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Comments (50)

  • This match was way more entertaining than both the Europa League and UCL finals. Congrats Liverpool.

  • Why did Kepa have 8.2 at the end of the match and dropped to 7.3 after the penalties?

  • @MrNemobody Maybe because there were two penalties that he could have easily kept out!

  • @najibla Not true, all penalties from Liverpool were well taken. Also WS system doesn't differentiate difficult saves from easy ones.

  • Liverpool did not deserve to win the cup. Fullstop.

  • @splint3r And who did? Both teams were equal.

  • @splint3r only because you say so lmao

  • @osmak Adrian was off his line during the last penalty. Why didn't VAR interfere may I ask?

  • @splint3r It's true Adrian was way off his line so the last penalty of the shootout was 100% invalid, but Chelsea's penalty in extra time was also debatable. Chelsea played an excellent game and were often much better than Liverpool but I think the final result is fair.

  • @osmak

  • Jorginho GOAL... 2-2

  • Liverpool 1 Goal up!

  • Pedro almost injured himself trying to dribble Van Dijk

  • @alxdru This is delusional. U do not need to dribble a player in order to beat him. Van Dijk plays too passive thus giving too much open space to his opponent and lurks more than he should in the opposing teams box trying to score. Do not take my word for it, check the stats. Van dijk had 0 tackles while matip had 5. If pedro tried to dribble him he would either succeed or get dissposesed so ur logic makes no sense

  • @k.1 Minute 57:10 Pedro is dispossessed and then stops to check his knee

  • @alxdru Cannot fins anything about that on the match report, highlights or stats. Lets say that he did dissposes pedro 1 time .. That does not mean anything, he still had a terrible game. Stop overrating an already overrated player. Its beyond me how ppl seem to forget that liverpool gave a way the tittle from silly defensive mistakes and the only reason they had to preform a miracle in barca was their horrible defensive errors in the 1st game. Mane is the real hero of liverpool.

  • @alxdru you must be watching another match LOL

  • @GioMonaldo only 1 match tonight man

  • @alxdru Pedro is one of the best dribblers on the field.

  • @GioMonaldo what does that say about Van Dijk?

  • @alxdru nothing

  • you did not enter the fabino shoot

  • if he just copy Sarri strategy in the first game... Instead, he goes with championship strat and gets rekt... So unexperienced coach

  • liverpul has 9 shots at half time

  • Chelski win

  • How good is Kante! superb passing, great dribbling, the guy is incredible. I don't know if he's the best midfielder in the world but he would be a starter in any team in the world.

  • @GioMonaldo fantastic performance in every aspect in this game. I agree with you. he cut liverpool midfield in pieces

  • @sampo He defends, he recovers balls, he dribbles, he creates chances, he wins corners, he even shoots on target. Is there anything this guy can't do?

  • @GioMonaldo - Yeah. He can't stop. I mean literally, he's physically incapable of standing in one place. Ranieri said that he begged Kanté to not go full speed in training, but Kanté just couldn't do that for more than a minute :D

  • Liverpool goalkeeper/defense is awful midfield is not convincing :(

  • Liverpool defense is awful

  • Do Chelsea have a snowflake's chance in hell?

  • 3-2 for Chelsea

  • @alxdru I would be shocked if Liverpool do not win 3-2.

  • I am not a fan of these clubs......but I see Liverpool victorious here.

  • @Johnwaxzy agree with you. In Fact, Champions League is stronger than Europa League. Even Hazard play for The Blues, The Reds has superior mentality.

  • Rhian Brewster anytime to score

  • Easy Pool win

  • Over2.5 goals, play safe.

  • Liverpool win with both to score.

  • Over 2.5 goals.

  • I am neither Chelsea nor Liverpool fan, in this match an thing can happen

  • Both teams to score @Byakuya is right<Alisson cannot play,make it easier for Chelsea to score goal< also Chelsea had several chances to score goal in last game, against Man united, but they were unlucky< I'm a Liverpool fan, but take a look to Chelsea players and names, they are admirable.

  • 3-2 Liverpool

  • Even though they couldn't score, Chelsea's youngsters were very dangerous against United. They were just a bit unlucky and I think they will score one this time, Alisson's injury will help them. On the other hand, Mane is back and Liverpool will be too strong for unstable Chelsea defense. 3-1 (Liverpool & Over 2.5 at 2.25 on bet365)

  • 4-1

  • Lampard has said he will be playing youngsters.

  • 3-0

  • i think this is a big game for chelsea they could get into a rut with another defeat

  • 0-1