Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(20) 13 Goals 17 (24)
(18) 12 Assists 13 (18)
(6.7) 6.9 Average Ratings 7 (6.8)
32.5 Average Age 31
182.6 Average Height (cm) 182.9
(1.1) 1.3 Shots pg 1.3 (1.1)
(53%) 48% Aerial Duel Success 51% (50%)
(1) 1 Dribbles pg 0.7 (0.8)
(1.3) 1.2 Tackles pg 1.4 (1.6)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in Champions League Final Stage.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Ben Davies Out 6.63
Jan Vertonghen Doubtful 6.95
Harry Winks Doubtful 6.64
Harry Kane Doubtful 7.46
Davinson Sánchez Doubtful 6.85
Victor Wanyama Doubtful 6.12
Player Reason Status Rating
Naby Keïta Out 6.94

Team News

  • Harry Kane has given Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino a huge boost with the striker back in full training following an ankle injury and he could start here, with one of Son Heung-Min or hat-trick hero Lucas Moura set to miss out.
  • Harry Winks and Davinson Sanchez are also back in training following respective injuries to bolster Pochettino's squad options ahead of the Champions League final.
  • Victor Wanyama will be assessed having taken a knock in the 3-2 win at Ajax in the semi-final, while Jan Vertonghen should be fit to start alongside Toby Alderweireld at the heart of the defence.
  • Ben Davies misses out, however, with an ongoing groin issue, with Danny Rose in line to continue at left-back.
  • Naby Keita is Jurgen Klopp's only confirmed injury absentee ahead of Saturday's clash in Madrid, with the midfielder ruled out with a groin problem.
  • Other than that, Klopp is unlikely to spring any real surprises ahead of the Champions League final, though his main selection dilemma comes in the middle of the park.
  • The Reds boss must decide whether to start the experienced James Milner or go with semi-final hero Georgino Wijnaldum alongside Fabinho and captain Jordan Henderson in a midfield three.
  • Andrew Robertson has been given the all clear to start at left-back after being forced off in the dramatic 4-0 win over Barcelona, while Joel Matip can be expected to get the nod over Dejan Lovren to start.


  • Tottenham secured their spot in the Champions League final in dramatic circumstances as they netted a last-minute winner in Amsterdam to book a place in Madrid. That said, Spurs' form has been indifferent in recent weeks with just two wins to their name from their last eight. Away from home, too, the north London side have been hugely underwhelming, losing nine of their last 11 matches on the road, though the two wins in that run were in the Champions League.
  • Liverpool will have been disappointed not to have been crowned Premier League champions having missed out on top spot by a solitary point. They'll hope to go one better in the Champions League than they did last season after losing the final 3-1 to Real Madrid in Ukraine and have a decent recent record against Spurs having lost just one of their last 12 meetings between the two, winning seven in that run.
  • Liverpool won the two meetings between the pair 2-1 this season and a repeat of the scoreline is on the cards, with the Reds favourites to be crowned champions of Europe.

User Predictions

Comments (248)

  • Insane amount of salt here. I agree it wasn't the best game in the world and Liverpool didn't play as well as they can, but people are acting like spurs had some kind of unholy act committed against them. SPURS AREN'T THAT GOOD. There was about a 10 minute period where they might've scored, but the fact is that Liverpool's back line and Alisson were up to the challenge. If you're complaining that spurs deserved something because they put in some kind of 'great' performance then you're admitting what a bang average team they really are. Looked like any other premier league side to me, seems like Liverpool's "bad" is better then Tottenham's best.

  • @swagio If they weren't that good as you say how come they reached the final of the champions league? And who said Tottenham were at their best? Liverpool weren't any better than Tottenham and stats are there to prove it. The fact is that despite Liverpool being shit they got lucky to get a fluke penalty and didn't deserve to win it more than Tottenham?

  • @swagio Agreed. Both teams were affected by the 3 weeks off. Really poor scheduling.

  • @swagio on point

  • Despite i love to see liverpool won the champion, but i think poch ruin the winning team vs ajax. Should be son as cf, alli as central and lucas moura start wing.

  • i think poch. should start with lucas. He is in form and on fire. So why using Kane despite the advanced defense of liverpool. strange game from liver. they were struggling but very luky. anyhow!! liverpool deserve this trophy bcos of their beautifull season. Gongrats to the reds. and hardluck for the spurs . they must use the same squad as vs Ajax.

