Probable Lineups


Probable Lineups Statistical Comparison

(8) 5 Goals 8 (10)
(6) 4 Assists 4 (6)
(6.7) 7 Average Ratings 7 (6.6)
31.5 Average Age 30.2
180.5 Average Height (cm) 183.2
(1.2) 1.1 Shots pg 1.1 (1.1)
(46%) 45% Aerial Duel Success 53% (49%)
(1.1) 1 Dribbles pg 0.9 (1.1)
(1.1) 1.2 Tackles pg 1.3 (1.5)
* Values in brackets (x) are overall player statistics in UEFA Nations League A Championship Playoff.

Missing Players

Player Reason Status Rating
Pepe Doubtful 6.83
No missing players.

Team News

  • Joao Felix failed to impress on his senior Portugal debut and his place in the starting XI may be in doubt here.
  • Danilo Pereira is available again after missing their semi-final win over Switzerland through suspension.
  • Pepe was forced off against Switzerland through injury and may need to be replaced in the starting XI here.
  • Joao Moutinho is an option in midfield and could take Bruno Fernandes' place in the starting XI.
  • Ronald Koeman will have to check on the fitness levels of his players after Netherlands played a day later than Portugal and required extra-time to beat England.
  • Donny van de Beek will hope to rotate into the starting XI if Koeman wants fresh legs in midfield, with either Marten de Roon or Georginio Wijnaldum dropping out of the team.
  • Quincy Promes made an impact of the bench and will push for a starting berth in attack on Sunday.


  • Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick against Switzerland to fire Portugal into the UEFA Nations League final. The 34-year-old coming up against Virgil van Dijk and Matthijs de Ligt is a mouthwatering prospect.
  • Netherlands are at a disadvantage after playing a day later than Portugal and requiring extra-time to beat England. Ronald Koeman's side are bidding to win their first major tournament since 1988.
  • The Netherlands beat Portugal 3-0 when the two sides last met back in March 2018 but expect a closer contest here.

User Predictions

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  • Ronaldo 21 goals in Serie A this season , Quagliarela and Zapata are better than him. Plus worth to mention of those 21 goals 5 were penalties so it means Mr Penaldo has only 16 goals this season LOL even Benzema is better than him atm hahahha

  • De Jong such an overrated kid. Nowhere to be seen in crucial moments. Silva dominated the game totally. Penaldo invisible once again.

  • bernardo silva looks like a little messi. i think he is already a dangerous winger or even a great playmaker. he has a brilliant future. he just should increase his goalscoring to be 5 stars.

  • @sampo he's not as fast though

  • Does this mean Pelando is finally in the top 5 for BDO?

  • @GioMonaldo Most likely. Messi, Van Dijk & Bernardo Silva are the sure ones above him in my book (even though ppl are not recognizing silva for some reason). Then u can take ur pick between: Mane, Salah, Sterling, Mbappe, Ronaldo & maybe even aguero or alison deppending on how the rest of the year goes

  • @k.1 You Messi fans seem to have your own private echochamber. Hahaha Ronaldo this year 3 trophies, Messi 2. Messi won Golden Boot and got 5th last year, they gave BDO to Modric. Messi will be a solid 4th this year with Ronaldo winning it.

  • @Alexone Do u live on a cave or what?? U have internet.. Go read before posting things that make u look like an ape. Modric last year was favourite by the bookies and by many writers and he won. This year the booies and writers are split between VVD and messi. I do not have the time to explain all the reasons for this and this site does not let anyone post links but just go search a little and u will find ur answers. Dont go crying to ur friends about how fifa is corrupted or whatever at the end of the year

  • @steinikleini Friendly matches are much harder for Ronaldo (the reason he fails in these, not just on Euro and WC), than real games, CRs 60-70% of real games against Liechteinstein, Andorra, Luxemburg, Moldova, Feroer, San Marino, Estonia, Malta, Gibraltar or the mighty Magyars (haha) and against half-amateurs LOL another own goal clown.

  • @Pastore10 Messi currently broke his own record and now has more than 50% of international goals scored in friendlies! Hahahaha what a pathetic joke Flopessi is.

  • Mickey Mouse Cup like Tournoi de France in 1997, friendly tournament, UEFA wanted to redeem friendly matches, but failed, this tournament has less reason and stake, than friendlies, the best teams took a shit from Europe, and from these 4 "stongest LOL" teams only 1 wanted to win it, the others with minimal effort.

