Match Summary

Juventus Bologna
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities through individual skill
(Team has no significant strengths)
Were effective at creating goalscoring opportunities from long shot situations
Gave away a lot of free-kicks around the box
Gave away a lot of free-kicks around the box
Were caught offside often
Commited a high number of individual errors
Had a large quantity of possession in their opponent's half
Played with width
Dominated possession
Favoured crossing the ball

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Comments (141)

  • this dumb website doesn't give ronaldo dribbling as a strengh lol but they give it to other players who have less than 1 dribbles per game ratio and less that 50% success rate

  • @BSN Im not saying that is not what happened. I did not watch this game. Just keep in mind that ronaldo often tries to show of while making unnecesaary dribbles that do not result on beating the deffender. Quickly stomping ur feet infront of the deffender does not equal a succesful dribble.

  • @k.1 after reading that i guess you didn't watch this game or the one before, or the one before, or the one before etc....

  • @BSN after reading that i guess that your view is blocked because of the blood in ur eyes! I intentionally said " Im not saying that is not what happened. I did not watch this game." to avoid retarded comments from ppl like you. I still firmly stand by my argument that "ronaldo often tries to show of while making unnecesaary dribbles that do not result on beating the deffender". Again... I am not talking about this game, nor this month, just watch a dribble compilation of ronaldos career and see how many of them actually improve his position towards the goal...

  • "even cruyff is not a match to this more polished more complete and much much more durable player that is ronaldo" Joke of the day, Cruyff was maybe the most complete footballer ever. Big matches for CR liar fanboys and girls: Messi vs Flopnaldo: Finals Messi 34 matches 28 goals 14 assists, CR 28 matches 19 goals 2 (LOL) assists El classicos: Messi 39 matches 26 goals 14 assists, CR 31 matches 18 goals 2 (LOL) assists Atletico Madrid: Messi 34 matches 29 matches 7 assists, CR 32 matches 25 goals 8 assists Top 6 english team: Messi 34 matches 26 goals 8 assists, CR 70 matches 28 goals 13 assists Knock out games with NT: Messi 21 matches 4 goals 13 assists (quasi deep lying playmaker) Ronaldo 15 matches 3 goals 3 assists (quasi centre forwardI) Deluded liar haters...Messi KO.

  • @Pastore10 Barca with Xavi: 4 UCL, Barca after Xavi retired: 0 UCL. Who do you think carries Barca all this time?? Messi?? Don't make me laugh. Even when Messi won his first UCL with Barca in 2006, he wasn't in the first team and didn't play at all in the final. Meanwhile, Cristiano won 5 UCL as his teams' key player. Why did Spain dominate the world of football between 2008 and 2012? It's because they had Xavi and Iniesta. The same thing happened with Barcelona. Messi without Xavi and Iniesta is nothing. There is another thing. Remember Euro 2016? The only star player Portugal had when they won Euro in 2016 was Cristiano. Joao Moutinho? Nani? Quaresma? Were they as good as Aguero, Di Maria, and Mascherano (Copa America 2016)? You know the answer. Cristiano carried that Portugal team to lift the Euro Cup, while Messi couldn't do the same thing with those star players in his team.

  • @michael10 1)When spain won the world cup in 2010, diego forlan was chosen the player of the tournament and david villa the best spanish player and casillas the goalkeaper of the tournament. To add to that the world cup 11 had 6 spanish players which equals more than half of the team... Do not overrate xavi&iniesta with stupid arguments. 2) When portugal won euro 2016. Griezman was chosen the best player and by quite a margin... The reason for that is that no single player carried portugal. Thos portugal players that u shamelesly played down performed like heroes. Rui Patricio was chosen the best goalkeeper. CR7 was not top scorer even in his own team. And the portugal team had 4 players in the uefa 11 (more than any other team). Now please do cry on the comments about how "the awards i mentioned are fake because everybody knows bla bla"

  • @Pastore10 Ronaldo always deliver in the big matches, never seen other player to deliver that much in the big stages, you can talk nonsenses all day long do not bother anyone ;)

  • @mor7al U think that because u analyse things with ur heart and not ur brain. When u say "never seen any other player" u are comparing him to everyone. Both cr7 and messi score way more against weak teams than stronger teams, neither of them give less when its an "unimportant" game, at least the stats say so... Ur mind just selectivly remembers the times cr7 overperformed as opposed to the ones he underperformed. Big games do not mean "insert CL knockout stage goals" because many many weak teams go through the group stage. Big games mean important finals. Games against very tough opponents in the league or CL and international matches against strong countries in big stages.