  • @sampo Same Squad as Ajax? Eriksen, Verthongen, Alderweireld, Sanchez ? =P

  • and Virgil van Dijk did it, a full season of 50 games in the premier league and the UCL with no one getting past him

  • @BSN and 0 MOTM in the whole ucl...

  • @k.1 true he was too conservative at times but it worked

  • worst final since i don't know when what an ugly match, but congrats for liverpool somehow they knew spurs were gonna be awful

  • Worst final ever!

  • Spurs coach should have put Lucas in the starting line up, put Kane on in the 59min or so. And Eriksen just like the match against Ajax was nowhere to be found.

  • @SirCharlesRichfield Eriksen struggled out on the right side. Pochettino picked a strange team. If he was desperate for Kane then at least start Lucas instead of Son. Son struggles with Kane in the team.

  • @Champion Reading this comment "Son struggles with Kane in the team" in 2022 is pretty funny. How times change.

  • Anyway, it's nice to see all the Real and Barca fan boys bemoan their fate... Hey kids, your teams got kicked out. Just like mine. Live with it.

  • 64% pass success, doesn`t seems like the level for that stage

  • @tar88s All top managers understand that possession % and passing accuracy have nothing to do with success in football.

  • Strange game and not good on the eye due to the nature in which Spurs in particular played structurally and tactically. Lead to the game lacking flow to it. Spurs were flat almost all game. Kane ruined their momentum from the semis in my opinion. If Pochettino wanted to start him that's a matter of opinion but at least take him off after 60 minutes. That being said whoever starts it's not ideal to be behind so early, especially in a final. Bringing Dier on was also a very strange sub in my view. I just found pochettino's team selection and subs quite passive and could have been made sooner. But he did get them to the final which is an achievement itself. Liverpool looked under enough control all game with Allison being safe in goal. I thought Liverpool managed the game well overall and Origi's second goal made the end easier for them.

  • Divock Origi's Champions League campaign: 3 shots on target, 3 goals.

  • Both teams made it to the finale by great comebacks in the semis but none of them were up to a great game tonight. This was like a boring PL-game - casual scorings decide. I'm not a fan of Tottenham or Liverpool or PL at all. I don't applause any of the teams nor do I congratulate - this match was plain boring and the time I spendt watching it was a waste.

  • @jesper This wasnt anything like a premier league game at all actually, even the commentators were saying it was like watching a European game.

  • @jesper what did atletico do after scoring an opener in the Spanish affair in 2014 UCL...Brag

  • @Bernito1 They bottled it.

  • This is one of the few finals I would never rewatch lol

  • @MrNemobody both of them will probably win next title in like 5-10 years. they got lucky to enter in final honestly

  • Xherdan Shaqiri. 2nd Champions League in 6 years xD

  • @BeautifulLoser now he like his buddy jurgen wil have to wait another 6-7 years for a trophy. spanish domination will be back next season mark my words!

  • @stefanm Who knows? But replying to a comment about an albanian international who accidentally won his 2nd Champions League trophy with some pseudo prophetic bullsh*t about an alleged "spanish domination" bound to "be back next season" raises the suspicion that you might suffer from some kind of gastric ulcer condition. Mark my words: Go and visit a physician!

  • @stefanm Sore loser. Real is done.

  • This match doesn't deserve a MOTM. Let's give it to Alisson for making eight standard saves. Karius would have fumbled a couple of those.

  • @Maarten Please keep in mind that Karius had a concussion caused by Sergio Ramos who already took out Salah.

  • @BeautifulLoser @Maarten I'm tired of this discussion. I see it on non-footballing platforms like facebook, twitter and on instagram during that unfateful day. Yes Sergio Ramos had a huge role in Karius concussion-for some reason Liverpool fans and casual fans and footballing articles still seem to scapegoat Loris Karius upto this day or discount the impact of concussion. But regarding Sergio Ramos role on injuring Mo Salah that is a BIG FAT FAKE NEWS. Because as a matter of fact it was Mo Salah who wrapped his arms around Sergio Ramos arms. And it was Mo Salah tripped Mo Salah Sergio Ramos to injure himself. Of course it wasn't intentional on Mo Salah part; it was a work of instinct. So stop scapegoating both Karius (he suffered a concussion in which Ramos had a direct role in it) and Sergio Ramos (where he was blameless for Salah's injury). It was just a messed up situation nuff said.