  • Portugal before Ronaldo : 0 trophies Portugal with Ronaldo : 2 trophies. Argentina before Messi : 14 trophies Argentina with Messi : 0 trophies

  • @steinikleini the fact CR has1 trophy where he were injured and his team saved his ass, we know how legendary CR is in last matches 9 games 0 goals 0 assists, brilliant cheerleeder btw, and Eder a real champion with the great defense, CR passenger and cheerleader

  • @Pastore10 he was top goal scorer with his team

  • @steinikleini Olympics is a trophy (maybe the most prestigous in sport), U20 is a trophy (with great histrory) this shit never will, England won Tournoi de France in 97, and who count this?

  • @Pastore10 Olympics??? U-20?? Do you mean Olympics and U-20 are better than Euro? HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU ARE SO PATHETIC OMG. Just take some medicines to heal your delusional mind, dude. Your Messi couldn't even win Copa America, the tournament with Brazil as the only good team in it HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  • @steinikleini nobody count this tournament a trophy except Chokenaldo fanboys

  • @Pastore10 nobody count olympics and U-20 except Messi fanboys

  • @Pastore10 This Pastore guy has at least 2 accounts made here to like his own posts. Pathetic

  • Messi - wins awards for best player at Copa America and World Cup. Ronaldo - never won individual awards when he played for Portugal.

  • messi with argentina 32 goal in friendlies in real game only 35 goals ronaldo stasts in friendlies only 17 goal in real games 68 goals goat

  • why are messi and ronaldo fans fighting so hard all the time?? theyre both the greatest football players alive right now and theyre human. both have good and bad games. im just glad to have lived in this era where i could watch them play.

  • Congrats to bernardo silva for wining the "uefa nations league player of the tournament" lol

  • You should all get a life, you're a pathetic waste of carbon.

  • so this is a meaningless tournament according to haters here but they still watched and followed it and spent so much energy in trying to prove that it's meaningless, and they would also put the same effort if portugal have lost, the fact that ronaldo played makes it a big thing, let that sink in, you losers!!

  • @BSN Watch the disscustions on ESPN FC after the game. It basicaly answers how "big" this competition is

  • @BSN again here we go answer me plesase if you are a man: You still didnt apologize for your so called facts, that CR wins more matches with his goals, i ask you again why are you lying? CR match winning goals: 184/803=22,9%, Messi 166/687=24,1%...why are you lying about CR and Messi?

  • @Pastore10 because 184>166 lol

  • i dont know bigger looser than this johnjames, cmon for the most unimportant tournament of the world, and doesnt even realized his lover failed again, and Portugal won for Messi the sixth, btw champ Messi-CR 1/0, cups 2/0, UCL 3/0, and after Copa 4/0...

  • @Pastore10 He is the biggest loser, but I'd like to remind you the clowns at France Football don't actually watch matches, they just read headlines and memes and then vote for the most popular player or for the one they like, so this year's BDO is most likely going to either VVD or Pendu.

  • Bernardo Silva is a class player

  • @SmoothJitsu253 Portugal is full of talent and with underrated players

  • 9/0/0 the facts go to the bed with your Mickey Mouse Cup and with Messis 6th Ballon Dor looser LOL

  • @Pastore10 This is actualy quite true. There were many articles circulating that said: if vvd stops portygal he deserves the ballon dor

  • Last time Portugal won a final ronaldo was not on the field. this time he was on the field doing nothing. to help the team. Passenger.

  • @iluveverton stats are not confirming your view on this game

  • @iluveverton he is still a better cheerleader, simply a nobody when it counts

  • Congrats to portugal. Legend has it VVD is still running away from the ball trying not to get dribbled... lol

  • @k.1 VVD had an excellent game and won all his duels against Christiano. If anything Ronaldo was trying to avoid him. At some point he was all the way at dumfries side.

  • @Big_Boss Ronaldo does not dribble. No one was talking about ronaldo

  • Chokenaldo has zero impact even in a Mickey Mouse Cup last match, absurd, 9 matches 0 goals 0 assists, Portugal is phenomanel, great players, great coach, but Cr is only useful as cheerleader

  • @Pastore10 Pastore, Argentinian, check - case closed

  • Congrats Portugal! and Who needs Ronaldo, when Portugal has better players? :-D Ronaldo with rating 6,8? :-D second worst player by portugal, totally useless and choked big match player :-D Portugal will be better without him :-D and Messi is enjoying 6th Ballon d´Or, because Van dijk failed today. Happy day, good night! :-D

  • @JimmyHopkins Bottler needs ballondor!!! for what? King Ronaldo 3 trophies this season...Bottler 2..hahaha

  • If Portugal go on to win watch how Ronaldo will find some way to make it all about him. he will hog the limelight like a drama queen.

