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  • Sigurdsson! What has happened to you this season? You used to be beautiful...

  • Carlo OUT xd

  • Impressive from Chelsea but Everton looked half asleep. Pickford was genuinely their best player, which says a lot when he conceded 4.

  • Sidibe at 6.6 LOL

  • @Aereze- Dribbles and Aerials won are over-graded on here, plus he had a last man tackle. In reality, it was a 3/10 performance but hey.

  • Tuesday was neither Chelsea's best display nor best result.

  • @Olashmartinez Of course it was! Chealsea handed the league leaders a rare loss while playing really well with the thin squad that they currently have. The injuries also forced Lampard into a rare thing among coaches nowadays: he started to think about the best use of the players available: that's how Willian ended up in a more withdrawn role in the attacking midfield which used to be his natural position at Shakhtar Doneck, same for Barkley, Giroud was also properly used....

  • @Zoltan 100%

  • 2-2

  • @koziol.mutant I would be shocked if Chelsea didn't win 1-0

  • Common Blues united on your trail

  • 1-1

  • @Aereze This is obviously a 1-0 Chelsea win.

  • Ancelotti back...Still remember the 100+ goals that season?

  • 2-1

  • 1-1

  • 2-2

  • Defense has to be sharp and Chelsea need to be clinical... 2-1 victory for the blues