  • @Ffaris I'm definitely not scapegoating Karius. I never did! This should be evident if you read my comment. But I'm not willing to exonerate Ramos of his responsibility in Salah's injury. And I have an extremely high opinion of Ramos as a player *and* as a public person.

  • @Maarten It's a final. With this comes nerves, more so for the goalkeeper position where you have no hiding place. He was very solid. Put yourself in his shoes. He performed his role perfectly and distribution also solid. When you have a solid keeper handling shots so calmly and confidently it is good for the emotion and nerves of the whole team. Regardless of ratings in my view Alisson was MOTM due to the lack of stand out player for Liverpool. He was their standout..

  • Congratulations to Liverpool !!! but too boring the final. Tottenham was better and deserved to win, and Origi is GOAT :-D and Ballon d´Or winner, or not? :-D

  • @JimmyHopkins how they are deserved to win? Keeper is part of the team too!

  • Van Dijk MOTM by far!!!

  • @mattenglish before i come and see the ratings i was sure allison is MOTM and came here and saw thats what ive thought which is logical , the most impressive player tonight with no doubt was him !

  • @mattenglish loool, are you serious? :-D

  • @mattenglish Disagree. To me Alison thanks those several savings.

  • Liverpool was a bit better team, deserved this Championship. Congratz to Reds., I'm dissapointed about Pocchetino's game plan.

  • Start of a new era for Liverpool. Congratulations!

  • what does dele alli actually do? i dont think hes good enough to play his role at the highest level.

  • That girl from first half showed more tonight than both english teams! ~~~ :DD

  • @stefanm 2014 ucl between atletico and Madrid was worst

  • @Bernito1 Hilarious but false.

  • @Bernito1 You're comparing a 4:1 to this garbage?

  • Tottenham was the betterside tonight !

  • Woh my f*cking God !!! What is this alison becker ?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? Simply wow !!!!!!

  • @Salazarchokhof Why? He just stopped the balls he had to stop, nothing more. That's what goalkeepers are for to stop balls that come right at him. There were no dangerous shots from Totthamm ...

  • @Salazarchokhof As a keeper myself, those saves were pretty standard. Good height and clear vision of the ball.

  • @Big_Boss It's the final of the Champions League. It's not a regular game in the park. The pressures are completely different. He was superb. Excellent technique and calmness.

  • @Champion It's not Karius, it's Alisson Becker. You'd expect a seasoned worldclass keeper like him to have at least some composure. Plus those standard saves he made is what you get during training, you won't easily misjudge those balls.

  • @Salazarchokhof The best keeper on the planet?

  • @spectre08 well international goalkeeping awards is all about winning titles like local league or champions league. So yeah Alisson will win either UEFA gk of year award or IFFHS gk of the year award as football awards are mostly based on team winning the titles and less on individual performance (I said "LESS" not "NOT" unless you're either Messi or Ronaldo). Which is why goalkeeping awards has eluded Kopke because he was playing with an inconsistent Nurenberg side during the 90s. Only after winning something with Germany was Kopke was finally recognized by international goalkeeping awards. Alisson will win those international goalkeeping awards surely. Is he the best goalkeeper in the world? Gosh I don't know because only exploded with As Roma last season. Before that Alisson mostly played as a substitute for As Roma. Played full time with Internacional during 2015-2016 season. If Alisson played like this next 4 season like this than definitely he is best goalkeeper in the world.

  • 6th European Cup for Liverpool putting them 3rd on the all time list..

  • @spectre08 now they will be again 15 years without the ucl. 30 years without pl and counting....

  • I wanted Liverpool to win but this is a pretty undeserved win. Worst performance of pool in a long time. Tottenham deserved more than this even though they are pretty limited ...

  • @neumi17 Spurs were about equal on the night. Stats look better but they were poor battling for the ball and we looked far more dangerous going forward except for when Son had the ball.

  • @neumi17 it was boring and awful game. lfc won and will be again 15 years without the ucl. 30 years without pl and counting....

