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  • MU stealing Watford’s headlines

  • Two goals in the net of 'best goalkeeper in the world' , interesting thing considering thoughts of United fans that he has the 'best central back in the world' in front of him together with 'best premier league right back ever seen'

  • Shame

  • People still think Ole is a real coach? Biggest fraud since David Moyes.

  • Have Man Utd faced a transfer ban too? They have a much worse team than Chelsea.

  • @MrNemobody No they didn't. In fact 5 players who played today (Maguire, Bissaka, James, Pereira, Greenwood) were all added recently. It's just not working out yet, but maybe it'll get better over time. Expecting them to instantly rule the EPL when half the squad is new isn't reasonable.

  • @benj I was joking. But Pereira and Greewood weren't added recently. They are one of the richest clubs in the world and signed a couple of players; no striker. How do they expect to challenge Man City and Liverpool like this?

  • Can you imagine the combined quote of this and Barca's games.

  • All of our forwards are injured now. I won't be surprised if I see Ramazani next week.

  • @Byakuya no excuses please. your team is playing like they are in english third league.

  • Man U need to find a way of getting 3 points today, they surprised most of us by getting all 3 against Leicester, more of the same today, then will be in top 3 in league and have the confidence against Arsenal at home, then Liverpool at home will be a massive game.

  • All prediction not surprise for me . I think over 2.5 goals warranty.

  • Manchester will win this game 1-3

  • @Deadman I would be shocked if United didn't win 4-0.

  • @SeuneMilmas I would be shocked if they even score one goal

  • 1X

  • Cruise control win for the Hammers something - 0...

  • 0-1 UNITED! James MOTM