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  • this cup must enter the Guiness world of records as the one with most disallowed goals.

  • VAR is the best thing that ever happened in football.. No one can cheat their way to trophies ever again no dirty Ramos or Real Madris paid refs... Lets see how many trophies will Real Madrid win from now on..

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 you dont remember the 4 pentalties in the final against chelsea? the red card vs arsenal, or the psg come back when even macherano said himself that he committed a penalty that the ref was told not to call. and dont get me started on how the last 3 president have been in jail for the illegal stuff they do, how bout them reporting that neymar cost them 27? why dont UEFA investigate that? a legal court already said the cost of neymar was over 150.

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 barca player suarez guilty for this failure, and soon another uefalona player called messi will be knocked out from copa america

  • @stefanm haha keep dreaming we will see about that soon

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 barca got knocked out in champions again, no matter var or without var..... ;))))

  • @stefanm and you will nothing for many years to come.. It's over

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 how come that 'best player' on the world is 4 years without champions league? hahahhahahah

  • @stefanm lol ask penaldo he was the best in the world in 2008 and went 6 years without a champions league title..

  • Uruguay might win but a scoreless draw might also happen if it happens Peru advances on Penalties

  • This Copa America is there to teach you that you shall never celebrate a goal before VAR confirms it.

  • Uruguay is an aging team with a mediocre midfield couldn't perform when it mattered..

  • Another Barcelona player that let his international teammates down at a penalty shootout

  • Uruguay win & over (1,5)

  • @MartinArmenia089 I'll be shocked if Uruguay can score more than 1 goal. This is obviously a 1-0 Uruguay win. Expect Nandez to score the winner.

  • Uruguay 2-0 Peru

  • 1-0 defender goal maybe giminez or godin

  • 4-0 honestly peru is without farfan.. suarez and cavani gonna destroy them

  • @stefanm certanly

  • 4 quarterfinals 2 goals only and that too by most atrocious team in the competition...better to watch u21 Euros or women's world cup

  • another fail by luis suarez hahahahhahahaha

  • 0-1 Farfan

  • @watfordAlbert Farfan isn’t even playing smh