  • @iluveverton He is their captian and won 2 tophies for his nation...pathetic fucker is getting suicide mode.

  • @iluveverton get lost fucker really..

  • Wow, only one shot on goal by the Netherlands after 75 minutes ...

  • He is in De ligts pocket again...u know who..

  • @stefanm Ronaldo won their second trophy with his nation...

  • @john2james Why is it not registering in your mind? Ronaldo had a poor game and relied on a long range shot to see his team win against a toothless dutch side. Winning something doesn't mean that every single player played well.

  • Bruno Fernandes is trying to get into the shop window playing for his big money move. More shots so far than Netherlands and Shotaldo combined.

  • Match is boring like UCL final this season, Netherlands is joke with 0 shots and Ronaldo is invisible ( as always, when his feeders don't feed him ) :-D

  • @JimmyHopkins Ronaldo is invisible? What match are you watching? One of, if not the best, player on the pitch.

  • @MaxKho Ratings say otherwise :D

  • @GioMonaldo Ratings don't always give you the best indication of the game. Also, Ronaldo was largely anonymous in the second half due to Portugal playing deep.

  • @MaxKho Ronaldo was actually Portugal's worst player, his rating is way too high.

  • Flopnaldo will choke like he did vs Ajax

  • @flephmang He's actually playing very well. He wants to get into that top 5 for Ballon d'Or.

  • @GioMonaldo No chance...Modric a certainty !!!

  • @GioMonaldo he can finish 5th behind ..griezmann! hahahahha

  • draw

  • @BSN So let CR fanboys to lie about Messi all the time, really? You still didnt apologize for your so called facts, that CR wins more matches with his goals, i ask you again why are you lying? CR match winning goals: 184/803=22,9%, Messi 166/687=24,1%...why are you lying about CR and Messi? I show you below CR not a big game player for Portugal (absurd Ronaldo fans think this) the exact opposite a big game choker (what they hallucinate about Messi), sorry the fact are facts, like it or not. Be a man and answer to me!

  • @Pastore10 whats ur favorite food?

  • @Pastore10 I am no CR fanboy, but the fact is that he wins more prices with different teams. That is the real test. If you take Messi out of Barca, he fails to impress. That is an indication that he is not a well rounded player, but relies on a tailor-made team. That said, both are not worth to shine the shoes of the golden three: Pele, Cruyff and Maradona

  • @JohnBenjamin Go back to sleep.

  • @JohnBenjamin I have no idea why u put cruyff in the same category as maradona and pele.

  • @k.1 Why put Cruyff in the same category as Pele and Maradona? Because he was every bit as talented and influential as either.

  • @iluveverton He had the talent but never reached his full potential. Cruyff was argubly at his best for only 2-3 years. He partied, drank and thought he did not need to train hard after he won the UCL with barca. For that reason, a much less talented beckenbauer beat him to the ballon dor a couple of times.

  • @JohnBenjamin Im sorry but this "variety of teams" argument is horseshit. I have never heard a more subjective argument used on "who is the better player" on any sport.

  • @JohnBenjamin Messi is third period, Ronaldo imo 9th or 10th

  • @JohnBenjamin hipotetical, but we know orIf you take Ronbaldo out of Zidane Real Madrid he fails to impress. 1 UCL out of 8 without them, is this not average? His goal tally is half in MU, Juventus duo than was in Real Madrid, never performed in Portugal big matches etc etc etc.

  • @JohnBenjamin more prices with different teams? The real test was face to face in Spain against each other, Ronaldo failed, Messi won 12 cups for Messi, 4 for Ronaldo, and 11 champions league semi-final where Messi shined, Ronaldo disappeared, any quastion? If you take Messi out of Barca, he fails to impress. Correcttion: if you take Ronaldo out of Zidane Real Madrid he fails to impress...1 european cup out of 9 without Real Madrid, is this good? this is more than average, and look at his gual tallies in MU, Juventus compared to Real Madrid...not even close, half the goals, plus in Portugal he is a faillure in big matches. Eder doesnt.

  • @Pastore10 cool story

  • @john2james So your favourite beta (gay) mentality choker will win the Ballon Dor for Messi if he doesnt choke first time of his? life? so far 8 matches 0 goals 0 assists, if he does something at least we know how laughable this tournament is, on Euro and WC do or die matches he is the biggest ghost of the histroy.