  • @Pastore10 lmao what a load of horse s*** obviously i said that about cruyff and you quoted it then somehow you started talking about messi!!! i didn't even mention him for god's sake!! and if you ever knew me you'd know i put him infront of ronaldo as a player but you're a blind fanboy anyway, and he's the only player that i can put ahead of ronaldo

  • @BSN Cruyff was great in defending, and so hardworker without the ball as Xavi to open spaces and pass options to others

  • @Pastore10 that's what an old school winger in a 4-4-2 is like, ronaldo was like that too in united defending, attacking doing it all

  • @BSN Only the Cruyff sentence foe you idiot, the facts for the CR troll army

  • Should the handball by De Ligt have been a penalty?

  • @Fromhell I don't necessarily like it, but by today's standards a lot of refs probably would have given that penalty. De Ligt has skill but he seems to have those clumsy moments that make his team concede a goal way too often.

  • @benj I agree. He's "flimsy" and looks disoriented at times. He will get better though. I would have given the penalty

  • 7 great games in a row. Thanks Ronaldo for enjoying us even at the age of 35. Such a legend. No wonder you have 1 billion social media followers alone. The ultimate GOAT. I won't compare him with Pele or Maradona, and insult this genious called Ronaldo. He is a special leage of his own. It takes 5-10 years, after his retirement to finally everyone judge him for the kind of footballer he is. PS: Please don't advt bottler on the bottom of this post, thanks.

  • @john2james 1 billion social media followers= better than Pele and Maradona.Children these days.Dont compare self proclaimed fraud of a goat to Legends like Maradona,Pele, especially not Lionel Messi

  • @john2james Pele won his first world cup for brazil at the age of 17 (1st in history for brazil also) scoring the only goal in the QF, 3 goals in the SF, and 2 goals in the finals. 12 years later he went on to carry his team to another world cup, this time as a playmaker, dominating every single game and being named player of the tournamnt. He won the club world cup (which was important back then) on the only 2 occasions that his team participated (political reasions) with freaking santos... He dominated teams like milan and benfica. Pele never lost an important final in his life and was MOTM in every single one of them. In how many important finals has ronaldo been named MOTM? the answer is one (against juve in the UCL). Do not insult him by comparing with ur fake plastic idol. Now please do come at me with ur hateful subjective arguments wich are solely based on "how football was different back then"

  • @john2james I'm sorry, but I have to write this. 6 Golden Shoes is more than 5. 6 Fifa The Best Awards is more than 5. 6 Ballon d'Or is more than 5. 6th Ballon d'Or loading for real ,The Best, Messi loading .....

  • @JimmyHopkins and out of Penaldos 5 BDO,how many are deserved?Max 1.The year when messi was mostly injured and was in worst form of his career,only way tapin maestro can fairly win ballon ahead of messi.All his other 4 were just cause it would be boring if messi had the 9/10 Ballon d ors he deserved

  • @john2james still spamming...look at this clown

  • Penessi fans likes to spam Ronaldo articles. I give them medicine.. Now I am out. I can't entertain u every day..See ya next time.

  • @john2james still waiting for Penaldo's hat-trick against Barcelona... any time now...

  • Penessi scored 16 goals in 10 games against eibar..One of his stat pad teams../

  • @john2james This kid scoring own goals for days hahaha

  • @john2james Ah Eibar, one of the many opponents against whom Messi has superior scoring ratio to Clownaldo. You score the best own goals LOL

  • Higuain and Pjanic real men of the match. Excellent plays

  • @B4C Higuain is so excited to play with Ronaldo...The GOAT..Too bad he was forced to retire from Argentinian national team.