  • @neumi17 yep

  • the streaker was the best thing about this match

  • @JoeB91 thats gf of famous youtuber vitalyzdtv her name is kinsey or smtng like that google it bro D:

  • @stefanm no one cares... why are you obsessing with some fake youtuber's barbie doll?

  • @JoeB91 Too bad they didn't show slow mo replays from multiple angles. What is VAR for anyway?

  • this final stinks. if only we could have had barca vs ajax

  • @idiot A very fitting name.

  • Clearly the fix was in from the start. Lead given to the Rossomerdi. Shame but Spurs just not big enough in the UEFA scheme of things.

  • lol just ban british teams from playing european football

  • @Lulzovich they aren't british teams they are english lol

  • @idiot They are not English either....Owners, managers, players all largley fireign. Look at the managers. A German v an Argentinian. The winners American owned. Is Levy British?

  • @iluveverton i totally agree with you, man. i think its shit! im done with the premier league its just a money making machine. perhaps maybe the fa should break away and form a new, english league with a mindset of developing english players, coaches, managers etc. just a thought.

  • @idiot Agreed. The game is just globalised entertainment now. Nothing wrong with that but its just sporting Hollywood. Good luck to Liverpool. I don't like the club but well done but it is NOT Liverpool...It's an American corporate owned, German managed outfit with star forwards from Brazil and Africa. Whatever it is it is not Liverpool

  • @iluveverton sporting hollywood is a great description. the thing that annoys me is how easy it is for us, the consumer, to buy into it all due to a genuine passion for the game; we are exploited and we perpetuate it. the premier league was new in 1992... it does not need to be as it is now forever

  • @idiot 100% right. We allow it go on by buying into it. The main clubs now have wage bills of hundreds of millions.....HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Euro/Pounds per superclub. It is obscene. We are mugs.

  • Awful stuff. Restart the competition from the first round please. Tottenham don't seem to know what to do when the pace is not what they want it to be. Liverpool just winning by default.

  • Chelsea - Arsenal: beautiful game despite the stadium atmosphere. Tottenham - Liverpool: terrible game despite the stadium atmosphere.

  • @Maarten can't agree more

  • @Maarten Have to agree with you. I expected a better match, lets see what happens in 2nd half.

  • I am shocked by Tottenham's superior possession.

  • @GioMonaldo Liverpool are playing the same way they did vs Real Madrid in kiev in which they had about 35% of the ball.

  • Really poor quality football in the first half but Liverpool won't care....

  • This is one boring game !

  • Liverpool doing an Atletico.

  • Son off.. Moura inn

  • Confused Tottenham vs wrestling Liverpool.. card shy ref..

  • ive lost interest in this final... congrats liverpool

  • That was quick ...

  • Tottenham club is great, this squad is not. Liv will destroy them. Liverpool couldn't have asked for a more convenient opponent.

  • @Yassine_1 Liverpool will lose

  • @Yassine_1 Told you guys!

  • @Yassine_1 told you guys!

  • @Yassine_1 Liverpool doing an Atletico

  • Want to see any trophy in Tottenham players hands... Never seen.. Liverpool r favourites

  • Penalties!

  • @Fromhell in the 2nd min

  • 5 minutes time before the starting, I'm gonna say Spurs will win. Just an strong feeling. However I like both teams, hope a great, an enthrilling match

  • Appropriate that a final between white and red takes place in Athletico Madrid's stadium.

  • Head says Tottenham 1-2 Liverpool. Heart says Tottenham 2-1 Liverpool. My heart was right for the semi against Ajax.

  • Spurs will win this 2-2. 3-2 AET go yids

  • COYS!

  • Congratulations to both teams for making the final!

  • Finales are sometimes unpredictable and can in a short lifetime of 90 minutes destroy all prehistory of the two teams involved. This finale was born as the baby-beast of two insane semis and it should be a grown beast by now. I hope for a grownup insane beast-finale with both teams to score. This finale has to fuck Brexit and show the world that at least PL is still a part of Europe. A 0-0 with penalties won't do the job. I hope for a great finale (one for the historybooks) no matter who wins

  • Football is a simple game: 22 men chase after a ball and at the end of it all, the team with less possession will always win.

  • @SeuneMilmas The Germans?

