Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(9) 5 Goals 11 (19)
(4) 2 Assists 9 (13)
(6.6) 6.6 Average Ratings 6.8 (6.8)
31.4 Average Age 33.1
183.8 Average Height (cm) 180.1
(1) 1.1 Shots pg 1 (1.2)
(57%) 58% Aerial Duel Success 52% (56%)
(0.7) 0.7 Dribbles pg 1 (0.8)
(1.2) 1.2 Tackles pg 1.2 (1.4)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Final Stage.

Missing Players

Man Utd
Player Reason Status Rating
Antonio Valencia Out 6.81
Matteo Darmian Out N/A
Marcos Rojo Doubtful 6.39
Victor Lindelöf Doubtful 6.52
Player Reason Status Rating
Edinson Cavani Out 6.83
Neymar Out 8.44
Thomas Meunier Out 6.85
Adrien Rabiot Out 6.66
Lassana Diarra Out N/A

Team News

Man Utd
  • Anthony Martial has cemented a starting spot after his performance against Fulham on Saturday.
  • Marcus Rashford, Ashley Young and Jesse Lingard will also return to the starting XI after being rested at the weekend.
  • Victor Lindelöf was not risked against Fulham after picking up a small injury and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will hope he recovers in time for Tuesday.
  • The only doubt in the starting XI is who partners Lindelof at centre-back. Solskjaer may opt for Eric Bailly to utilise his pace against Kylian Mbappe.
  • Antonio Valencia and Nemanja Matic are one booking away from missing the return leg, though the former is injured.
  • Paris Saint-Germain are expected to be without Neymar and Edinson Cavani for both legs.
  • Thomas Meunier will miss out on Tuesday because of concussion, but PSG at least have Marco Verratti back even if he is not at peak physical fitness.
  • Kylian Mbappe is expected to lead the line for the away side, while Dani Alves has been tipped for a more advanced right-wing position.
  • Thilo Kehrer and Verratti will miss the return leg if they are booked at Old Trafford.


  • Paris Saint-Germain were expected to thrash Manchester United when the draw was made in December but so much has changed since then that United have a real chance of progressing.
  • United have won 10 of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's first 11 matches in charge and come up against a PSG side that will be without star forwards Neymar and Edinson Cavani. The Red Devils are by no means guarenteed to win on Tuesday night but they will be disappointed if they don't take an advantage into the second leg.
  • PSG only win in the Champions League away to English opposition was against Chelsea in 2016, otherwise their record is D4, L5. An away goal would leave them in a good position for the second leg.

User Predictions

Comments (160)

  • So many haters on here. It was a typical first leg, interesting to watch. Man U putt up a fight in the first half but PSG's experience prevaled this time. Still not over for Man U, look at 2 years ago when an unbelievably strong PSG dominated Barcelona with 4-0 but then got f*cked with 6-1. PSG are known to bottle it in the 2nd leg, will be an interesting 2nd leg if Man U can start with attacking and score early...

  • @Kendev You are a true fan. Keep it up.

  • @Kendev A typical first leg with a 0-2 defeat on home soil? That is typically a farewell to ChL ... I watched Tuchel during this match, what a sight. A little thin man obsessed with furious rage against his own team untill they scored - then he danced. What a jerk!

  • @jesper 0-2 isn't the whole story. The real whiners are United supporters crying for Kimpembe to be sent off, rightly so, but the fact that their midfield got dominated from 1st minute to the final whistle is telling, the fact that PSG was playing a makeshift midfield is even more telling, and the final nail in the coffin is that United were playing at home with Pogba going to miss the 2nd leg. PSG scores the first goal at home in the 2nd leg and United will need 4 goals without reply from that point onwards.

  • @jesper The jerk who built a system that works, damn it. PSG's movement from defense to offense was so clear-cut. I don't think that if Neymar and Cavani were on they would have a system as great as Tuchel had prepared for this match cos the two stars would want to have the ball, and there would be much competition between the players themselves.

  • Epl is a joke

  • @NuchalLine Ligue 1 la a bigger joke and you se PSG beating Man U, it's not a thing about leagues, it's a thing about teams

  • first defeat for manchester united. no problem, they will be replied to in leg 2...optimize

  • I really thought that United would put up a better performance against them just for that reason that Neymar and Cavani are missing. But they(PSG) really outplayed them, they are really at least one lvl higher...

  • The only good PL team is City. They have a chance of winning UCL, the others are not in the highest "elite" club. Liverpool is a one trick pony, any quality midfield cancels their game - their defenders and midfielders are simply not good enough to compete with teams like City, Barca, Real, etc.

