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  • Lamela is a fraud

  • No VAR to save their sorry asses... Crap

  • 69% possession for Spurs in terms of time with the ball. It is extremely rare for a team to get into 70%. I can only remember Wenger's best Arsenal (Highbury era) teams, Pep's City and Klopp's Liverpool hitting 70% in the EPL when playing against XI men. This was as dominant a performance, in regards to this lone stat, as Liverpool against Burnley a couple of seasons ago. An excellent defensive performance by Newcastle. The race for positions 3 to 6 in the league will be exciting this season, though not for fans involved obviously.

  • Spurs need to focus on winning the big trophy this season.

  • @GioMonaldo they already have won "how to bottle best" trophy last 4 season in running & i can assure you they will win that this year with some ease.

  • Encore! What a magnificent performance by Joelinton. This guy is a beast. Peak version of Rooney. But he is extra strong to the point of bullying 4 spuds players at the same time, quick, can dribble and has accurate link up play. So good he's at link up he can make Harry Kane link up playing look like an amateur. He's a perfect Simone striker. Instead of being blackmailed by Chelsea to buy Morata at 60 million. Simone should gone for him instead. Holy Hell special praise is reserve for Sisoko. When he switched to rb he made a ton of difference. His delivery was lethal that even troubled Newcastle defence. They had no trouble at disposing Rose delivery. Ppl would sat it's Eriksen who made potatoes dangerous. Well I would agree to limited extent. Of course his passing was incisive along with Lo Celso. But boy today's match proved that Winks is one of the most overrated footballer of recent times. Even at Newcastle final third Wink was still doing his TRADEMARK sideway passing

  • Oh I forgot. Looks like Spuds luck with the VAR ran out. That was a NEMESIS. The umpire was weird today though. He didn't dish out three yellow cards for tackles or lunges by Spurs players. While he was quite trigger happy in dishing yellow out cards to Newcastle players. Like that Ricthie yellow card was overly harsh. Not giving a free kick after Muto was taken down by Sanchez-not saying he should have seen the yellow card but come on the shove?. Though Joelinton did deserved his yellow card. Especially after his fake injury. Even though he didn't got it for that. Overall the empire was strangely biased towards the Spuds team.

  • Hopefully assnal could finally put Spuds out of their misery. Liverpool badly exposed the gooner like a goners. Which shows that they really need to fix their defensive issues and fast. Tottenham would still be too much dangerous for them considering Pochetinno plays the same gegenpressing as Kloop. Read a blog from damninggooner and he raised a good point that Mustafi isn't as bad as twitter is making him out to be. Sure he committed glaring erros. But those were a product team complicated circumstances. Anyways as per that blog those erros came as a result of Mustafi partner mistakes. E.g Irresponsible holes lefty full backs. Bad calls from his partners that leaves Mustafi 1v1 . Now Mustafi is decent at 1v1. But when he gets beaten by fast player Mustafi doesn't have RECOVERY PACE of Wan-Bisake or Van Dijk. Which forces Mustafi to commit desperate tackles. All of those glaring errors they're all result of Mustafi ever-chaning partners leaving him isolated.

  • Jonjo Shelvey get booked

  • Spurs 4-0

  • Spurs tend to appear disappointing when favored ... Almiron will surprise the home side

  • odds 1.94, Tottenham wins without conceding goal.

  • @Arash89 I just liked this comment to take attention of more people. Never trust Tottenham m8, they're the ultimate bottlers.

  • @Arash89 Newcastle are the only team in the league yet to complete a pass in the oppositions area, footballs a funny old game but I like this, good shout.

  • Home win for sure. Newcastle should relegate this year, probably the woelrst team in PL this season.

  • @Badtips relegate your self, probably the worst comment of the day

  • 2019-20 Premier League winning team 3 Tottenham Manchester City Liverpool, CF Kane 2/0 RW Moura 1/1 RW Lamela 1/1 CM Ndombele 1/1 SON 0/0 Eriksen 0/0 SON 1/1 Eriksen 0/2 Kane 2/0 Tottenham 3-0 Newcastle

  • Ndombele out injured. Expect CM pairing of Winks and Sissoko, trio of Eriksen and two of Son/Lucas/Lamela behind Kane. Tottenham 2-0 Newcastle.

  • Tottenham 2-1 Newcastle

  • Son Heung Min , [Tottenham 5 : 0 NewCastle]

  • @EvertonKorea- Would never have guessed that you'd choose Son Heung-Min as MotM.

  • 2-0

  • 0-0 Schär