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  • The Bobby Robson EPL curse is finally lifted for Mourinho.

  • I'm surprised Aurier was playing.

  • I'll be interesting (and probably frustrating) if Newcastle decide to sit deep and let Tottenham have the ball.

  • @MEHJones Doesn't look like it.

  • @neumi17 no, it was surprisingly open in the end. I've not watched them much this year but after that performance it's no wonder why Newcastle concede so many shots.

  • Tottenham shouldn't take Newcastle lightly. People often assume "that teams with nothing left to play for" will be a pushover but sometimes they play better having less pressure to worry about. Also Newcastle have only lost three home matches whereas Tottenham have only won three away matches. However, Newcastle in their last three matches have conceded a lot of goals (n = 9) and chances (XG greater than 2 in each match) so Tottenham should get opportunities here and will be keen to build on the NLD win. BTTS. Newcastle 1-2 Tottenham

  • @MEHJones Thank you. Your analysis was very helpful.

  • So interestingly the latest XG data suggests that home advantage still exists during the pandemic conditions (@InfogolApp via @MarkTaylor0 Twitter 13th July 2020). Does this result suggest that commute and familiarity with routine and surroundings are more important than the atmosphere created by home fans?

  • Mourinho never won at Newcastle:) first time to happen?

  • @koziol.mutant I would be shocked if Spurs didn't win 3-2

  • @koziol.mutant wow surprise n impt point !

  • @koziol.mutant Interesting point although he has won there in the league cup after extra time (in 2005 with Chelsea).

  • Special One (STEVE BRUCE) Will Win This

  • Tangana was called on the bench against Arsenal so he is a doubt he could play