  • @Pastore10 Yawn...

  • @john2james those are some good arguments

  • @john2james gact are fact, big game choker will show his pussy?

  • @Pastore10 u ok bro?

  • The only safe bet here is Netherlands to score

  • @Zootball whoopsie

  • @Zootball As usual, the team with less possession will have a higher chance of winning. I would be shocked if Portugal didn't keep a clean-sheet and win 2-0.

  • @SeuneMilmas - How come in every top league the teams that possess the ball the most are the top teams then? Didn't they win the most matches because they possessed the ball the most, created the most shots and by doing so, prevented their opposition from doing likewise?

  • @andrew7taylor The team with less possession won. If possession football were so bloody good, Pep Fraudiola would have got into at least one Champions League semi-final by now at City.

  • @SeuneMilmas - Cherry picking, huh. You're pointing to one match and one coach who won three trophies this season. Ever heard of statistical variation? Ever thought about how in one match anyone can beat anyone, but over the course of a season and especially over the course of several seasons, the best teams finish highest? In reality, there's almost a linear correlation between distance of passes, pass accuracy, possession %, number of shots, number of goals and number of points. soccerment . com/2018/01/22/ball-possession-european-football-part-1/

  • @andrew7taylor Laymen see weak correlations between possession levels and success; experts understand that the correlation, controlling for certain variables, is actually an inverse one i.e. teams that record lower possession improve their chances of winning.

  • @SeuneMilmas - So that's why for example this year in the Premier League Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal were 1-5 both in points and possession %, because possession hurts the team? How come the laymen are working in football, using the data and winning matches, cups and titles, while the experts are 'shocked' after another one of their tips go nowhere near reality?

  • @andrew7taylor Yeah, thousands of terabytes of data were used to come up with the sophisticated notion of possession football. Meanwhile, in the real world, the entire history of football is repleted with examples of teams that fetishise ball possession and failed e.g. 19th century Scotland, 1950s Hungary, 1970s Netherlands, early 2000s Argentina etc. France won the World Cup with hoofball. Liverpool beat Spurs in the final with hoofball. Yet, we are supposed to worship the possession philosophy of failures such as Bielsa, Pochettino and Pep?

  • @SeuneMilmas - So what's your opinion on Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal finishing in the top 5 in both possession and points? Are the tactics of a 38-match league schedule more luck than a single match? Interesting that you would change the topic of conversation, almost as if you would rather not talk about that? Also interesting that you list a number of teams that 'fetishised ball possession and failed' while they've had their best periods of their team's history. 4-year unbeaten run, the Match of the Century and a World Cup final a failure for Hungary? What have they done since? 2 World Cup finals in a row for Netherlands? Sure, a failure if they'd won 3 before and 2 after. But they haven't, so... Also interesting that you for some reason failed to mention the Aragones-del Bosque Spain and Löw's Germany, like possession-based teams winning the World Cup and a couple of Euros did't fit your view?

  • Portugal has no Pepe for this match. We already had a messy defense, now it will be worst....I think we didn't select the best defenders. Ferro would be better than José Fonte and Ricardo better than Nelson Semedo. Either way, The Netherlands has better defense and that's what bothers me...

  • @hellreaper FeRrO lol

  • @hellreaper Fonte is hardly a downgrade for Pepe, but you're right that Portugal need to bring in new CBs in near future. Pereira would be better choice than Semedo but I'd also like to see Cancelo to start, he's becoming one of the best RBs around. Netherlands surely have better CBs, but Portugal might have a chance through counter attacks.

  • Portugal 2-1 Netherlands

  • I am curious to know who do cr7 fans side with. I know this tournament is not very important, but if portugal loose the final after winning every game (-1) without ronaldo, it will be bad for his reputation. On the other hand if portugal wins, it is much more likely that messi wins the ballon dor...

  • @k.1 So Ronaldo wins another cup for Portugal and Messi wins the Ballondor for chocking!!! Amazing observations from bottler fans..Tell me another joke.

  • @john2james Stop hating. I just asked a simple question and u got triggered. Go visit a doctor bro! Everything i said is fact and this matter is quite interesting.

  • @john2james will he be injured again? his only skill to win cups for Portugal, period

  • @k.1 You think France Football take the Nations League into consideration for the BDO?

  • @GioMonaldo Nope but in the case of Van Dijk, the answer is Yes. Ronaldo had 25/1 odds before the semifinals and 25/1 ofds after the semifinals (wich means nothing will change for him even if he scores 10 goals). On the other hand, messi was a bit above van dijk but after netherland won against england he is now the favourito on bookies (very slight favourite). Its all about the story. Ppl are split between leo and vvd and strangely enough this final might be the deciding factor

  • @k.1 If Messi doesn't win it it is a farce.