  • @mysterious City are good against shit teams, they choke in the semi every season, this season will be the same. Don't let the Chelsea scoreline flatter you, Bournemouth thumped them 4-0, Chelsea players are trying to get their manager sacked just like what United players did earlier.

  • @mysterious with their money Olimpiacos can win champions league.

  • @mysterious I dont think City is that good. They will have to grind hard to reach semis. Their previous record doesn't help so.

  • @yash8117 yeah i agree, i would say then the only PL team that has a chance to have a good result (final, even semifinal) in UCL is City

  • @mysterious True. On European level city is the best PL team. Only team with a good midfield and attack and defense in PL. Others are so unbalanced.

  • Real reality check here.

  • @dSquib and this ain't about dumping on the EPL or whatever but the fact that MU have a long way to go and need Pogba to be at least 8/10 to compete. There is really very little long term or inventive thinking at that club anymore. They just buy up whoever has a good half season. It's one thing to buy unproven players, unavoidable, but another thing to persist with them for so long after they clearly don't have it. Also PSG are just really good under Tuchel. Fancy them as favorites at this point (long way until final obvs).

  • I loved to see Di Maria destroying United after all the effort they made to make him look awful that he didn't make it there.

  • Dani Elves is a Legend.

  • @realnews Never heard of him, but Daniel Alves is for sure a legend ...

  • @realnews - Who?

  • @andrew7taylor its dany the elves, legolas's brother

  • @pasopati - LOL

  • Epl is a joke

  • Man u don't belong to champions league.

  • don't know what to do. Feel sick. Lost so much money. I'm shaking can't believe it This was a lock?

  • @angelo44 Idioto de la angel o.

  • Sanchez is simply null on the pitch. It's an offence to football having him as the highest-paid player in the Premier League.

  • Ref was the 12 man for PSG today. Kimpembe scored and shouldn't have even been on the pitch. Tragedy.

  • @childishjp no,he don't give second yellow to young.

  • @childishjp Young didn't deserve to finish the match as well. Anyway, Di Maria got up and finish the job. Marvelous.

  • Men against boys, very few man utd players belonged on the same pitch tonight.

  • MAntd was very bad,playing like all english league,punch a ball,run.Punch a ball,run.And very rude,like playing rugby.


  • @neymar4eva Never heard any1 say that, but they do play in a farmer's league.

  • @IvanDimitrov the co efficient tells us the EPL is stronger than Ligue 1 and we all know it is. Equally we all know that PSG are a financially doped petroclub dominating a relatively weak league. We all know this. They are a carbon copy of Manchester City only City have more competition in a stronger league. Good luck to the pSG fans. They can enjoy harvesting trophies in France and having UCL runs but don't lets pretend we don't all know how it is possible.

  • @iluveverton Wow you sound so bitter, even Lyon managed to defeat Man City. Half of EPL's best stars came from Ligue 1 mind you, the other half from La Liga. If Ligue 1 is so weak then why are your top clubs vying for the likes of Pepe, Atal, Aouar, or Ndombele? True, the mid table of Ligue 1 probably can't compete with EPL but their top teams are on par with EPL's best. At the very least I'm pretty sure Montpellier and Lille can comfortably beat the likes of Everton or Watford.

  • @vieri Not bitter at all mate. Just reporting facts which are unarguable.

  • buffon i believe has in his destiny a champions league medal, i just hope and really wish neymar is back for the quarter finals.

  • di maria man of the match, amazing display of everything but above courage, mabppe scored a tapin and didn't do anything else to get such a high rating, marquinhos alves silva bernat and verratti were amazing, too good.

  • That second yellow card for Pogba wasn’t fair

  • @proud93 I agree tbh. He's just protecting the ball. It wasn't dirty. He wasn't trying to hurt anyone.

  • @Champion He didn't get yellow for being dirty, but for being reckless. I mean it's an obvious yellow for me because h e hit Dani Alves with the pitons of his boots. I've seen straight reds for less...

  • a lot of expert on whoscored comments done it again, good prediction guys!

  • PL standards are so low. Still Loserpool fans will boast that they have best squad in the world. None of the PL teams can compete PSG,La liga teams,Juventus,Bayern or Borussia imo. But yeah these people will never stop hyping this league and players.

  • @yash8117 If PL is so bad then why do we have more teams left in the last 16 than any other league?

  • @yash8117 I don't agree. PL standard is high enough, it is just man utd bad. Man city and Liverpool are very strong. Due to highly competitive within the domestic league, the English team seems to have the least recovery time. Let's see spurs vs borussia dortmund tonight.

