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  • Final: Brazil 5-0 Peru. Oh, wait...

  • weird derby result

  • Where's the user who called Peru to win and to beat Brazil. Nostradamus, come back here.

  • @Lechiffre10 Peru have always been the experts' pick. They have recorded the 3rd lowest possession in this tournament.

  • I would be shocked if Peru do not win 2-1.

  • @SeuneMilmas You must walk around looking like the painting "scream" the amount of shock you have to endure, well you got the result right anyway!

  • 0-1 Cueva

  • Peru WINS 3-0 same as last game at the Hard Rock stadium...!!!...

  • @ChiquipulgaPeruCampeon Looks like Peru will be champions of South America.

  • wow, Vargas scored 3 braces in the last 5 head to head matches...

  • Farfán "will hope to return here"?! Farfán's OUT, he's already back in Lima

  • @Mikichin why, what happened?

  • 3-1 to Chile

  • Chile favorite, not as much as the odds suggests. Expect violence, at least one red card. 0-1 Peru.

  • 0-0 Peru to advance on penalties