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Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts Form
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Team P W D L GF GA Pts P W D L GF GA Pts P W D L GF GA Pts
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  • Madrid were outstanding.

  • Some soar losers cry foul, but the reality is that Real Madrid dominated the game and deserved to win. Paris Saint Germain were lucky to get a point out of it. End of.

  • Isn't that mbappe goal an error by Courtois or varane?

  • @Yassine_1 no, it was fantastic individual effort by Mbappe, the most underrated solo goal in history :)

  • @Yassine_1 Varane error should be.

  • Navas Man of the Match?! I thought he was a problem for Real Madrid...

  • Real Madrid were by far the better side but Navas was excellent against his former side tonight.

  • LMAO

  • Wasn't able to watch the match, just followed the live score. I swear I saw a red card following the name of Courtois, due to tripping. Then few minutes later I checked the score again and that red card was disappeared.What happened?

  • @dib VAR. The ref checked the monitor on the side of the pitch and over-turned the original penalty decision due to a foul earlier in the move. In my opinion it should have been a penalty but not a red.

  • @dib Perez made a call money got transferred and the ref cancelled the penalty and took away the card hahaha

  • @dib UEFAdrid just being UEFAdrid

  • @Flash_is_back If that happened to UEFlona you wouldn't be whining

  • @Flash_is_back Says the uefalona dog..hilarious.

  • This would have never happened if Varane had a brain; but Madrid were superior, deserved a victory from a poor PSG

  • @Elluso250 UEFAdrid wasn't superior they just had the ref in the bag like the old days hope you get Bayern next haha they will blow you away this time around..

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 Obsessive barka dog..did u even watch the game??..Navas saved Psg's ass multiple times.

  • Keylor saved their asses again, psg were awful real was better ten times. how much i hate this keylor, he will fail in crucial moments and psg will get knocked out later from champions remember this

  • @stefanm delusional

  • @stefanm Navas is superior to Courtois, you just gotta have to live with it

  • @stefanm and UEFAdrid will fail too 2 goals in 3 minutes haha with the ref in the bag Bayern next hopefully

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 Man, you really consider getting a life

  • Varane is an idiot. Should go and apologize to Benzema for screwing up his performance.

  • @Lechiffre10 tapinZema

  • @Lechiffre10 two tap ins is a performance HAHAHAHAHA

  • Red card and penalty not given again Uefadrid with their ugly face of corruption.. This game shouod have ended 4 or 3-1 for PSG if it wasn't for the refs..

  • 2 goals in 2 minutes lol .

  • Very risking taking off Gueye for Neymar. I wonder what Tuchel is thinking.

  • Navas in inspired form.

  • Weak refereeing. Scared to make a big call. That was a penalty, never a foul. Very soft.

  • Di Maria might kill his old club

  • For me: Both teams to score and Over 2,5 goals.

  • Whoscored just changed their prediction from 2-1 to 2-2.. WTF

  • @NuchalLine Happens ...

  • @neumi17 I would be shocked if Real Madrid didn't win 2-0.

  • Tough game for sure 1-2 Paris

  • Lot of chances on both side, 2:1 - BIG BENZ POWA

  • Real win 3-2

  • 2-0 for Madrid

  • 2-4 PSG

  • 2-3 and mbappe show:)

  • This Madrid is not the same Madrid that PSG beat in September; therefore we're up to a cracking match. This time Neymar and Mbappe will start together so at least one goal we'll see for PSG. However with Benzema in such a great form, Hazard dribbling and being dynamic and a Rodrygo that may surprise at any moment, I wouldn't be surprised if Madrid walked away with a win here. 2-1 for Madrid.

  • @Elluso250 Its not the same Madrid today it was UEFAdrid

  • @Elluso250 Neymar isn't starting dude, he's on the bench.

  • 2-3 Impressive progress at Real, but PSG with Mbappe and Neymar have it easier. Wouldn't be a huge surprise if they screw it up though.

  • Madrid is in good form so i expect great show of quality football. Amen

  • Biggest game of the season?

  • @NuchalLine Literally not even close. PSG will top the group and Real will finish 2nd regardless of this game, it's basically a dead rubber.

  • 2-1 eden!

  • @stefanm Stop it okay he will never score..

  • @stefanm lol again HaHazard he doesn't score when will you finally understand that...

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 still, he is better than overrated french flop grizzy.

  • @stefanm better in what? how may goals and assists he has? less then griezmann:)

  • @lucca87 hazard is still better imo

  • Another 0-3 this time an Icardi hatrick a header a goal by the right foot and another by the left all 3 assisted by DiMaria

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 says a barca fan, please buy more referees on laliga

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 Wow, you really don't understand anything about football do you?

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 - thats nonsense. That's not a weak madrid team now

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 typical hater, you will go back to your cave when real madrid wins again UCL title

  • @stefanm Hahaha dude they have VAR now no way you are winning it for another 20-30 years

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 VAR is bad news for barcelona more than any other club lol

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 Yup and barcelona ain't winning for the next few decades with the introduction of VAR.

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 if he is 'best' in the world why he won one champions in 5 years? why he won 0 titles with argentina?

  • @stefanm but in 5 years time he won 4 la liga chamions:) and 4 copa del rey:) so it's quiet good:) we was runner up in World Champions and 2 taimes runner up in Copa America, and 1 Olumpic Champions with Argentina- so he won something with Argentina:)

  • will neymar play this game???

  • @Imran_sarkar At this time he is expected to.

  • @Imran_sarkar no DiMaria Icardi and Mbappe will start

  • 2-3 for PSG, Mbappe MoTM:)

  • @lucca87 2:2 or 2:1 here.

  • 2:2