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  • Seriously Mahrez Man of the match.. :3

  • Think the stats for this game are a little understated for Lanzini. Match of the Day highlights show two tackles and one interception - yet the stats here show only one tackle and no interceptions. Do they get updated? Enjoy Whoscored a lot for stats and analysis - thanks. As for the game, West Ham need to improve significantly in the next match.

  • Why do we give penalties to Aguerro? Do we bet on missing them? ��������

  • i hope city give less playing time to D.Silva bcoz he's become so slow and kill counter attacks , not to mention the way he loses balls. I think it's time to give gundogan or B Silva the creativity role. I love Silva but we should give the opportunity to the more efficace players

  • The match is on again! The two contenders are at it really again and again. Let see who wins. Up city!

  • and I thought Liverpool started with a bang.

  • This season, Aguero would be a back-up of Jesus, Fernandinho-Rodri, bernardo-Mahrez...

  • under (3,5)

  • @cannavaro69 where are you bro?

  • 1-3

  • City win by 2 goals +. I have a feeling that Sterling and De Bruyne and a few others will come out swinging in this game, and it will be enough for a comfortable away-win.. Sad that Sané didn't get to switch clubs as planned and is now injured, problaby until next year =( Best wishes Leroy

  • In every league you see big clubs losing points in the first game of the season. I think is man city's turn . 1:1/2:1

  • @alxdru - No they don't. Only if they're missing players (due to injury, internationals etc.), but that's true to any other time.

  • @alxdru LOL

  • I fell that The Hammers gonna smash something this season.

  • @fantazyboy Not ManCity in any case

  • @fantazyboy Yup they got smashed by Manchester City today.

  • @fantazyboy Hopefully not the relegation line

  • Whos vote west ham win..i think stupid man..because haters..losepool fans..lol

  • 2-1 win for west ham

  • @Ericali Can it get any worse ?

  • City 3-0

  • draw

  • Nobel - rest, Antonio - bench, Wilshere & Lanzini - starting line up. 0:2

  • 2-3