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Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts Form
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Team P W D L GF GA Pts P W D L GF GA Pts P W D L GF GA Pts
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Real Madrid
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Comments (41)

  • hazard had a good match.

  • Wow! Absolutely amazing from Madrid. Probably the best game of the season so far...

  • RM gave some football lesson

  • Amazing game, Rodrygo is great player.

  • Great performance by Real Madrid..4 clean sheets in a row but i have to say..Galatasaray are horrendous.

  • Again no goal or assist from Hazard... 10 games, 1 goal, 2 assists, that's it. And it's not 100% his fault, he just doesn't fit this team and system.

  • @Spyro When he was at Chelsea, he would fall back and his team mates would always link up with him as he was their special player and it would lead to deadly combinations. Here at Real, he's fixed at his position and the link up just is not there. I find him many times not receiving the ball or not receiving the ball back when he's setting up an attack. Other than that, give the boy some slack and stop being so focussed on the numbers. They'll come eventually.

  • @Ludo Those are the exact conclusions that I also made after watching him in Real. It needs to be said though, that he actually was out of form in first couple of matches but he is slowly regaining his fitness and finally kinda started to fit in Real play as he is trying more often to show himself by movement to receive the ball. And in future even if he finds his way in Real, I don't really think he will have those numbers in stats as he had in Chelsea, because he is rather playing for the team than for himself and now he has in Real more "direct" (and better) players than in Chelsea, where without Hazard, there was really no constant danger.(refering to his last season) But as his very early fan I hope I am wrong. :P

  • @Spyro Yeah, I think so. I'm not a football manager but I think he is too deep on the left hand side and could not do anything esle then one magic trick and be on the corner lane so in a closed angle or pass it to Marcelo for a center (and then it's Marcelo who got the assist)

  • Galatasaray loves 6th of November, another 6-0 is coming.

  • Big home win due to squad quality gap. Muslera man of the match.

  • Big home win if they manage to convert their chances. Gala are terrible.

  • I am wondering what happened to Vinicius...he used to play a more important role last season. Not to mention the >$50M transfer Jovic...anybody understand anything?

  • 4-1

  • James is recovering from an injury and not in the squad for the match. Vinicius was not selected.

  • Madrid are in good form and come with good motivation going into this match despite drawing 0-0 to Betis last time out. I see them comfortably disposing Galatasaray here 3-1 with Hazard getting his first UCL goal for Real Madrid.

  • Home win easy.

  • Galatasaray score a penalty

  • 1-1 With Madrid drawing Club Brugge away and losing at home to PSG finishing third and dropping to the Europea League..

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 You were close .... NOT!

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 And with a Barça that concedes 3 goals in 7 minutes; before judging others, take a good look at yourself first, loser

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 keep dreaming , mayoral says hello.

  • BTTS

  • Falcao is out of this match, while James will probably return for Madrid

  • Hazard 2-0

  • @stefanm HaHa-Zard the Belgian Flop?

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 he is a better player than dembele and griezmann together ;)

  • @stefanm That's why he haven't scored or assisted a single goal in an official match yet hahaha

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 Check his stats you deluded mf

  • @CrazyBarcaFan00 except that he has...