  • @john2james even juve fans know penaldo is a fraud now look at you :DD:DD:DD:D

  • Bottler Penessi needs 2 Jagguarnauts in Suarez and Grezman, so he is free from defenders to score tapins..Pathetic. Yet their fans says Penessi is doing everything by himself. How many Laliga and CL this penessi won without iniesta, Suarez and Neymar?.ZERO

  • @john2james How many la liga ronaldo won without ramos benzema,bale,kroos,modric?,excactly, braindead arguments showing ur true low level of intelligence

  • @john2james Penaldo needs defender mistakes to score most of his goals. How many trophies for Penaldo without Cuadrado? zero hahaha

  • @GioMonaldo Yes all of Flopessi's goals come from defenders being on the top of their game! Do you hear how ridiculous you sound clown?

  • @GioMonaldo Ronaldo have 5 UCLS without Cuadrado..Next?

  • @john2james for Juve?

  • @john2james And Xavi. In other words...Barcelona's best players!

  • @Alexone Yep. he is such a lu..cky bas..trd

  • This season, Penaldo avg rating in Serie farm - 7.74, Messi in La Liga - 8.14 and highest rated. No discussion.

  • @GioMonaldo Messi 8.14 with having played 2 games only 45 minutes, if he played 90 on those he had over 9 rating.. GOAT

  • @GioMonaldo Penessi's barcelona stole top talents from Atletico like Grezman, so that he can stat pad more against kids teams in Laliga..LOL

  • @GioMonaldo Today, everyone with a brain knows Griezmann was MOTM. Yet Flopessi was named best...hmmmi wonder why!

  • @Alexone he wasn't named best, he got it based on stats. Same stats that give Penaldo all these undeserved MOTM which you been bragging about LOL

  • @JimmyHopkins ..A regular on Ronaldo articles in and whoscored .com and whatever site he is in..

  • Penessi took more penalties per game, than GOAT and ruined more penalties than GOAT..still penessi fans can't stop calling penalty jokes on Ronaldo..:)

  • Bottler fans blame everything on Higuian saying because of higuain bottler can't score goals,while GOAT is shining with higuain, and that with 2 different teams...Bottler needs Grezman and Suarez, the pillars of atletico and Liverpool to get his stat pad and fake awards.

  • @john2james spamming this feed to keep people from seeing u being obliterated down in the comments? :DD

  • @Feeheri U started it, I don't have time to read , read and waste ur time...Thats why u are here...U will get what u derserve.

  • don;t know why tapin mastero Bottler Penessi fans coming here and crying.We got it, ur tapin mastero got a tapin open goal in 6 months of waiting. good.

  • @john2james If I'm not mistaken, Messi already has more non penalty goals than Clownaldo, it should be 589 vs 588 now. Penaldo is nothing without gifts from refs.

  • @GioMonaldo I have no doubt that penessi ruined more penalties than GOAT and we all know penessi played 200 games less than GOAT..He even ruined penalty and cost his national team a medal..

  • @john2james And then Flopessi fans blamed it all on argentinian GOAT Higuain! Just like in the World Cup lol...

  • @GioMonaldo Flopessi has more penalty/match than Ronaldo lol. Not CR7s fault that he misses them.

  • @Alexone actually I agree Penaldo is better than Messi at penalties, that explains his name.

  • @GioMonaldo Bottler, that explains his name

  • @GioMonaldo back heel goals, headers, ronaldo chop skills etc etc.

  • @john2james back heel, singular, and only useless stepovers don't count as skills LOL

  • Tapin Mastero Penessi bottler got a tapin against mighty Eibar. This is Tapin Mastero Penessi;'s first open goal in 6 months. Tapin fans are all present here to celebrate on GOAT page.

  • @john2james This penaldian is so obsessed with Messi, he comments about him even on Tapindo's matches.

