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  • Well they won., but to be honest Nig won't win this tourney. The coach is wayyy to slow and the goalie is -1!

  • Nig 1 - 0 Rsa or whatever, all I know is Nig progressing to the semis

  • we are behind u Bafana bafana as a nation

  • 1-1 DRAW

  • @zardonic I would be shocked if South Africa do not win 1-0. You would usually expect the team with less possession of the ball to win.

  • @SeuneMilmas So that's it then, team with less possession will win thats how football is, Nig will win this game hands down and then you wont come back here to comment out of embarrassment, you can quote this anywhere.

  • @schoolworkparty The team with 39.2% possession won.

  • @schoolworkparty so true, probably he still in shock