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  • Why wasn't Pulisic in the game?

  • @oc2k19 Injured for 2-3 weeks

  • 1-1

  • @What4 I would be shocked if either team could score.

  • @What4 it won't happened and you already know that.... put your money in this draw if you believe in and show us wha4

  • @Blondin94 I've never bet in my life, and I plan on keeping it that way.

  • @What4 you are a good boy,so keep it that way and don't make predictions when people are trying to make real money over real bets?! What for what4? Have a good day

  • @Blondin94 if you read comments from random people on the internet and then bet based on that, maybe you shouldn't be betting. Just a thought.

  • @What4 but my bet was right Chelsea with goals without conceding a single goal, and I mentioned abraham or William to score and one of the trio midfield... yes sir,have a good night

  • red card for Bardsley

  • 3-1 home

  • 2-0 or 3-0

  • @septica good bet my friend ,hope you will have your money today!

  • another shocker here, 0-1.

  • @stefanm nothing to do with another shocker here... look at the teams forces , Burnley will lose the battle in midfield, abraham and Willian will probably score both in this game and maybe one of those 3 big runners in Chelsea midfield. I am not a Chelsea fan my friend but you should be able to recognise it when you 'll see the big difference between those 2 teams this afternoon. I think Chelsea win here without taking a goal is a good bet because they are home and they can not lose points against that type of opponent at this very important moment in the season.. even with a decent back four Burnley won't be able to stop this very efficient and productive trio in Chelsea midfield. Let's talk about it after the game Stefanm? Have a good luck for your bet!

  • @Blondin94 did you read the WS predictions? obviously I don't support the 'shocker' theory (which isn't even supported by any arguments), but I don't think it's gonna be an easy win for the home team either. Although a mediocre team, Burnley can sometimes defend miraculously. I know I've had my share of bets ruined by them. Going for a conservative 1-0 or 2-1 here.

  • @pyt55 My friend, history in confrontations between those 2 sides plays against Chelsea I agree. But history is made on statistics recents and like the famous Machiavel said : "statistics is the art of lie" . Chelsea had a bad run in the last 4 oppositions but history is always ready to change quickly. Chelsea win without conceding a single goal. Let's talk about it after the game ? Have a good luck in your bet !