  • @GioMonaldo I am so obessesed with bottler that a bottler fan keep on checking every GOAT articles and cry..Yea yea..whatever

  • @john2james Messi played avarage today, got a goal and an assist nothing to celebrate, meanwhile you children here are going crazy ready to give penaldo Puskas award after a tap against a drunk goalkeeper

  • @Feeheri Tapin Mastero got his first open goal in 6 months...LOL..and also against mighty eibar..U even agree that was average...eventhough tapin mastero was 3 years younger than GOAT

  • Ronaldo GOAT

  • @Patrikovic Self proclaimed yes, show me one footballer who isnt ronaldo's teammate/coach and thinks he's better than GOAT messi

  • @Feeheri First Bottler needs to win something for national team. Argentina got the top talents in Messi;s era and Messi ruined it. Pathetic., Don't even dare to compare Bottler with GOAT

  • @john2james Pele , Maradona, Ruud Gullit, Ian Wright, Gary Lineker just to name a few, already compare GOAT messi to the tapin maestro ronaldo, and they think messi is MILES ahead. Only 11-13yo children like you think otherwise. Back to kindergarten

  • @Feeheri LOL...we are talking about Ronaldo, the unique footballer, unlike ever before. The King, not tapin mastero Penessi botttler who bottles everything for his national team and got the glory because of great Barcelona team...

  • @Feeheri Pele? Lol...Maradona in every interview says something like 'we like Messi but Ronaldo is a beast' - he is not allowed to say it for the sake of not breaking poor Flopessi lol! George Best said Ronaldo is best, Adebayor, Gotze, Thomas Mueller, Paitek from AC Milan etc. The list is long i am sure but i don't need validation from others to know that CR7 is the best!

  • @Alexone George Best never said that, ADEBAYOR LMAO, Thomas Mueller never said that, why you always lyin?

  • @Alexone Ronaldo is unique. He is incomparable.

  • @john2james incomparable? I could compare him to Miroslav klose, does literally fuck all for 90mins then scores a tapin/ penalty. Wow, incomparable

  • @Alexone *Piatek from AC Milan...hell the whole argentinian nation wonders (and wishes deep inside) what it would have been like to have CR7 instead of Flopessi!

  • Bottler Penessi got an open goal atlast in 6 months and that was tapin..All bottler fans are all present as usual in GOAT page..

  • @john2james hi alexone

  • @Feeheri Hey clown i'm not james. Lmao! This one must speak from experience...

  • @Alexone He has many accounts, so he got confused..We can;t blame him

  • @Feeheri Are u still mad ur mother sending nude pics to Ronaldo?..

  • @john2james 3rd graders insults, probably are 3rd graders, explains why you think ronaldos better than messi

  • @Feeheri ur male prostitute joke is first grade..Get lost mother fu-cker

  • @john2james And they're claiming Ronaldo's goal was a tapi-in lol...these clowns really live in distorted worlds!

  • Bologna should start svanberg now that he is in form so he has an opportunity too prove himself again

  • Betting on the grestest tapin/penalty scorer to claim goat status after scoring an amazing tapin against the feared force that id Bologna, after his team does all the work for him and he celebrates as if Nicklas Bendtner couldnt score in the open goal like he scored

  • @Feeheri Tapin mastero penessi scored an open goal tapin in 6 months and tapin Messi, bottler fans are all out.

  • @john2james tapin maestro messi scored a freekick from 22yards against sevilla? Last time penaldo scored a freekick for juve? Oh never happened lmao worst free kick taker in serie a :DDDD

  • @Feeheri Too much hate for such a small person sheep herder.

  • De Ligt almost always makes you concede a goal. He's absolute rubbish so far, starting from July pre-season games and even for Holland he was atrocious several days ago. I think 3-1, Bonucci score, Ronaldo 1 and Higuain 1.

  • 1-0 a penalty for Mr Cristiano Penaldo.

  • @stefanm fake Real madrid fan

  • @BSN yes, but he's an original frustrated