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  • Ajax on their way to a potential Treble.

  • 2-3

  • Believe isac will be a key man to the willem side and score 2 or 3 goals this game

  • @mendu123 What's up with you swede ? Are you gonna write this about every swedish player now, that kicks somehow the ball around ? None of this players have the class to shine on a high level. Forsberg was not even be under the 11 best players yesterday but you though he would be Motm ... ;-))

  • @neumi17 and according to his profile, mendu123 isn't Swedish

  • @neumi17 actually Isak plays well, look up his stats

  • @wilde Not in this or the previous games. I know that Isak ist doing all right in the dutch league and scored a lot of goals in the beginning. But this user makes those predictions about every swedish player in any league.