.
  • Vincenzo Montella's first major change as Fiorentina manager has been to change formation and that has forced Federico Chiesa to play at right wing-back.


  • Juventus' season has been a huge disappointment even if they wrap up the league title this weekend. Winning the Champions League was their real objective and they were eliminated in the quarter-finals.
  • Fiorentina would love to inflict further misery on Juventus this weekend but they have failed to win each of their last nine matches in all competitions.
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User Predictions

Comments (49)

  • No goals no rating for Ronaldo....his creative play is non existent.

  • I guess that Ronaldo is beside himself with happiness for winning the Serie A.

  • Congrats Juve! Pjanic is Juventus´s GOAT. but Ronaldo? :-D Ronaldo plays worse than Benzema this season Tons of lost balls, horrible in dribbling, angry when his team wins, because he doesnt shoot a goal, totally selfish and useless without his feeders, worst season in his history...

  • @JimmyHopkins "Pjanic is Juventus´s GOAT." that's when i stopped and said to my self this guy either don't know what GOAT means or he just retarded

  • @JimmyHopkins he had never would be better without Modric and co.

  • Historic moment for Juventus as they win a record 8th consecutive scudetto. Bravi ragazzi! tears in my eyes.

  • @GioMonaldo What's so special about it? With the current state of affairs in Serie A, winning eight consecutive scudetti is basically like wanking eight consecutive times.

  • @BeautifulLoser It's special bc it's a new world record of most consecutive league wins among the top 5 leagues. We are witnessing history here and I don't think any other club will ever achieve this.

  • @GioMonaldo Bayern Munich next year maybe? World records for consecutive league wins automatically debar the league in question from belonging to the top 5.

  • The sad par is that Can is beter defender than Bonnuci and Rugani :(

  • @svetoslav 3 mega signings*

  • @svetoslav That is what i told everybody at the start of the season but "hater" they said... Juve gonna win they said... The truth is juve need at least mega signings to be on par with the juve that went to the finals.

  • Is Our Great Leader playing? or waiting for tapins and diving and crying for penalties as always? :-D

  • @JimmyHopkins He is nervous because he is having worst goal scoring season since 2008/09 :DDDDDD

  • Chiesa is like Messi tonight.... wow.. while Ronaldo is... Ronaldo.

  • @stefanm you do know that ronaldo was better overall than chiesa today right?

  • @BSN hahahahahaha good joke you definetly made me laugh!!! :D

  • The least they can do is a home win...after Ajax. The underestimation of Ajax Amsterdam is what killed Juventus CL title dream.

  • Juve will play for goals, so open match, bts easy. 3-1 or 3-2

  • Juventus are going to win Serie A, in other news the sky is blue :)

  • ronaldo will lose motivation and will have his worst season statistically since 2008/2009

  • @BSN Not this season, his worst season will be next year xD

  • @k.1 haters always say he'll be finished next season every season, when will you guys learn

  • @BSN Well I am not one of them. I do not think that ronalldo will have a bad season because of his individual abillities failing. I think he will have a bad season because juventus will be even worse than this year.

  • @k.1 without signing new players and building a team for the future they'll end up like milan, mandzukich and khedira should leave

  • @BSN The problem is that they cannot generate enough money to fill all the gaps. If chiellinis age caches up to him (and it propably will next season) they need 2 deffenders. At least 1 elite midfielder. And 2 forwards because dyballa will leave and costa is not reliable.

  • @BSN No way, he will still want those top scorer awards. He wants that Golden Shoe and he knows Messi will have to miss at least a few league games for resting. This is his opportunity to catch up.

  • @GioMonaldo mate do you expect him to score 2 in each game at least to catch up? in this boring defensive league that's impossible

  • @BSN I just went and added up all the goals scored in La-Liga and Serie-A and it turned out like this... La liga total goals scored: 837. Serie-A total goals scored:871. Judging by this stat, at least for this year, its easier to score in Serie-A than in La-Liga

  • @k.1 LOL You didn't need to add up all the goals, you could've just checked the Wikipedia articles for Serie A and La Liga, they already have up to date goals per game ratios for all European leagues. Just fyi: this season La Liga has a 2.6 goal per game ratio compared to 2.66 for Serie A, very close and both much more defensive than Bundesliga and EPL, but the most defensive is Ligue 1 currently.

  • @GioMonaldo Yeah i tries to google first and could not find it... Was not very time consuming. Just put all the goals from the table in a calculator.

  • @BSN Did you forget how he scored 8 goals just for fun in last March in an equally defensive La Liga? he's out of UCL and Coppa, he can focus entirely on Serie A now.

  • Juve wins minimal 1-0 or 2-0

  • @Cannavaro69 do you have any bet advise for today bro?

  • Juve win or draw. Mr Challenge to help Juve finally win Serie A after 7 years without winning.

  • @Davisson wtf are you talking about? Juve won Serie A in 2015!

  • 2 teams that have nothing to play for.Lest just go whit 4-4 draw

  • @svetoslav Juve still have to play for CR7's Capocannoniere

  • @BarcaPlsLetMeDown y m8 thats why i am sayin 4-4, 4 for ronaldo and they shound try to defend too hard cos they cant whitout chielini anyway

  • Juve win

  • 3-0 hetrick from penalty spot by Mr. Surogat mother = Penaldo.

  • @stefanm Lmao I swear the Ronaldo haters are just everywhere in masses. Y'all really got nothing better to do than hate on a dude all day who could literally buy your whole family 500 times over? I guess out of 7 billion people there's gotta be the losers of the bunch..