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  • It's coming hooomeeeee!

  • Kane has offered nothing outside of penalties for far too long now, how Tarkowski can't get in this squad is beyond me. Rose and Trippier were both shite again and Jordan Henderson offers nothing other than making up the numbers

  • @JoeB91- Tarkowski and others like Dunk are good pure defenders but aren't that good on the ball. Keane isn't amazing but he's better than those two and Gomez is better on the ball than he is as a defender. Whether this is the right policy is up for debate. I would personally tailor the tactics for the available personnel and the four defenders we had last night aren't good enough, as a whole, to do what Southgate wants them to.

  • @JoeB91 it doesn't matter, they just try things

  • Kane is always taking penalties these days

  • @NuchalLine right

  • @NuchalLine Because he wants to score and that is his only chance to do so ...

  • Eight English starting players are 26 y.o or under, all of them under 30

  • @Fromhell And that is special ?

  • @neumi17 Yes, in many ways.

  • 2-2

  • England corners win 100%