  • @yash8117 Take it easy, Liverpool already beat PSG this season. And Barcelona at full strength would have a field day with PSG.

  • @GioMonaldo Not a PSG fan. And dont talk about Barcelona. What strength do Barcelona have except their attack? They were second best against RM in clasico. They have sucked so far this season(compared to last one) and Atleti too. RM is kinda though. Group stages don't count. Last year RM lost to Tottenham,this year Juve lost to ManU, every year Barcelona comes out on top. But after all they exit in round of 8. lol

  • @yash8117 that's why I wrote 'at full strength', moron. Learn to read.

  • @GioMonaldo What is full strength? Don't they usually start with full strength in KOs. Would make sense if you have any injuries. These are just excuses.

  • @yash8117 "None of the PL teams can compete PSG" - Well, Liverpool won against them this season. City would easily defeat them.

  • @MrNemobody Same comments as last year or yesteryears. Been listening to these for quite some years. Don't boast this much. Talk after you accomplish something.

  • @yash8117 We will see won't we when the CL finishes. Man City are going to be very difficult to beat over 2 legs for anyone in the CL that's left. In fact it's arguable Man City are the best squad in the CL draw.

  • @Champion Ok ok. I see their performances of past. Hard to beat over 2 legs lol

  • @Champion Just like how Man United were supposed to be better than PSG before this match?

  • Wow, didn't see that coming... United were not just bad, they were EXTREMELY bad and were purely outclassed by PSG. I can't imagine what would've happened if Cavani and Neymar were there... They missed their best shot and are 99% out of CL.

  • @specter Manager didn't help them. They needed a proper physical centre forward in a game like this. i.e. Lukaku.

  • Solskjaer got schooled. Should have started with Lukaku and didn't redeem his mistake either. That's poor management. I can't believe how inflexible he was. Bringing on Mata was pointless unless it was to remove Matic, put Mata right central midfielder move Herrera to central CM and go for it with Rashford and Martial wide and Lukaku up front. The tie is now dead and Solksjaer shows he isn't brave when his team is behind in an important home game. MU won't be able to turn this around away from home, especially not without Pogba who in my opinion shouldn't have been sent off.

  • @Champion in a game like this Lukaku offers little. OGS kept the side that has served him well. Man Utd were schooled by a superior side.

  • Bring back Mourinho!!!!

  • @maedafoca Than it would have been 0-0

  • Well deserved victory for Psg even without Neymar and Cavani.

  • Sanchez easily MOTM. Comeback in second leg very likely with maestro Pogba at the helm.

  • Pogba biggest flop ever seen

  • Manu without Pog's; is like game over for them in CL.

  • @DemonixX Don't you think its good for ManU. Pogba is doing nothing except scoring. Never seemed he is a mid. No control over the middle of the park simply because of weak midfield. Pogba is a kind of star midfielder which every team but he is playing like a winger and staying more in the box.

  • @yash8117 Pogba is Manchester United's best player. Best passer, best dribbler and can score goals. He's got license to get in the box and have a full pitch free role, that's down to the manager if you disagree with it. Pogba wouldn't be allowed to play like he did if the manager wasn't giving him license to do that.

  • @Champion Nice one 3.9% possession .9% more than Mbappe who was playing as a striker. Good for your standards. All the B2B mids have full pitch role. They don't play like this. Every manager knows that they can't start a midfielder to play in the box all the time. How much possession did ManU have in opponent third or in mid? All they controlled is their third. How many did Pogba help out his defense or carry the ball? Not that I remember. Seems like he is fulling on one part of his role. Scoring lots of goals doesn't make you good. It may work in PL but never in CL. You will choke against all teams which know how to control the game.

  • The Babyface Assassinated. Man Utd are seeing stars for the first time in two months.

  • @Maarten It's not a disaster. psg is just too good, they have too much quality. man u must not be ashamed.

  • @Yassine_1 PSG are a very strong squad I agree. There's no shame in anyone losing to a team like this..

  • United plays like Mourinho is on the bench. Is this a joke or what?

  • Can't believe. PSG without Neymar, Cavani and Munier and United are still losing... at home.

  • This really says much about the level of English football, doesn’t it?

  • @leZickzack, yep.

  • JoseOUT

  • This team of Manchester is a joke.

  • @Ouftey You don't suddenly become a joke because you lose to a team like PSG by 2goals.

  • Eric Bailly deserves an error for the Mbappe goal. There is no excuse for a CB to not know exactly what was going to happen in that situation. Matic also deserves an error for Kimpembe's goal. Utd have largely shut PSG down and Kimpembe should be off but this would be 0-0 had Matic and Bailly been game aware.