  • @jesper No, the pragmatists. Congratulations to the tean with less possession tonight.

  • liverpool to go ahead in the first half and tottenham to put up a fight in second half with lucas moura in for delli ali

  • I'll be surprised if Liverpool didn't win by 4-0.

  • @GioMonaldo I would be shocked if Spurs didn't win 1-0 with a late winner from Kane.

  • @GioMonaldo it's not, loserpool can't win a thing

  • SPURS 2-1!

  • Something tells me this will go in extra time and Tottenham will have a chance coming their way!!

  • if Liverpool lose this match, they will be the ultimate bottler

  • @takes16 Nope still Arsenal

  • Please Liverpool, please.

  • @SteveHyland is that because you don't want tottenham to win the ucl before arsenal?

  • @uefalona- 100%. Words can not describe how excruciating the "banter" would be.

  • @SteveHyland You finally surfaced after Europa League humiliation.

  • @Champion- Ha, it wasn't a self-imposed hiatus actually. The whole final was embarrassing not just our performance. It was a great advert for the cricket world cup.

  • Shame I won't be able to watch the game. Liverpool to win 2-1. I damn well hope I'm wrong I wanna laugh at Liverpool in the end :D

  • Do not forget this is FREE live on the BT Sport you tube channel.

  • @nexus747 only for uk viewer?

  • @nexus747 They finally realized getting people to pay for BT Sport is pointless, because people watch it for free elsewhere.

  • @nexus747 what really?

  • The hardest final to call in a while - which does speak to the quality the PL has produced this season. I feel the percentage option is to pick Son over hat-trick hero Moura in this game. Call it simplistic, but the attacking player with zero assists should be the come off the bench option rather than the starter while Son has shown his quality more often in the past. I do think that Liverpool are relatively good favourites for this and being the more settled side think they will win perhaps by 2-0.

  • @dSquib how can you contradict yourself so bad? you said it is a tough call, then you go on to say Liverpool are clear favorites and will win comfortably? LOL

  • @tboyjojo how are you not able to read? I said relatively good favourites not "clear" and did not say it would be comfortable.

  • You can watch the final free on YouTube

  • Liverpool should win this match easily, I guess the scoresheet 3-1

  • dis cud be an easy win for da MIGHTY REDS, i reckon abar 3 or 4 nil. sane to score a hatrick n salah will get 2! YNWA

  • @LFC_ROB89 Sane plays for City.........

  • @MUFC_MAN I ment mane lad, but dis keyboard as a mind of its own haha, like a said before n al say it agen, we wil win the league next year, we are the biggest footall club in da world

  • @LFC_ROB89 Sorry mate but Liverpool are not the biggest football club in the world no matter how much u want them to team right now?..yes along with Man City but not the biggest.

  • @MUFC_MAN Not for long, regardless if he scores three own goals in this game

  • The issue with Kane is that his aerial ability will be nullified by van Dijk and Matip who are both physically dominant over Kane. Llorente is a better alternative for Pochettino if he wants a physical centre forward. If Kane plays then I'd suggest 4-2-3-1 or 5-4-1 system from Spurs to be honest. If not then 442 diamond with Son and Lucas up front. All potential strategies have trade offs for Spurs. If Kane starts with just one of Son and Lucas on the pitch then Liverpool will play a higher defensive and attacking line with a higher press. If will be easier for Spurs to get around this high press and attack line of Liverpool if Llorente plays instead of Kane. Long ball to centre forward will be more effective with Son and Lucas both running off Llorente. Alternatively Son and Lucas play forcing Liverpool to play a deeper defensive line, Spurs to get more of the ball and play higher. However, this creates danger on the break for Spurs from Liverpool's pace.

