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  • This was Klopp's 50th away-win with Liverpool. Now for the first time ever in the top flight, they have beaten every other team in a single league campaign. Wow

  • @Fromhell And only happened on game week 24 because this game was postponed, should've been earlier, when they beat that useless United team.

  • Hammers to get a real hammering. :)

  • over 1,5 cards for West Ham and btts

  • 0-1 Firmino

  • 1-4

  • The Hammers will be nailed again =(

  • 0-4

  • Sir Moyes to do magic here

  • @stefanm always bet against what stefanm says.

  • @stefanm ...and disappear after the match, never to be found again.

  • @stefanm He's always been loved by Liverpool fans. Especially when he was managing Man United. :D

  • Liverpool will still be shell shocked after their mid week thrashing by Villa and won't be at their best ;) West Ham 1-3 Liverpool

  • @MEHJones You serious? The Liverpool team that lost to Villa in that irrelevant cup was a youth team...main team is at Club World Championship or whatever it is called...

  • @moo13 obviously not serious - that's what the ";)" means

  • @MEHJones Lol postponed

  • @bakotako I know... Sigh

  • @MEHJones U need to stay updated bro. Game postponed.

  • @Fromhell you need to learn a greater appreciation of irony