  • @iluveverton Deppends on how copa america goes. If argentina exit early and messi playes poorly than he does not deserve it. If they reach the final and he gets named player of the tournament than he will probably win it even if they loose to brasil

  • @Pastore10 damn son why all this obsession?! it's getting boring and so pathetic, like if messi is so much better than ronaldo why do you invest so much time and effort in trying to prove the opposite

  • @BSN I would blame Messi for this. Messi's insecure habits is being transfered to their little sheep..Bottler for a reason.

  • 3. Messi wins the Copa America in Brazil with an amateur coach and bunch of local league players (Armani, Saravia, Guido Rodriguez, Matias Suarez etc., these are starters lol) Messi'll win the Ballond Dor close to 100% even if Holland win or lose. Well deserved. So this is a lose-lose situation for Mr. Competitive big game player/faillure...

  • @Pastore10 Messi wining whitout barcelona to play for him !!! And then you wake up....

  • @Pastore10 argentina has a lot of underrated players this time tagliafico,lautaro martinez,lo celso plus the experience of aguero,di maria they can be great asset to messi and brazil has lost neymar so it is very likely that messi win copa if he doesn't choke in the final like he did in the last copa finals

  • Because he is not a choker like Messi. Aha cool strory bro...his last chance to prevent the fact he is not the cancer in the portugal NT. I think this tingli tangli tournament is not enough, but a good start. Eder 1/1, CR 0/9 will it 0/10 from the goat? 3 scenarios exist: 1.the paper from with the great Portugal side CR finally will not choke in a crucial last game with Portugal, and wins some tingli tangli tournament, then Messi will win the Ballond Dor, as the sky high best player in Europe, and the sky high best player in UCL, where he showed at least 5 God-level performances vs Ronaldo 1 against Atletico (vs Spurs in Wembley, PSV, MU, Liverpool, Lyon) 5 vs 1, but CR is the goat, again CR fanboys absurd logic. 2. Holland did it against all odds, CR remains the curse for Portugal and Van Dijk'll win the Ballon Dor as the best defender of the year and UCL, Nation Cup winner, well deserved.

  • The heavily talented Portugal side without CR made the hard job to qualify from a strong group, home against this modest Switzerland had to be easy. Still Nations Cup not seems serious tournament, and against an inexperienced Holland side Portugal is the sky high favourite with one more day rest. (interesting, the easiest opponent in the semi plus 1 more day, hmm interesting at least). Now CR is the goat cause he has archived what Messi did against Switzerland in 12. (3 goals) CR fanboys absurd logic. This was not WC not even an Euro only a quasi friendly tournament at home. And if CR will finally perform in a last crucial portugal match i bet with all my money CR will the goat again. LOL. But the monkey is still on his shoulders, Eder did it immediately...where he always failed. In 2004 final, 06 semi, 08 quarter, 10 last 16, 12 semi, 14 group stages, 16 final, 17 semi, 18 last 16. 8 decisive, do or die matches, and surreal 0 goals 0 assists from the goat.

  • @Pastore10- I'm not sure why fans like yourself invest do much time/effort/mental energy in the Ronaldo vs Messi debate. Why does it matter who is the best individual when not only is it a team sport but neither player is a friend/relative? I would also like to say that not only did this "modest" Switzerland destroy Belgium but it is evident that every team is/has tak(ing/en) this competition seriously. Ronaldo produced 3 world class finishes but Switzerland were the better team.

  • @SteveHyland Some messi fans like K1 and Pastore says this is not an important tournament, yet they spend more time talking about Ronaldo in this thread.It amazing insecure Messi fans roaming around this thread , trying to diminish everything Ronaldo has achieved. Pathetic.

  • @SteveHyland I agree that there are many butthurt fans in this forum on both sides, and its funny to watch them lash out on every given opportunity. However... This tournament is NOT important. The fact that ronaldo has not played a single match during the group stage prooves that. Cr7 would never miss a game even if its euro qualifiers for his country... He had an amazing performance but this tournament has little value. If it was the euros the loosing side would be crying at the missed oppurtunity.

  • @k.1 Here comes another bottler fan posing as non biased and ends up licking his azz. LOL.

  • @john2james Nobody is posing as a neutral.Everything i said is correct. Ur post is pathetic - really think u should go see a doctor