  • @Champion I think in this sense it will be very interesting to see Pochettino's team. Not only personnel, but also whether to play a back 3/4/5 and with a 4/5/3 man midfield. Also 1/2/3 forwards. This is really difficult for Pochettino tactically when comparing to this good and very strong 433 that Liverpool play with excellent personnel for the system. I personally don't know what's best for Spurs to go with. They must not set up in an inferior manner to Liverpool , but take the game to them or set up in a balanced way to give themselves a chance. I feel like Spurs should try to play on the front foot from kick off and go for it in such an occasion. Especially after what happened against Ajax when they simply went for broke. It's far better for the mentality of the players to obtain a positive or at worst balanced (tight cagey game) mentality compared to a counter attacking / inferior minded one. Just my thoughts. For me Liverpool a slight favourite, I hope Spurs can win as underdog

  • Tottenham 3-1 Liverpool

  • Liverpool 3-1 Tottenham

  • 3-2 to Liverpool. I really hope I'm wrong. I just want to be able to laugh at my Liverpool friends :D

  • All should be dropped in order for son and lucas to play

  • @spurs4ever. lucas and son, you usually name the father first

  • @spurs4ever. Ali got 2 assists in the semi final.

  • @spurs4ever. actually Kane has no game practise, i expect him to make way

  • Liverpool are getting well backed with around 30 bookies.

  • Don't underestimate Tottenham!

  • I know Liverpool is a very hard team to beat, given what happened last season' final. But I'll cast my vote with the Underdogs Spurs. I want to see Harry Kane lift that UCL trophy, so that Arsenal fans will pee their pants. lol I hope I will get this right, Spurs 2-1 Liverpool.

  • THFC got beat home and away by Liverpool, there is nothing to suggest Saturday final will be any different - apart from Kane returning, in effect a weakened side. 0-2 or 1-3 or worse.


  • Liverpool have decent form winning 13 of their last 14 games.

  • Spuds have lost home and away to Liverpool and this will go to form. 2-0 3-1

  • Tottenham ST 1 W76% ST 2 W46%, DF3 W56% DF4 W62%, Tottenham 4312 W40% Tottenham 4321,433,3421 W100% Tottenham 4321-433, 3421-343 W100% Tottenham 4321-433=Win100% AM-SS Son, CF Kane, AM-SS Moura, LM Alli, CM Sissoko, RM Eriksen, LB Rose CB Vertonghen CB Toby RB Trippier GK Lloris Tottenham 3421-343 Win 100% LW-AM Son, CF-AM Kane, RW-AM Moura LM Rose, CM Alli, CM Sissoko, RM Eriksen CB Vertonghen CB Toby CB Sanchez GK Lloris Tottenham 4-2 Liverpool, Klopp Achilles tendon = Son 90'

  • Liverpool played the best football this season. It was always fun to watch them. No one deserves it more. Liverpool 2-1

  • Tottenham will win 3-1 with great performance

  • OVER 2.5 Goals @1.92 Odds

  • Sorry i meant Liverpool to win 3-1.The game is free live on BT Sport you tube channel.

  • 3-1

  • It's jus matter of Liverpool attack vs spurs defence n counter. Spurs.. jus to see them celebrate winning, I hav never seen them as winners

  • Real Madrid will not win it

  • @eastend1 u said same last year

  • @eastend1 u probably wrote same thing last 2yrs in a row.

  • @offside - I may be correct this year...

  • @eastend1 You must be fun in parties.

  • @vismitananda yes and very good a predicting football results - see above...

  • Duel of two pathetic teams , both of them didnt win PL title for over 30 years. Spurs never won Champion league while poor Loserpool won it like 15 years ago.. Most of their fans were not even born yet ! :=DDD

  • @stefanm get lost kid

  • @stefanm You weren't born yet either, Mr.Yesterday

  • @stefanm Go back to Facebook you sh*thouse chimp

  • @stefanm comment from 13-yo, pathetic

  • I don't like Klopp, I don't like fat Pochettino also .. It would be best if both teams could lose this final :D I think this game will finish after extra time on penalty kicks... with Eriksen scoring a winner most probably..

  • @stefanm Extra time is highly probable but I don't think that these two will take it to penalties small details will win it for one of them but as time passes Spurs becomes more dangerous on the counter and Kane needs one ball in a decent position to finish it past Alisson

  • Van Dijk vs Kane decides who wins this final.

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 Yep! let's just forget about Liverpool's attack considering they only managed to outscore spurs in the league by 22 goals. Also lets forget about how Liverpool did the double over spurs, in which both games Kane didn't score. How people can manage to write comments like this and still have the brain power left to breathe with confounds me.

  • @swagio But nobody expects Lucas, of all players could score the hat trick that sent them to the finals. The paper was against them, yet they manage to trash Ajax. I'm not a Spurs fan, but everything is possible in the finals.

