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  • Finally City can fully concentrate on Champions League.

  • I'm so sad. It's no fun trolling a club with no fans.

  • Fraudiola!

  • 1 win in the last 5 games. City is slipping

  • Thanks you agent shelvey

  • Go ahead and build that Klopp stature

  • Why subbing-off Mahrez?

  • Literally De Bruyne vs other 26 players that was...

  • It reminds me the time we had Van Gaal, a lot of possession and shots but no win because of defensive errors and inconsistent forwards.

  • @Byakuya Manchester City are way way better than manchester united under van gaal..u can not even begin to compare the two..van gaal manchester united never had as much possession as pep's city and nor they did ever score even near the amounts of goals that city have for the last 3 seasons.

  • @Byakuya Hardly surprising. These are the unthinking disciples of Cruyff. Little do they realise that modern football has long moved on from the possession fetishism of Cruyff. Just look at how France won the World Cup or how Liverpool won the Champions League. There was none of the tiki taka nonsense.

  • @SeuneMilmas im sorry but this style of play won city multiple titles in England including 2 EPL titles in a row. It has not "long moved on".

  • @BarcaPlsLetMeDown lol, EPL title is trash compared to CL title

  • rip city's hopes

  • Shit

  • Man City to win and over 2.5 Goals.

  • Sterling to score twice

  • @alxdru ok XD

  • New castle 1-2 Man city

  • 1-3

  • @nexus747 I'll be shocked if Newcastle didn't draw 2-2

  • Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has confirmed striker Sergio Aguero will be out "for a few weeks" with the thigh injury he sustained in Saturday's win against Chelsea.