  • @SteveHyland What? PSG created more chances. Every goal which is scored is due to some error by the opponent. In your view every match should end as 0-0.

  • @yash8117 You are allowed to score great goals, well worked goals, perfect strikes etc. It's possible to defend perfectly and still concede tons of goals especially if you are physically and technically inferior to the opponent. Your argument is nonsense.

  • Shaw is a disaster...

  • Poor game so far, i am dissapointed.

  • I think maria deserves better rating , he dispossessed couple of times manu players, idk .

  • if united doesnt score in this game i stop normal pre-game betting forever, i dont understand this world anymore

  • United the same shit they were under Jose

  • How didn't Young get the second yellow there?

  • @Sinaj It was shoulder on shoulder. Di Maria got bad luck to slip and fall there, but we see this kind of dispute all the time in football.

  • @Sinaj it’s common that referees are against PSG in UCL

  • @proud93 Joke or not? Referee "forgot" to give faults to PSG

  • Lame game, PSG doesn't know what to do and ManU can't do anything anyhow. Not sure why Sanchez wasn't on from minute 1, looks like a scrappy 1-0 to whomever.

  • That was an awful first's hoping for more goalmouth action in the 2nd half.

  • Sir Ole 2-0 or 3-1

  • @koziol.mutant We will see ...

  • No chance for PSG here especially without two of their main players. Ole has revived United to the point where they are one of the favorites.

  • United must win this game to get through on CL. PSG without Cavani, Neymar and Verratti has some physical troubles too... I'm going with Red Devils to win, c'mon United! @2.35

  • DRAW

  • A tricky match. If Mourinho was there, Man Utd would have surely lost. But it is now better. Plus key players are absent from PSG squad. So, a 2-2- draw

  • 2-2 Mbappe to score against Utds slow defence.

  • 1-1

  • Manchester United win. 2-1 / 3-1

  • 1 - 2 to psg with Mbappe & De Maria to score with corner from matic

  • 2-0

  • Paris will not lose this match, mark my word

  • @Cannavaro69 "mark my words" lol.. you've been wrong many times. You might aswell stop saying it to save you embarrassment.

  • @Cannavaro69 same 1 - 2 with a win to PSG

  • @Cannavaro69 You need to be more open minded. It is an impossible dream to be always right predicting football. MU are the favourites on paper pre-game.

  • @Champion Where went off your pen paper.... My prediction 1 :2 But 0 : 2 Y didn't they deserve Atleast 1 for MU

  • @Champion what paper are you talking about 0:2 Paris :)

  • Unlucky PSG. This could have been way more interesting with Neymar and Cavani. Expecting a 1-1 here.

  • @Ambrose if psg didn't have them injuries then you'd say that. Psg doesn't stand a chance tonight.

  • @Jayjes ambrose was right :) u weren't

  • I don’t see any point the MU dogs could progress to quarter final. please admit the fact that they are not even much to Euro standard now. Z1:1 / 0:1

  • @ambrose good job

  • @ambrose , dog must have bitten your assso hard that your ass still hurts. Your manner has no standard and you are talking about European standard

  • 2 for manchester united, 0 for PSG. MU in a good performance now, never lost since Ole Gunner as a manager..

  • 3-0

  • PSG don't need much here they just need to protect buffon's goal long enough to frustrate united. They might not score much themselves as they'll be playing with just 3 pure attackers. 4 goals in this game isn't a real possibility 1X and u3.5 and a high corner kick count

  • There seem to be a number of people writing Utd off. I could understand that based on the time of the draw but this Utd team are an entirely different animal. Everybody is playing for the manager, they obviously prefer the attacking style of OGS (classic Utd, I must say Fergie will be proud) and PSG have 2 massive injuries which has a knock-on effect of 2 players being played out of their best position. Mbappe's goalscoring record as a #9 looks good but there are many weak defences in France. Hell, I could play in a couple of them. In January, his goals have come against Amiens, Guingamp and Rennes- 2 of the 3 worst defences plus the 10th. I don't see this as a given PSG win, especially with their reputation of bottling it at important moments. Providing Utd don't go into their shell and invite pressure from good footballing teams (something which killed them in the Mourinho era), they can take a lead to Paris. 2-1 Utd.

  • @SteveHyland Animal can not win human with where must have brain.

  • Put your house, savings and everything you own on United. PSG ALWAYS CHOKE in champions league. Absolute pretenders. No heart at all. United , passion , motivation , form 3-1

  • @angelo44 did you lose everything i can bail you out in exchange for your woman :D

  • @Bmaxillon haha!