  • @swagio meet me after the game...

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 You wanted me?

  • Harry Kane to score two goals in extra time to win the UCL title for Spurs. Kane will be instrumental in this final.

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 still hurts?

  • You sound like a crazy Barca fan

  • Don't forget the double zeros

  • 10 days to go. May both teams have as many players fully healed as possible, for the best quality game and fairness. May the best team win.

  • 16 days, 18 hours to go... It's like Christmas but better!

  • @swagio You mean worse... The suspense is killing me! :D

  • my fear; Liverpool/ arsenal 1-2 Tottenham/ man utd and living the longest and most depressing summer!

  • @nekt Did you mean Tottenham/*chelsea?

  • @abright70 No, I just figured that arsenal fans will be for lfc and utd fans for spurs. But I can see why you would think that way.

  • @abright70 Ssshhhh, don't wake him up from his dream! :D

  • Is it just me,or does anybody else want both teams to win the champions league?I want liverpool to win it because I think they were the best team this season,but also want spurs to win just to rub salt in the wounds of arsenal fans.

  • @glenbayern You seem to be quite alone with this one :D Personally I would have preferred Tottenham to challenge City and Liverpool in the league where their end of the season was a disgrace (in the beginning of the year they still were on a title race). Pochettino has done wonderful job and has brought Spurs to whole other levels but I don't think their quality is at this level yet. If they win, it would be as big surprise as Chelsea's win against Bayern in 2012. Spurs do deserve to be in the final but there would have been many other exciting teams we'd have liked to see against Liverpool. Hopefully Spurs can strengthen their midfield and keep on competing in England and Europe.

  • @glenbayern I want both to lose and Im not the only one thinkin like this ~ !

  • @stefanm Yeah, there's many people like you who understand very little of football.

  • @glenbayern I want Liverpool to win. But if it were any other team going against Spurs, I'd be rooting for them. Considering the financial constraints (no new signings since January 2018), the lack of squad depth and intermittent injuries to important team members, the work Poch has done is amazing. Hell, for a while it even looked like they were gonna give City and Liverpool a run for their money, in the hunt for the PL title. But hey, if anyone deserves this title more than him, it's definitely Klopp. YNWA!

  • @glenbayern- Just you. ;-)

  • Liverpool has enthusiasm and a bit more quality, and Tottenham has psyche. It would be so unfair if Liverpool stay without both CL and PL, but I have no favourites.

  • @Patrikovic Actually no, Tottenham don't have psyche. They're widely regarded as perennial chokers, among English fans. Are they stronger this season, in that regard? Sure. Are they stronger than Liverpool? No way in hell.

  • Spurs bottles semi finals but not finals,Liverpool bottles Finals but not semi finals....conclusion: Comfortable win for Spurs the trophy is coming to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium believe that!!

  • @Valak What finals have Tottenham been in? We don't know if they bottle anything past the semis

  • @Valak Spurs bottle semi finals but not you hear yourself cock head! if they bottled the semis then what d'hell are they doing in the finals

  • @Valak Obvious wind up, spurs haven't won a trophy since 2008. I guess you can't bottle finals if you don't get in any. Lasts spurs final, by the way, was the league cup in 2015, which they lost.

  • @swagio we are talking about champions league you are here about league cup what's wrong with you

  • @Valak OK, I'll humour you. "We are talking about champions league" - so exactly how many CL finals have they won? Not saying they can't win it, but that statement is just logically retarded.

  • @Valak "Spurs bottles semi finals but not finals, Liverpool bottles Finals but not semi finals" Nowhere in there did you mention anything about the Champions League. Even if we were talking about the Champions league, Spurs have never even been in a European cup final until now. Stop being a muppet and look up some facts before you start spreading bs.

  • @Valak I can believe win but nott comfortable..

  • @Valak How can you bottle a semi finals when you win it?

  • Both teams deserve to be there. Kane optimistic he'll be able to play. Liverpool still stronger. 1-2

  • @alx30 if Kane plays Liverpool win, if Kane doesn’t play then Liverpool win.

  • 0-2 to Liverpool Spurs have only won one out of their last 11 games against Liverpool, while Liverpool have a greater squad, greater depth and are more experienced with Champions League than Spurs.

