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Real Madrid

Viktoria Plzen

Real Madrid

Viktoria Plzen

Real Madrid

Viktoria Plzen

Real Madrid

Viktoria Plzen

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Comments (34)

  • Maybe Real will get small win, can't expect too much from Madrid these days...

  • @neumi17 2-1 to Tiktoria Plzen,in past it can be 6-0,7-0.

  • @neumi17 They expelled Ronaldo,they expelled win.

  • a cleansheet is rare now in Madrid

  • If Real don't score twice, they will risk a draw

  • @footballover thank god they did

  • @BSN God.

  • VP equalizer pleeze

  • Madrid is laying in its field,they will not loose.

  • @Whou play.

  • hopefully 2-3 and titi-kaka mug will be out and Conte teakes over:)

  • @koziol.mutant Conte who?

  • Real Madrid Win & BTTS yes

  • 3:0 / 4:2

  • Trap

  • Real madrid -2.5 seems really good value.

  • @angelo44 only seems...

  • 8-0

  • 0-15

  • now or never , RM 3-1

  • if Real don't win, it's definite match fixing

  • @mIKe9441 Do u think the RM fans wud go so far just to get rid of Julen, please have more sense than that.

  • @offside I wasn't aware that the fans can fix matches :))))

  • @mIKe9441 or maybe... just maybe... it's because Real Madrid is bad

  • @MessiGOAT (smile on face) go take ur truths elsewhere

  • Victoria Plzen win!

  • @Mwakaokalo VP win = Turrontegui

  • Real was very unlucky in last game against Levante, I see them win high here of course if Lopetegui wont rest key players ahead of Barca match this weekend. -2 handicap for Real seems a good value here

  • When everyone is expecting Real M to win they lose and now when Real M lost several games everyone think they will always lose. :D Come on, dudes, use your brain. Real M is going to smash Plzen here.

  • 1-2

  • @pyt55 Viktoria is weak team, they lost 5-0 to Roma...

  • @stefanm , Madrid is a weak team, they lost to levante, lol, kidding

  • 5-0