  • @Olashmartinez feel sick shaking right now

  • Manchester United need to go for it and play with freedom. Without Neymar and Cavani , MU are very superior to PSG on paper and form. MU need to push for a big first leg advantage. It all depends on if OGS and MU get stage fright. If they play like they have been carefree football they will win by 2+

  • I believe United have been carried away alot lately even though they been during superbly. Solskjaer is still a rookie. United hardly have any world class players with the exception of De Gea and Pogba who is still to prove himself under United shirt. Honestly speaking I can see Mbappe beating United on his own! He is that lethal. United need alot to go their way to be favourites for the tie. I believe PSG will go through purely because they have more quality and strength! the WS prediction is purely based on WS being a London based website and its admins being English. Obviously they will favour an English side on their prediction! LOL

  • @albgunn WS prediction is 2-1 for United. PSG will be extremely happy if they lose only to 2-1. This result does NOT favorize the English side at all, since it would be more than good for PSG.

  • @norbipaloczi mmm....

  • Man Utd may be in good spirits and form but PSG still superior and just as motivated. For all talk of missing players for PSG only Pogba and DdG would get playing time for PSG. United I expect will start brightly but will need to rely on DdG (fine) and Matic (less convincing) to get a result. 2-1 PSG.

  • 2-1 M.UNITED

  • btts easy bet

  • underrated man utd 4 - 0 PSG. nothing easy here but don’t be surprised if this madness happens. UNITED would attack attack attack. possibly sending a message to Europe “don’t forget who we are, this is Manchester United”.

  • @P.Y we are shitchester united you mean ?

  • 1X&over 1,5

  • The line up is still good for PSG, Alves will be tracking back to help in defense, Mbappe will play as false 9 the way Sanchez played at Arsenal. Draxler and Di Maria will play in flanks, This is the same PSG that destroyed Barcelona 4:0. The only change is that Mbappe is playing for Cavani. Many United fans are heading into the game thinking it will be an easy ride but how wrong they are. I will not be shocked if PSG win 2:1. Otherwise, UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is back!

  • @PimpimActuary good one

  • @PimpimActuary psg will not win gea will disgrace them....

  • PSG shouldnt even be on this stage. Napoli were superior to them on group stage. Now without cavani and neymar, they will lose against this in-form united. They been joking around in their clown fiesta league and playing against trash lower division teams on cups. The only serious game they had recently they lost. They will never succeed on champions league until they change their philosophy. They build their team around neymar but guess what, he doesnt give a fuck about PSG nor their supporters. He just wants his ballon d'or but he doesnt even sweat his shirt for it.

  • No better time for United to take such an important win against PSG. Without Ney, Cavani, Meunier and with out of shape Veratti (if he even plays), it'll be really tough for the visitors, especially up front. Mbappe'll probably struggle without his two partners alongside... I'm thinking 2-0.

  • @specter PSG scored in every away game of the season, they'll score here too, United defense anything but good, Alves-di Maria-Draxler-Mbappe and MU wont conceede? i dont see it, unpredictable match, onlly BTTS is very likely, but from 3:1 to 1:3 everything is imaginable

  • @Pastore10 1:3 LOL only if the refs are playing for PSG.

  • 3-1

  • No Cavani, no Neymar, no Meunier, maybe without Verrati, United 2-0 / 2-1

  • Let's watch live how the blues get blacked by the reds. Pogba's home-made baguette will surely lower Les Parisiens self-confidence to zero. A Shaw croissant towards the net, than Lukaku finish with a header. Classic innit m8, oi oi oi

  • @OldSport Pogba was selfish he had his home-made shit himself

  • i guess its a win for manu here, with mu is on form and neymar + cavani are injured.

  • Manchester United win both teams to score

  • No Cavani , No Neymar. 2-1 win for United here I'm sure.

  • Neymar is out and now with Cavani likely to miss aswell, it is becoming increasingly likely that PSG will have to fight hard in order to progress to the next round. I think United can win this game.

  • Well, I really hope MU can progress, because I hate that moneybag on the other side. However, Man United have the strongest league to fight in and can't be that fit for a CL game like PSG, who play in a ridiculous playground, named League 1, where they can rest any player they want anytime. PSG really wants to prove thet money can buy CL trophy, and all in all, the are favourites to progress here, laughing in the face of the UEFA and its financial fair play efforts.

  • United 2-1 PSG. Maybe 1-1, I don't think PSG will win this game...