  • @adrian.k This isn't a league match buddy,no way Liverpool is scoring past Super Jan Vertonghen

  • @Valak jan couldn’t stop West Ham - so it’s unlikely Liverpool (who done the double of the spuds this season) will have too much trouble dream on cockerel boy.

  • @Valak They don't need to score past "Super Jan Vertonghen". His compatriot can do it instead. :D As for bottling stuff, pretty sure it's Spurs who are considered the perennial chokers, not Liverpool. That being said I remember a CL final between Barcelona and AC Milan some 25 years ago, where Barca were the heavy favorites and got played off the park and humiliated 4-0. So as far as finals go, anything can happen, something that has been proved time and time again. I believe Liverpool did it once as well. ;)

  • @Valak If so, it is more in Liverpools favour than Spurs. Liverpool have the experience with CL, Spurs does not.

  • @adrian.k experience in what! we both in the finals unless its experience in bottling something Liverpool did very well last season

  • Spurs to win 3-1 in extra time after a 1-1 draw or 3-2 on penalties.

  • Both teams reach the final deservedly. The use of VAR makes sure most of the mistakes referees make get mopped up and therefore this is as close to justice as we can get. Both teams were lucky to reach the final, the way they did but no one can take away the fact that they believed it, worked hard for it and will now get to play in it. It is tough to predict, maybe Liverpool has a little bit of an advantage due to their defence being better. I expect an entertaining game, with a lot of intensity, player duels, tactical battles and more than everything else emotions. For those who claim this will be the most boring game, i remind you the game between Juventus vs Milan and state that we should wait and see how it evolves. Hopefully all players for both teams are fully recovered for this game and that we get to enjoy a good ending to surely the most incredible Champions League season in the last 25 years.

  • @Turan Ever since Barca's come back against PSG, there have been incredible come backs and collapses. Ironically, Barcelona have been involved in three of those, loosing to Roma and now Liverpool after smashing them in the first leg. That's indeed a good reminder to fight until the end. Both teams play with huge intensity with lot of pressing so this could turn out to be very entertaining match to watch. Maybe another late come back?

  • British hooligans in Madrid...what possibly could go wrong?!

  • @zetetic- The hooligans in Spain are as bad as, maybe worse than, those in England according to experts on the subject- and this has been the case since the early 90s. I'm more worried about the reaction of the local fans to the non-white players on the pitch being that Spain is an institutionally racist country. Hopefully the monkey chants won't be audible.

  • Surely this is the worst final in living memory? 2 English teams who don't deserve to even be here. Liverpool beaten by Red Star, barely scraped through group stages, scored a cheated goal from a corner when referee didn't blow his whistle. Tottenham who luckboxed their way out of multiple games in the group stages, almost lost to Manchester City, scored a cheated goal after 5 minutes of stoppage time had already been played. 2 completely undeserving teams who should have been knocked out well before now.

  • @uefalona something tells me that despite ur sourpussy, ur still gonna park in front of the telly to watch the game...

  • @uefalona as we are leaving the EU we may as well take the silverware as well...

  • @uefalona Hahahahaha must be troll, right? Tottenham scored at 90+4:50, so the 5 minutes weren't up Liverpool scored on a corner where the ref definitely blew his whistle I'm sure you didn't say this when it was Bayern v Dortmund or Real v Atletico which both ended up being great finals despite the fact that the knockout stage had amazing comebacks and controversial goals. If you don't like the play-off structure then just stick to La-Liga where your top clubs tip the balance with outrageous bias

  • @uefalona this is complete rigged 4 English clubs in the finals what are the odds with the Tv ratings

  • @uefalona Disagree, Liverpool eliminated the champions of Germany, of Portugal and those of Spain to reach the final, Spurs eliminated the (at that time) Bundesliga table leaders, the champions of EPL and the Eredivisie table leaders. Both these teams have eliminated Europe's elite to get to this final, they earned it.

  • @uefalona Nobody cheated. Just accept that the UCL is almost never the correct reflection of who the best team in the world is... But after all, that is how knockout tournaments are supposed to be!

  • @uefalona oh my god just shut up virgin

  • British hooligans in Madrid...what possibly could go wrong?!

  • @uefalona Salty Real Madrid fan alert